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Favorite Cultural Traditions

Chicas share their favorite cultural tradition.  “My favorite Mexican culture tradition is the food. Which is not exactly a tradition, but it’s the best thing ever. Mexican food is great! What I love the most about it is how there’s a classic dish that we all love at every family gathering. This is what makes me feel… Read more

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Finding Your Identity

Chicas share how they found their identity through their culture.  “There was a time in my life where I was confused and hurt, to the point of being embarrassed, of being Latina. I felt this all the way up to high school. I didn’t get the racist remarks that were being thrown around, especially hurtful comments… Read more


Haunted: Legends of Our Past

One part of our culture is the leyendas or legends that are passed down throughout the time. As legends are passed through the grape vine each person, family, or even city has different versions of legends. Legends were once used to pass time or even scare children into behaving. Legends are an important part of… Read more


Soy Bilingüe

 These Latina women tell their story and the experiences they’ve had growing up in a world where they have to balance two different cultures and two different languages. Some have more experience speaking English and Spanish, but being Mexican-Americans and coming from Latino families, they all agree that living between both worlds and both languages… Read more


All for One and One for All

Just like Oprah Winfrey says: “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you, always.” That’s the case for 3 women who came from different backgrounds and made huge changes in history. Manuela Solis Sager, Emma Tenayuca, and Luisa Moreno Manuela are activists who joined thousands… Read more

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5 Reasons to be Proud of Your Roots

5 Reasons to be Proud of Your Roots You should be proud of your roots whether you were born abroad or here in the U.S. or whether you speak Spanish or just understand a few words.  But why? Appreciate the journey that has helped shape you. For many Latinos, their journey to come to the… Read more

Spanish Mission

First Latino Thanksgiving

On September 1620, a ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, with 102 passengers. In 1620, some of the pilgrims left in search of a new home where they could practice their faith and others left to a New World where they were promised land ownership. Once they crossed the Massachusetts Bay, the civilians, or… Read more


Dia de los Muertos

In Latin America, November 1st and 2nd are dedicated to honor those who have passed away. This tradition dates back to pre-Hispanic times before the arrival of the Europeans to the Americas and comes from the views and beliefs the indigenous had of death. The indigenous people of Mesoamerica believed that the passing away of… Read more


Finding Your Rhythm

Dance allows for the creative expression to flow from your body. There are a variety of different Latin dances that root from different origins and can be mixed with contemporary choreography. In this article, I listed some of the more known Spanish dance styles along with some videos to try out yourself! Bachata Bachata is… Read more


Dieciséis de Septiembre

In the United States, Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th because that is when Thomas Jefferson drafted a historic document to gain our Independence from Great Britain. In Mexico, May 5th has evolved with cultural celebrations leading us to think that their Independence was on this day. Although, “Cinco de Mayo” was the day the Mexican… Read more

Mi Barrio for Girls

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Mi Barrio: Female Saints and Heroes Exhibit

The exhibit of Female Saints and Heroes, on display at the El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA), is not unlike the women portrayed in the collection of paintings. Tucked away in the innermost point of the museum, this exhibit showcases a modest 26-piece collection of petite paintings, which would seem rather unremarkable at first glance… Read more


Mi Barrio: Latinas of Los Angeles

Latinas are taking over from Hollywood to Congress. Los Angeles alone is home to 4.9 million Latinos,  according to the Pew Research Center.  In a county with so much diversity, the next award-winning actress like Gina Rodriguez or the next Latina congresswoman like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen could pass you in the streets of L.A. Here are some… Read more


Growing Up in San Elizario

Growing up in the small town of San Elizario, that has recently become a city of its own, was definitely a  great experience. It serves as an escape from the “city life” and you’re allowed to have a pet horse in your backyard! Located near the border of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, San Elizario… Read more


