Big Sis for Girls

Yendri Longoria: An Emerging Leader

Six months ago, Yendri Longoria an Elementary and Special Educations major studying at  Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA  joined Latinitas’ program staff to fulfill an educational and leadership internship.  Since she’s been a powerful manager, mentor to dozens of girls and inventive curriculum generator.  Houston-born Longoria heard about Latinitas researching non-profits in Austin. When she read about… Read more


Sorority Sister Spotlight: Arlina Garcia

Do you remember the last time you were in a brand new setting? Making friends and being yourself isn’t so easy when you’re not in your comfort zone, but sometimes there are ways to ease these transitions. Arlina Garcia is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and a sister of the… Read more

latina college student

College Leader: Jackie Sifuentes

If you had asked a six-year-old Jackie Sifuentes what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have been quick to tell you she wanted to be a doctor. Fifteen years later, the dream is still going strong as she nears the end of her undergraduate career at Southern Methodist University in Dallas,… Read more


Chica Who Cares: Jo Marie Duran

Latinitas is recognizing Chicas Who Care by featuring young Latinas who are making a difference in their community. Name: Jo Marie Duran Age: 15 Grade: 10th grade Tell us about a cause that you are passionate about. Recycling, I thought many people in my school didn’t contribute to it. Why is this problem important? Because… Read more

Karla Leal from Telemundo kicked off the conference with some TECH Chica cheering! Photo credit: Hanne VH

Itzel Castelan

Name: Itzel Castelan Age: 14 Cultural Background: Mexican Classification: freshman Hometown: Austin, TX What are some of your classes? Dance, English, Geography and History Describe a typical day as a high school student? I live right down the street from my school, but since my older sister is a senior she drives us. I go… Read more

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Big Sis: College Mentor

Name: Liz Carrillo Age: 21 Cultural Background: Hispanic Classification: Junior Major: Business & Marketing What made you decide to go to college? I knew I wanted to go to college since I was little because I wanted to become someone in life. What made you pick your major? I started college as a finance major… Read more

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