Fashion for Girls

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Nurture Creativity With Writing

How do you know when they are being struck by an urge to create through writing? How does one funnel that creative urge into something productive and beautiful? And what’s the point of taking the time to write, anyways? The preteen and teenage years are ripe with creative urges, as girls are unfolding new ideas… Read more


Accessorizing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

Fashion is power, and accessories can help to achieve your ultimate look. Ever wonder what type of accessories would compliment your overall look? Well, there are many concepts that you have to know when choosing the best type of accessory.  But once you know exactly what to look for, accessorizing eventually becomes simple! Here are… Read more


Finding Your Perfect Look

Fashion for a girl is usually very important, so we all know how stressful it can be looking for an outfit. Everyone has a different style, so remember to just be thinking about what you LOVE when it comes to expanding your wardrobe this school year. By following these rules, you’ll be on your way… Read more


Winter Wear

The winter season is the best time for getting together, but you want to stay comfortable chic in the process. Scarves, socks, and beanies, if you don’t have them now’s the time to start. Cute accessories are the best way to stay warm and you can finally bust out with those cute boots; unless you… Read more


Summer Fashion Trends

Written by Liz Ruiz with contributions from Jasmine Villa   The sun is out, the heat is here and it’s that time of year to get new summer clothes! This summer the 90’s are back with a modern twist. You will see trend setters wearing jean jackets with cut off arms and floral patterns. Additional… Read more


Fashionistas Abroad

Have you been thinking of new ways to change your wardrobe? Are you bored with the current fashions in your hometown? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Look to our hermanas abroad for inspiration. From Tokyo to Paris to Latin America, and back to the U.S., look around the globe to get… Read more

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Shopping Review: Looking Deeper than a Label

Gap is a store for people who care about how they look. They give people ideas on what would look good. The clothes are pretty fashionable clothes for all people. The Gap website has great security so even if someone robs a Gap, your card I.D number is still safe. They also have a Privacy… Read more