Mi Barrio: Local Vintage Shoppes in El Paso

When we say vintage we’re not talking about the process of calling something ancient, we are talking about clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, or anything that has a maturity or an everlasting appeal. To be vintage is to be characterized by excellence, to be classic. Latinitas went around to a couple of El Paso’s very own… Read more

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Mi Barrio: Rio Grande Valley

When you hear someone say “I’m from the Valley,” do you ever wonder what they mean? Do they mean Nappa Valley? Do they mean Silicon Valley? What exactly is the Valley? “The Valley” is actually located at the Southern tip of Texas where it is most often referred to as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV)… Read more


Mi Barrio: Houston, TX

Written by: April Age: 24 City: Houston, TX US What do you like to do for fun there? I love Houston, TX. It is not only a big city, but there is always that opportunity to grow. There are many opportunities to grow academically. Even if you begin small you’ll soon realize many Latina girls… Read more

Latina Beat

La Union, New Mexico

Vea este artículo en español aquí A quick twenty-minute drive from El Paso, Texas lies a town so small that, like the saying goes, if you blink, you’ll miss it. Home to under 300 residents, La Union, New Mexico boasts a history and culture as lavish as that of a major city. It has a… Read more


Mi Barrio: San Antonio, Texas

I was thrilled to plan my first ever road trip to San Antonio, home of the Alamo and Girl in a Coma, an all-Latina punk rock band. All I needed was a full tank of gas, my trusty map, and a video camera to get started exploring the city. As I entered the city limits… Read more


My Town Pasadena, TX

I grew up in Pasadena, a city on the outskirts of Houston. My childhood memories make my hometown so special to me. Pasadena is where I had friends and family within walking distance, and I first learned how to drive on its streets. There is a majority of Hispanics who live in Pasadena, so people… Read more


Summer of Sunshine in San Diego

The roar of car engines in the school parking lot faded as the fleet of cars belonging to my fellow classmates drove off into the westbound sun. It was the final class day for the school year, and summer lay before us like an unexplored frontier. It was vast, inviting and pleasantly unknown. I was… Read more

Mundo News for Girls

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My Family for Girls


Latina Beat: Speaking Kriol

A brief explanation of my culture background: My Spanish-speaking paternal grandparents are originally from Mexico. My maternal grandmother, also originally from Mexico, spoke Yucatec Mayan and Spanish. My maternal grandfather was born in China and spoke Cantonese. My paternal grandparents gave birth to my father in Belize, and my father and his brothers were raised in… Read more


Diary: Discovering My Faith

What religion are you? Non-denominational Christian How often do you go to church? I go every other Friday for the young adult ministry and then every Sunday. I try to go to the youth ministries also. What type of events do you go to at your church? We are having a young adult conference and taking a… Read more

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¿Hablas Español?

During the Latinitas Blog-a-thon for Hispanic Heritage Month, Cynthia Amaya and Rebecca Salazar shared their thoughts on how language has influenced their upbringing. “Do me a favor. Take a second and think about the complexity of language. There are so many languages in this world that I think we sometimes forget that not everyone speaks… Read more

Latinitas, Mother Daughter Workshop

Stepparent: Friend or Foe?

When some people are born they are conceived into a world with two wonderful people as parents. You grow up thinking they love each other, are role models, and believe they will stay together and live happily every after while helping you through  every big moment in life. What do you do when you find out… Read more


Speaking Spanish at Home

Senator Ralph Yarborough filed the Bilingual Education Act in 1968, which was aimed to remove the language barrier to an equal education. This was later approved by Congress.  Prior to that, Mexican Americans in Texas, like my mother, were 10 years old at the time.  My mother  had grown up speaking Spanish as her primary language.  When… Read more


My Mamá is My Hero

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some go through a rough childhood, only to overcome terrible obstacles and raise their daughters in a harmonious household. Their daughter’s childhood is not affected by what these mothers went through. These mothers are the women that young girls call mamí. In this sense, young girls consider… Read more

