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Welcome to our digital magazine for girls 11-13 only! We have a section for every Latina girls’s needs from advice to fashion, school tips to entertainment, health to beauty and interviews to poetry. We are a magazine by Latina girls, for Latina girls! This is your space to express yourself. If you want to have your writing or art featured on our pages, send us your submission and get published. If you have an idea for an article, just send us a message. Check out these recent stories by Latinitas just like you.

411 for girls


Zumba Your Heart Out

Dancing Salsa may have been considered exercise before, but now it’s one of the most popular exercising techniques around. The Zumba craze began in the 1990s and was started by a Colombian dancer. Imagine how many other salsa dancers were upset when they found out they could have gotten so many people across the globe… Read more

Fun Stuff for Girls


Take the Field with New Sports

Staying active is important to your health, no matter what time of year it is.  The Federal Department of Health and Human Services recommends that young people participate in a physical activity for at least sixty minutes a day. Sometimes that can feel hard to do. Whether it’s too cold to go outside, your favorite… Read more

Get Real for Girls

Clothing Fashion - Latinitas

True Story: Confessions of an Ex-Shoplifter

When I started my freshman year of high school, I began to surround myself with the wrong crowd. It was not until I had a brush with law enforcement that I really learned my lesson and the consequences that came with hanging out with the wrong people. I was not like the majority of the… Read more

Her History for Girls


Latinas in TV & Film

These famous women helped pave the way for generations of Latinos in TV and film.  In the early days of Hollywood, some of these Latina actresses opened doors by being the first Latina stars. More recently, Latinas in TV have reached new heights of stardom by becoming highly visible and starring in their own shows. EARLY… Read more

Latina Beat for Girls


Expressing Culture Through The Arts

Creative expression is a great way to celebrate your culture. These inspiring Latina leaders used their creativity in different forms of art to illustrate children’s books, paint political artwork, design new fashion trends, create musicals and sing about their heritage. FILM/MUSIC/DANCE – Rita Moreno –(1931-) Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno was born in Humacao, Puerto… Read more

Your View for Girls


Healthy Chica Tips

Healthy chicas share their top tips to staying healthy.  1. Focus on the Whole You Being healthy not only means taking care of your physical health, but also focusing on your overall mental and emotional health as well. “You not only have to focus on being physically healthy or good eating habits, but also being… Read more

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