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Price of Beauty

Written by Jackie Aguilar In 2013, the European Union decided to ban all products or product ingredients that have been tested on animals. In the United States we have laws for animal cruelty yet none on them seem to ban animal testing. According to the Humane Society, 92% of experimental drugs that are deemed “safe”… Read more

Look 3

Spring Braids

Whether you are studying for a big test or working on your soccer skills, your thick hair always seems to be getting in your face. Do these scenarios sound familiar, chicas? Instead of slicking your hair back in a head ache inducing ponytail, try out some of these braided hairstyles just in time for spring…. Read more


Hairstyle MatchMaker

There are so many hairstyles in this world, but so little hair! There are so many factors when it comes to picking the perfect style for your hair. Whether you’re a person that’s always on-the-go or someone who likes to take things slow, there is a perfect haircut for everybody! Something that is important to… Read more


Beauty Diary

From Covergirl and Revlon to MAC and Clinique, we are surrounded by advertisements and the pressure to be pretty with the help of cosmetic products. Some girls love makeup while others can’t stand to wear so much as tinted moisturizer. Thus, wearing makeup really means something different to each individual. Beauty Is Truly In The… Read more


How to Start Experimenting with Makeup

Deciding whether or not to wear makeup should come down to two things: if you want to and if you are comfortable with it! According to tenth grader Ana Rivera, girls should wear makeup “if they like it, not if they [feel] they need to [according to] someone else’s [opinion].” Twelfth grader Nancy agrees with Ana, saying: “[it]… Read more


How to Have Flawless Skin

In order to have a porcelain skin you need to take care of it in many ways, especially on how you clean it. Your facial cleaning routine is very important because you can get rid of dead skin cells and it prevents breakouts. It is important to remove all your makeup before you go to… Read more


Five Fresh Summer Hairstyles

Summer – school is out and experimenting with hair styles is in. From messy braids to flower crowns, the key to fresh summer hair is to mix it up. One thing about summer hair is clear:  The “ombre” hairstyle is out. “You walk down the halls and everyone has hair that goes from brown to… Read more

Pastel nail polish

Fingertip Fashion- Nailed It!

A girl’s hands have an image of its own and are able to express themselves through colors and accessories just like any outfit. Dressing your fingertips in colorful nail polishes has taken a twist from the average French Manicure every lady was sporting a few years ago. Stickers, rhinestones, stripes, hearts, polka dots, and a… Read more

girl with avocado mask

Natural Beauty Masks

Nowadays, more and more beauty products include natural ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen. Instead of spending on expensive treatments, revive your skin using these age old “mascarilla” (facial mask) recipes. Quenching Agua-cate Mask for Dry Skin Vitamin E in honey helps sooth and heal dry skin. At the same time, the… Read more


Beauty At Any Cost

As a teenager with Hispanic roots, Victoria Banuelas has experienced first-hand the physical demands of a Hispanic female. Banuelas is a high school junior who feels that while in El Paso her “culture” focuses on the importance of being “religious and educated”, but soon found “that experience opened [her] eyes to reality” and that she… Read more