Advice for Girls


Tips to Making New Friends

Making new friends it is not always easy. Sometimes we try so hard to create new bonds and we wonder if it’s us or them.  Making friends doesn’t have to be difficult, so we asked our Latinitas familia to shir their advice on making new amigas (or amigos): Keep a friendly attitude. If you treat… Read more


Tips to a Festive Holiday

Make this holiday season a blast and create memories that will last with these helpful tips from Latinitas for a festive holiday. Do Holiday Activities Together “To have fun this holiday, do holiday activities that involve your whole family. For example, one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake. It has… Read more


Friendship Advice

Advice by Elizabeth Enriquez Dear Latinitas, I’m having problems with my friends. How do we talk about our issues to find the best solution? ~A Hurt Friend Having friends doesn’t always mean agreeing on everything.  It is healthy to have your differences, as long as those differences do not make you compromise your values.  I… Read more

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How to Beat the Heat

El sol is going down but do not let it fool you, take the necessary precautions for the remaining days of sun. That’s why it’s important to watch out for signs of dehydration and alert familia and amigos as well.Be mindful when you go outside to have some fun and come up with a hydration… Read more


Advice by & for Girls

Got a question? These girls have answers. Latinitas help girls solve their problems. -How can me and my friend stop fighting over the same guy? You should make a compromise decide whose best for him. I bet you’ll meet someone twice as better. – Danielle  -My best friend ever has been hanging out lately with… Read more


Want VS Need

Written by Priscilla Moctezuma Have you ever walked into your favorite clothing store and wanted to buy every single item? I know I have, and it is extremely tempting. The real question you should ask yourself is:“Do I want it or do I need it?” Teaching yourself not to buy certain things will not be easy,… Read more

Water - healthy option

Living La Vida Healthy

Healthy chicas share their top tips to staying healthy. 1. Focus on the Whole You -”You not only have to focus on being physically healthy or good eating habits, but also being mentally healthy, emotionally healthy and physically.” -Ariana -”Being healthy by staying active and eating well will give you energy and it improves your… Read more


Tips to a Stress Free Holiday

The joyful holiday season can sometimes feel like one of the most stressful times of the year. Between shopping, entertaining and parties, we tend to forget what the holidays are about: happiness. Here are some tips in order to avoid letting the stress take over and bring down your joy. Get your list done early:  Buying… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal or diary is often painted in a poor light. It has probably had a bad wrap as the chore assigned to you in elementary school, and it sounds like a cheesy thing to do, but it can actually be very helpful and beneficial. If you are shy at the thought of really… Read more


Fun Ways to Be Fit

While it may not be the thing that many of us look forward to doing, exercise is very important for living healthily. Being fit has countless benefits that assist in living well. Beyond getting some endorphins flowing and toning your body, exercise gives your muscles and bones better longevity when it comes to bodily wear… Read more

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