Latina Mother and Daughter - Latinitas

Latinitas Dia de Las Madres Contest Winners

We were especially touched this year by the quality of entries to Latinitas’ 2012 Dia de las Madres writing contest.   Our writers were as young as 9 years old and as old as high school.  Girls presented “great mothers” in their lives through writing. My Mom by Celie Contreras My mom is special to me… Read more


Honoring Our Loved Ones

Our Latinitas share their memories about loved ones who have passed away. My Tio Obie passed away a few months ago due to an illness. He was always in a party mood. They always had coca cola at parties because it was his favorite drink. Once when we were playing rock band, he started to… Read more

3 generations

Three Generations

One of my favorite memories growing up was when I was a little girl sitting at the kitchen table looking up at my mom and grandmother as they made tamale. I remember the masa leaving globs of off-white goo on the table, while everyone around the table shared their stories, memories and happy tales. Now,… Read more

Passport for Girls

My grandma's ice cream store

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Passport: La Unión, Zacapa, Guatemala

  Since I was a year old, my parents take me to both Guatemala and El Salvador for every summer vacation. While El Salvador is an extraordinary place, my mother’s home town is actually the place closest to my heart. LaUnión, Zacapa, Guatemala is a land filled with genuinely loving people, sights so strikingly beautiful you… Read more

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Cathedrals, Castles, and Communism in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an easy city to fall in love with. Rich with history, architecture, and art, Prague sits at the heart of the Czech Republic in Central Europe as the nation’s capital. A gorgeous castle and endless cathedrals earned the city the name “City of 100 Spires.” Anywhere you walk down the cobblestone streets you… Read more


Passport: Lost Maples

Interesting Fact:  This tourist attraction is called Lost Maples because  of the trees found in this  location in Texas. These kinds of trees are generally only found in the east coast, but this special location in Texas has a lot of them. This state park has most of its visitors during the Fall time since… Read more


Passport to Puerto Rico

by Ashley, age 16 Hometown: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico What makes my hometown special: My hometown is special because it is small and big at the same time. I could easily get lost in my hometown, but I know I will always find a way back home. Everything is so familiar to me, even the things… Read more


Quiz: Think You Know Latin America?

Hispanic Heritage Month may have ended on October 16th, but it doesn’t mean we cannott celebrate all year long. So why not celebrate your Hispanic heritage by brushing up on your knowledge of Hispanic geography, culture and history. How much do you know? Check it out below. 1. What is the largest Island in the… Read more


Voyage to Brazil

I would’ve never thought that I’d actually get selected to travel to Brazil to study its culture. For months, the applicants for the traveling program with Brotherhood/Sistersol did projects and participated in different activities to see who would be a good fit to go to Brazil. I knew that once I was chosen, my life… Read more


Traveling to Spain

During Spring Break 2012, I was given the opportunity to travel to Sevilla, Spain and spend a whole week there. Here’s a quick summary of Spain in my eyes. The People I arrived at Spain at around 12 o’clock p.m. CEST, meaning it was around 3 in the afternoon back in Illinois. I was so… Read more

Acapulco Mexico

Passport to Acapulco, Mexico

  Acapulco serves not only as a popular tourist attraction, but as a major sea port that runs through the Panama Canal. Acapulco is known by many, but what hidden treasures it holds have yet to be discovered by tourist. In Acapulco, the history is timeless, the culture is captivating, the food is delicious, and… Read more


Passport to Acapulco

Population: Approximately 616,000 Language: Spanish Climate: Varies from tropical to desert Religion: Roman Catholic Economy: Agriculture, Industry, Tourism In the state of Guerrero on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, lies the beautiful and mesmerizing Acapulco, Mexico. Surrounded by clear blue waters and the Sierra Madre to the east, Acapulco serves not only as a popular… Read more


Passport to Dominican Republic

One of the most enchanting places to visit in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic. Located on the island of Hispaniola and east of Haiti, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful country with rich culture. It was first inhabited by Taino natives until the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Santo Domingo, the country’s capital,… Read more