Sports for Girls


Spotlight: 5 Latina Athletes

Have you heard of these leading Latina athletes? Check them out: Diana Taurasi Outstanding basketball player, and  two-time winner of the Big East Player of the Year award. Since her childhood, Taurasi has shown immense talent by winning several awards and tournaments. Now, she is a three-times WNBA champion, six times All-Star champion. Amy Rodriguez Rodriguez, a Cuban… Read more

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Latinas to Know in the World Cup

Women’s soccer is a growing sport. The first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930. But it wasn’t until 1991 that women got the chance to participate. This year, Canada will host the seventh FIFA Women’s World Cup. Women from all over the world will show off their skills including some very talented Latina players…. Read more


Take the Field with New Sports

Staying active is important to your health, no matter what time of year it is.  The Federal Department of Health and Human Services recommends that young people participate in a physical activity for at least sixty minutes a day. Sometimes that can feel hard to do. Whether it’s too cold to go outside, your favorite… Read more

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La Thrasher Extraordinnaire: Leticia Bufoni

Still challenged by stereotypes and lack of television coverage about who should be skateboarding, “girls who shred” are an elite and ambitious group of young women changing the culture of skateboarding one win at a time.  There are standouts all over the United States and Latin America thrashing at an Olympic level. We were lucky… Read more

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Fútbol Superstars

Chicas in soccer are revolutionizing el deporté. Girls as young as four  years old are breaking the boys-club and are creating their own leagues, playing in co-ed teams, and becoming fútbol superstars. History of women in sports  There was a time when sports were “boys only” but that quickly changed in 1972. Before the Title IX… Read more


Karateka Latinas

Sports are a great after-school activity. There can be many sports to choose from at your school, but one great sport to consider is Karate. The art of karate arrived in the United States after World War II. Karate became popular with service men in the 1930s stationed in Japan, and they brought it back… Read more


Football 101

Ever sat next to that cute, sporty boy in class, wanted to strike up a conversation, but had no idea what to talk to him about?  You racked your brain endlessly for ideas, but nothing came to mind except yesterday, when you attempted to watch a football game with your dad. But you cannot remember… Read more


Get Out! Find an Adventure

Chicas, now that the weather is beautiful it’s time to get out of the house! Seriously, go, play outside, take a bike ride or a hike, or jump into a pool (with a natural rock bottom, por supuesto). Summer is almost here and you don’t want to be sitting at home. Explore the great outdoors!… Read more