Dealing for Girls

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Dealing with Stress

Both at home and school, different things cause you stress. Stress can be a lot to handle! There are many different ways to de-stress, and figuring out which way works for you can help you to cool off, relax, and concentrate better. Here are some tips to de-stress from fellow Latinitas that you can use… Read more

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Parents in the Military

More and more children are missing out on the get togethers with loved ones due to the increasing amount of individuals leaving to the military. Angie Vasquez, 5, sits alone during the lunch hour due to her definition of feeling “left out.” She says, “I feel like so many other girls have so much. They… Read more


Dealing with Death

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be tough. To some, death often comes at a moment when they are unprepared for the person’s absence or an emotional crisis. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to realize that their best friend, mother, classmate or sister is truly gone.  Death is inevitable, but… Read more

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Young Latinas are driven to be successful in social and professional situations. As strong chicas, little will get in the way of growing girls with determination and support on their side – so she can reach out and knock down life’s obstacles. There are some niñas out there who will find the reaching out part… Read more

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Dealing with Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer has replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death among U.S. Hispanics. But no one can predict that they will have cancer – especially when it happens to their parents. It never is good to see a loved one hurt, but there are many things you can… Read more

Mean Girls - Latinitas

Take a Stand Against Mean Girls

One day at school you find out that a mean and ugly rumor is being spread around about you. You know it’s not true, but no one believes you.You don’t know how to deal with it and you feel that everyone has turned on you even your closest friends. Unfortunately, for many girls this is… Read more


4 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friend

We believe that friends have our backs and that friendships will remain strong. In some instances, not everyone that we befriend is right for us. These type of friends are often referred to as toxic friends. Toxic friends tend to have their own agenda and cause emotional pain. Luckily, toxic friends are easy to spot. These… Read more

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No Name Calling

Bullying stops here. February  marks the month for the awareness of anti-bullying. As advertising and stories surface to stand against bullying, Latinitas Magazine, too, will take a stand. In the halls of any school in America, you will find the issue of bullying. However academically challenging the school may be, bullying is an issue and… Read more


School Stress

Tests can be a stressful time for students. Time management, getting enough sleep, joining study groups and eating healthy are a few things students should pay close attention to before tests. Here are a few more tips to help you ace the test. It is always best to ask for help if there are subjects… Read more

Facing Reality

Corina Perez is a senior at a Central Texas high school. Currently, she is the baby of the family and is very motivated to pursue her goals, but is also nervous about leaving her friends. Her favorite character is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. She works in a jewelry store part-time. Are you ready to… Read more

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