Careers for Girls


Career Spotlight: History Professor

Irma Victoria Montelongo received her Ph.D. in Borderlands History from the University of Texas at El Paso.  Her fields of study include Gender and Sexuality, Latin American History, U.S. History with a sub-field in Immigration Studies, and Borderlands History with a sub-field in Race and Ethnic Studies.  Her research and teaching interests focus on race,… Read more


Career Spotlight: Managing Editor

Name: Lizette Ruiz Position & Title: Managing Editor Employer: BorderSenses City & State El Paso, TX Website What are some of your job responsibilities? My responsibilities include working with the editorial staff, which is made up of the Fiction Editor, Poetry Editors, and Spanish Editor. I am in charge of submission management, such as… Read more

Girls on Computers

Encouraging Girls in Computing

Daniela Miranda Young Women in Computing Program Coordinator Employer: New Mexico State University Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico What are some of your job responsibilities? I’m focused on outreach to increase the number of students in computer science. Help them find I run after-school programs and summer camps where girls learn about Snap, lego robotics, app inventor… Read more


Career Spotlight: Engineer Libby Howell

Position & Title: Electrical Engineer/ Computer Network Assessor Auditor Employer: US Army Research Laboratory City & State: El Paso, Texas What are some of your job responsibilities? “We do certifications and accreditation of army systems for the risk management framework. Normally, I am a team lead so we go and access the army systems to… Read more


Latina in the Art World

Iris Cahill is the Coordinator of Docents and Tours at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas. The museum is well known for its collections of European and Latin American Art, and Iris, who has studied art for most of her life, is well versed in its artwork. She has become a prominent figure… Read more

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Career Spotlight: Journalist

As a Latina, it brings a lot of pride watching other Latinas excel in their careers. This is the case with Rosy Zugasti, a Mexican reporter whose passion for journalism brought her to begin her education in the United States and whose language barriers did not prevent her from succeeding. In this interview, Rosy Zugasti… Read more

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Dreams On Pointe

For many girls, attending dance is a great way to have fun or to participate in an exciting form of exercise. For others, it is the passion that pushes them to the edge of exhaustion and then some, in order to be the graceful figure on stage. Becoming a professional dancer is something that has… Read more


Career Spotlight: Reporter

Name: Denise Olivas Position & Title: Reporter/Anchor Employer: KVIA Location: El Paso, TX What are some of your job responsibilities? I am a reporter for Good Morning El Paso and co-anchor for ABC-7 at Noon. Some of my responsibilities include gathering stories, conducting interviews, and writing and editing stories for newscasts. Describe your educational background… Read more


Becoming a Media Superstar

María Elena Salinas, an inspiring role model for Latinas, has had an amazing career at the Spanish-language news station. María is a journalist from Los Angeles who has grown and developed throughout her career at Univision. Being born and raised in California to two Mexican immigrants gives her the on-the-ground knowledge of several aspects of… Read more

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Career Spotlight: Principal

Elizabeth Maldonado uses her experiences as a student as well as an educator in her efforts to better how children are taught in her community. Having grown up in a neighborhood that lacked resources, Elizabeth Maldonado developed a passion for teaching in low income areas, where students are often overlooked and slip through the cracks… Read more