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Water - healthy option

Latinas Living Healthy

Did you know Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the United States? That’s right, according to the U.S Census Bureau, there are approximately 52 million Latinos living in the country! With a population like that, you would think Latinos would surely be healthy, right? Well, according the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly… Read more


Your Questions About Body Image, Answered

1. My friends are always calling themselves fat even though they’re not. I weigh more than they do and it sucks that they’re always calling themselves fat. They make me feel like a whale. Should I tell them something? I’m worried that they’ll make fun of me.  Yes, tell them something! Friends should always be… Read more


Latina Health: Small Changes

Healthy foods often get a bad rap in a world filled with diet fads, endless salty and sweet snack foods, and a media that says it’s “okay” to be curvy but better to be thin with an endless supply of enticing snack products. These contradictory messages and food influences are especially dangerous for Latinas. The… Read more

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Body Image Quiz

By Olga Ochoa & Laura Werthman If there was a contest for best body would it be Sofia Vergara’s bodacious behind, Selena Gomez’s girl next door look, or the tiny Eva Longoria? How do you think these women see themselves, and how much pressure might they get from the media to alter, sculpt or color… Read more


Keep it REAL

You are never too young to make a difference. Take it from Julia Bluhm, 14-year-old blogger and inspiration for the 2012 Keep It Real Challenge.  Fed up with the digitally enhanced and altered photos in magazines, Julia decided to start a petition on and partner with the nonprofit to convince popular teen magazine, Seventeen,… Read more


Snacking and Your Health

With a busy schedule many girls think that means there’s no time for healthy eating.  Latinitas share helpful tips to eating healthy snacks. Many high school students like 17 year old Rosie Martinez, find little to no time to eat or snack healthy. “I am always busy, class after class and even after school so whatever… Read more


Above the Influence

You may have felt pressured or may feel pressured into trying drugs someday, but why? According to teens do drugs, “for a variety of reasons. To party and get high, in some cases, but also to “manage” or “regulate” their lives.” Drugs may seem like an “easy” escape from life, but in they are… Read more


5 Ways to Deal with Stress

Latinitas readers share their tips to destress. Tip 1: Listen to Music “Music is love. Every song has a meaning that you can relate to at any time or how you feel. Music is a big part of my releasing stress.”-Daisy Fuentes. “I usually listen to music to calm me down.  I like music because… Read more


Bella Latina

Over the years, Latinas in the media and the presence of a stronger Latina voice in the United States have influenced the ideal body image of the Latina, or what is thought to be the ideal. Before actresses like J. Lo and Salma Hayek, Latinas were virtually off the map. However, they have been and… Read more


10 Tips for Healthier Looking Skin

We have all been through a time when we had an awful pimple or pimples that just wouldn’t go away. Acne can be embarrassing and here are a few simple tips that could help get rid of unwanted blemishes. Tip 1: Drink Water Drinking water is incredibly good for your body overall. This may sound… Read more

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