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5 Tips to Break the Phone Habit

Since social media is everywhere, there has to be a balance between the world we create and share online, the life we lead, and the responsibilities we have every day. With all the social media websites and apps nowadays, instant communication and information is at the touch of our finger tips. Young Latinas have been brought… Read more


Inspired by Twitter

It is easy to get bogged down on Twitter by the negativity that flies around sometimes. Maybe you check twitter first thing and the morning and you see the latest twitter battle between celebrities. Who wants to start their day that way? Twitter connects us with people all over the world. More than a third… Read more


Leading Chicas of YouTube

Sometimes surfing the internet can either be very fun or very boring. Maybe you have a day where there aren’t any updates from your favorite tweeters, or maybe you’ve spent just too much of your time scrolling through Tumblr. For days like these, Andrea Acevedo, 13, likes to head over to YouTube. “I check out… Read more


Family VS Facebook

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The social media world; entertaining, but can also become harmful to people. Have you ever seen a person that never has time for anything else but surfing through their phone on social media? What if a close family member or friend is too busy on their social network to spend… Read more


Stand Up to Cyberbullying

As technology advances, so do the problems that come with it.  Cyberbullying is defined as the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostel behavior by an individual or group who wants to harm others. It is a serious social problem that seems to be growing among teens. Cyberbullying has led to… Read more


Tech Girl: Facebook Protection

Staying in the loop of things has become as easy as logging onto Facebook. There, you can find out what your friends from school are up to and what’s on their mind. Nowadays, networking sites like Facebook serve as our main source of our information and communication. Through the power of the Internet, people can… Read more


Tips to Better Digital Pictures

1) Get on the level of your subject When photographing someone smaller than you (ex: pets, children, fruit bowls), get down on your subjects’ level. This creates a more personal feel in the photos. Also, it will give the photo dimension and life as the photo will be on the same eye level as the… Read more


Texting in the Fast Lane

As technology becomes more closely tied to our daily lives, a growing problem for young drivers is using gadgets while behind the wheel. Cellphone texting is distracting and endangering the lives of its users. A group being seriously affected is teenage drivers who despite being new to driving are risking it all to send that… Read more


Get Set to Dial!

In today’s wireless world, many teens cannot live without being connected. Cell phones are fast becoming the portal from just simply staying in touch to managing entire social lives.  There’s a plan for everyone, yes even chicas who have to have all the latest chisme. If you are like most teens, you probably have a… Read more

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Net Safety Quiz

Do you think you know it all when it comes to cyber safety? Take the net safety quiz and test your knowledge. 1. It is okay to give your personal information (real name, age, address, phone number) to friends over the web. A. True Incorrect B. False Correct No matter how well you think you… Read more