Advice for Girls

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Guy Talk: Q & A

A guy talk Q&A session from a teen to teens. Why do guys have the mentality of a little boy? Most girls complain that guys cannot be mature about certain things, and in some cases guys begin to physically mature at an older age. According to, “… a young woman reaches full maturity, in terms… Read more


Become a Time Management Guru

Life can be pretty hectic at times, especially as you get older and take on more responsibilities. However, there are some commitments and responsibilities that are more important than others. In order to be successful in whatever it is you are doing in life, whether it is getting through middle school, high school, college or… Read more

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Advice: A Familia without Drama

1. My mom and I fight constantly. She rarely lets me go out and I get good grades and don’t get into trouble, but she still doesn’t trust me. What should I do so I can have more freedom? Set a time to talk through it with her.  Ask her what you can do to… Read more


Problems Solved

Question: I don’t like smoking, but all my friends do. They are always buggin’ me to join them and smoke. I think it is gross. But they won’t shut up about it. What should I do? Answer: You are smart for not wanting to smoke despite the pressure. I think you should stand to your… Read more


Friendship Advice: Fitting In

Relationships can be hard especially with someone you really care for, or if the person you’ve known for a while is having trouble, or even if you’re trying to start a new one. Just remember that trust and communication can make or break any bond whether it be in the beginning or end of a friendship…. Read more

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Bully Free Tips

In many school hallways across the country, children and teens are being bullied. Kids are spreading rumors, making fun of other students’ religion, teasing someone for how they look, hurting others because they have a different cultural background, picking on them because they are homosexual or sending harassing messages online.  About 77 percent, students are… Read more

Notebook Journal

Preguntale a Julianna: Friendships

Dear Julianna, People make fun of me sometimes because I try to do well in school. I want to succeed in life and buy nice things for my parents when I’m older. I’m only trying to make my life better. What can I do when I get teased about making good grades? Dear Friend, It… Read more


Advice: Ask Alexis

Dear Latinitas, For the past few weeks, my best friend and I haven’t really been talking. We treat each other as if we don’t know each other. I want our friendship to go back to what it was. What can I do? Dear Friend, I have been in your same situation. One of the best… Read more


Preguntale a Julianna: Advice About Boys

Question: There is this boy I really like at school. I want to tell him I like him, but I’m scared he might not like me. What do I do? Advice: How will the boy ever know how you feel about him if you don’t tell him? Don’t be afraid of what the answer may be…. Read more

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What Makes A Good Friend?

Latinitas share their thoughts about what makes a good friend. My best friend is a good friend because she listens, and is nice. It is important to have a good friendship, so you can have someone to talk to. I’m a good friend because I’m positive, nice, trustworthy, expressive, a good listener, smart, and more… Read more

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