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BFF: Dominique & Bethany

Valentine’s Day: Friends Forever

The typical way to celebrate ‘V-Day’ is getting together with that one boy and watching a classic “chick flick” like The Notebook or The Vow, and buying an expensive dinner for the two of you that you secretly know you don’t like. What about when you don’t have a special boy and just want to… Read more

Girls at park

My Best Friend, My Mom

A mom is considered a blessing. Moms learn to love their child with a love that cannot be compared to anything, because this type of love is the type that will do anything for that little person. Part of her heart already belongs to you, but is already scared. She is terrified of someone hurting you,… Read more


You Are Beautiful

“My hips are huge!” Karen from the movie Mean Girls exclaims. “Oh please. I hate my calves,” Gretchen replies. “At least you guys can wear halters. I’ve got man shoulders,” Regina tells her reflection. Scenes like these, though exaggerated, are happening in our very homes. Girls of all ages, starting as young as four-years-old, are being taught… Read more

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Advice to Love Your Body

We asked our readers what tips they have to help other Latinitas love and appreciate their own beauty. Here are their top tips to love your body. Everybody is beautiful and awesome in their own way. Don’t feel bad about yourself. Everybody is beautiful and awesome in their own way. Exercise and eat better. This… Read more

Is Feminism Still Alive?

“Men underestimate women,” claims high school senior Jessica Gallardo. “Some women are mentally strong. We can overpower anyone,” she adds. Gallardo is one of many teens that believe that women are capable of doing anything they set their mind to. It’s been almost 40 years since the Women’s Liberation Movement occurred in the 1960’s and… Read more


How to Stop Bullying

What is Bullying? Some young people are bullied because they are different in some way. Perhaps, it is the color of their skin, the way they talk, their size, or their name. Well, as you might know, bullying is occurring all around you. Not only is bullying physical, but it is mental and verbal as… Read more

Women Making History

When this country was founded, women had no rights. They were not educated and considered property to men. They were not allowed to vote or take part in politics. If they worked, they had little control over the money they earned. Women were completely dependent on men and confined by double standards. Since then, women… Read more

Intern for Success

Instead of looking for the typical part-time job at retail stores, restaurants and ice-cream parlors, think about an internship. An internship is a job in which a student works, often without pay, in order to gain hands-on experience in a field they are interested in. Internships are mostly reserved for college students, but more opportunities… Read more

Shattered Dreams

Graduating from college is many people’s dream. However, Janean Esparza*, a Radio Television and Film senior at a University in Texas, will not be fulfilling her dreams. Like many undocumented immigrant youth living in the U.S., Janean has been dreaming of the passage of the “Dream Act,” a bill which would provide a pathway to… Read more


We came here from Mexico To look for Freedom We crossed the border with Scratches And scrapes Burns And blisters Everyone seemed nice Everyone was friendly Everything was fine The govenor changed The law Now we’re like prisoners Stuck in our homes Scared to come out We’re like turtles Stuck in our shells We work… Read more

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