Books for Girls

Gladys F.

Author Spotlight: Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri

Rubber Shoes… A Lesson in Gratitude by Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri is a children’s book which tells the tale of young Gladys Elizabeth. Gladys learns her first lesson of humility and gratitude at a ripe age, after her mother is unable to afford the shoes that Gladys has set her young, little heart on and buys… Read more


Book Review: Getting Beyond “Whatever”

Our main form of communication is verbal. The way we express ourselves with our word choice expresses who we are. Dr. Shale Preston’s book, Getting Beyond Whatever, explains how teenagers use the specific word, “whatever,” to show an apathetic attitude towards life. Getting Beyond Whatever creates different outlets for a new way of thinking. It… Read more

Latino Book

Book Review: A Kid’s Guide To Latino History

I call myself a Latina because I am of Mexican descent, but Mexican history and traditions are the extent of my Hispanic knowledge. Of course there are the commonly known events in Latino culture which may make into textbooks or common knowledge among Americans such as Cuba’s Bay of Pigs, the fact that the Portuguese… Read more

Marcelo in the Real World

Book Review: Marcelo in the Real World

Book Review by Alexis Garcia What is the title of the book you are reviewing? Marcelo in the Real World. Who is the author of the book? Francisco X. Stork. What would you rate the book? 5 stars: Excellent book! What is this book about? (Tell us about the theme of the book and major… Read more

book cover start it up

Start It Up Book Review

Good news for all you Latinitas out there who aspire to be ambitious businesswomen, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, CEOS, or who just want to make more money. You don’t have to wait until after college to turn your talents and ideas into hard-earned cash. You can start today! The Start It Up! business handbook for teens… Read more


Book Review: Dear Bully

Dear Bully is a book by Megan Kelley Hall & Carrie Jones. This book was inspired by a tragic event that happened on January 14, 2010 related to bullying.  That year in Massachusetts (hometown of the author of the book) a girl name Phoebe Prince committed suicide after months of being bullied by nine students… Read more

Author Melinda Palacio

Meet Author Melinda Palacio

Working in the journalism world with a steady career, Melinda Palacio felt there was more for her to do in life. When moving to Arizona, her aspiration to become a novelist became a reality. “Writing found me. I have worked as a reporter, a writing instructor, an editor, and various other jobs before I decided… Read more


Author: The Pregnancy Project

Why would a teen pretend to be pregnant?  Gaby Rodriguez got a movie and book deal to share her story of how she pretended to be pregnant. If you haven’t already read The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez, I suggest you get your happy self down to the nearest library or bookstore and do so!  It’s one of… Read more

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Books: Amigas Fifteen Candles

A hip, coming of age book, Amigas: Fifteen Candles by Veronica Chambers, tells the tale of four friends who spend the summer sharing quite a few interesting adventures, struggles, as well as finding success in their party planning business. This is a lively book, culturally influenced with Latin roots. It is a fun read that… Read more

soul_surfer movie poster

Soul Surfer

Vea este artículo en español aquí It may sound incredibly cliché, but there is only one word to describe the novel “Soul Surfer” – inspirational. Bethany Hamilton’s tragic but incredibly rousing story will without a doubt lift your spirits. Since the novel is written by Bethany, reading it feels as if you are simply having… Read more

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