Take Action for Girls

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Stop Following and Start Leading

Be a community leader. Stop following and start leading. It’s cool to donate your change to charity, but how about creating change? See a need in your community and address it. Don’t ignore the graffiti and litter, don’t complain about it either. Stand up and do something about it. Community service is power. Power to… Read more


Can a Latina be a Feminist?

The “F” word: feminist; Katy Perry doesn’t want it and neither does Taylor Swift. But what about artists like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez? Why doesn’t the Latino community discuss feminism, or question our role models about feminism? We are a community built by strong women. We all know them: our abuelas, our moms, sisters, and… Read more


Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Recycling has gained an international momentum. With this new change of pace, active steps are being taken in different states and countries to ensure mother nature is plastic bag free. Using reusable bags is not only chic, it helps the environment. Plastic Bag Tax across the globe In 2002, Ireland implemented what they called a PlasTax,… Read more


5 Ways to Volunteer

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. The memories you make as a volunteer will last a lifetime. One of the best benefits that is obtained from volunteering is the fact that you have made an impact on someone’s life!  Here are five fun ways you can get started in helping make a difference in your community… Read more

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Teen Tackles Childhood Obesity

Recently, Angela had the opportunity to attend the National Summit of Childhood Obesity. Angela, age seventeen, is a leader at the Boys and Girls Club in Nevada and has been part of the organization for four years. She is in the Triple Play Sports Leadership Club, the Keystone Club and she works as a leader… Read more

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Five Ways to Help Homeless Pets

Do you have a passion for helping animals?  Here are five ways you can help our homeless furry friends! According to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), five to seven million homeless pets enter animal shelters in our country every year where four million are euthanized, or put to sleep.  Sadly, the majority of destroyed… Read more

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7 Steps to Get Involved

1. Pursue Your Interests If you’re doing something that you love, it shows. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will give more effort and more time. If you’re a soccer chica, you love kids or you’re interested in art there is most likely an organization for you. Chances are you will… Read more


On the Job Hunt

After a long day of high school, with all the homework and the teachers and the gossip, who has time for a job? Is it not enough to have to worry about all of those things without adding on the stresses of working afterschool at the local burger joint? Despite the many issues the average… Read more


Keeping it Green: 8 New Ways to Help the Planet

What’s wrong with our planet? The Earth’s many ecosystems are in a bind right now. People are crowding out animal and plant populations, using up the energy resources, over-fishing the seas, and throwing trash everywhere! It has been slowly destroying animal and plant habitats for centuries and polluting the air, land, water, and soil. If… Read more