Family VS Facebook

1374166_668942679783592_214847276_nFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The social media world; entertaining, but can also become harmful to people. Have you ever seen a person that never has time for anything else but surfing through their phone on social media? What if a close family member or friend is too busy on their social network to spend time with you or even acknowledge that you are there?

According to statistics found on The Guardian Liberty Voice, “when habits begin to interfere with daily lives – where one simply can’t do anything else until they’ve had their social media ‘fix’ – then it has become an addiction.” One doesn’t only like to get on social networks daily, it becomes you, you cannot seem to go with your day without getting ‘online’; after a while it simply becomes an addiction to social networks. 

These social networks have become more than a part of our lives, but part of who we are and what we choose to do on a daily basis.

Mom VS Facebook

Sometimes when I get home from school and something exciting happens I would like to run home and tell my mom, but recently it has become a war for her attention between myself and Facebook.When we hear her laugh it is because of a picture she saw, when she talks to me is to help her navigate better through Facebook. It has been bothering me and I didn’t know how to face it, until I just learned to accept it. Once I wasn’t paying attention to her anymore she noticed she was excluding everyone around her and realized the mistake she had done, and now she only uses Facebook when she has nothing to do or no one to talk to, she learned to make time for her social media use and myself.

Stephanie, 18, had a similar experience like mine. ”I love my Mom, but sometimes I just want to yell at her because all she does is Photoshop me in pictures and post them on Facebook, everyone would see and some of those pictures were embarrassing. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I had to tell her to stop because she wasn’t even paying attention to me, she wasn’t even doing her job good, and she wasn’t paying any attention to her family. It got to a point where she was ‘talking Facebook’, she would used to say. ‘Ooh, Like! Poke! 50 Likes, yes’ and she would post every 30 seconds to say exactly what she was doing, even when she was going to shower! It was already to another level, she had gone over board. Good thing we… talked some sense into her. Now, she only gets on social networks when she’s bored at home and I couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Stephanie.

The Pew Research and Project claim how “a widely-reported 2006 study argued that since 1985 Americans have become more socially isolated, the size of their discussion networks has declined, and the diversity of those people with whom they discuss important matters has decreased.” People care less and less about social interaction face-to-face now with the new technologies and have been socially alone, and the ethnic group that belongs to this is mostly Americans.

“My best friend was always on it, she even started missing school because she would stay up until 5 in the morning on social networks, posting pictures, looking at her feed, it got to a point where I had to do an intervention to show her how bad social networks were affecting her. She realized then how it was also affecting everyone around her. I just think everyone needs a balance, everything must be done with moderation,” said Lizzeth, 24.

Social networks can be entertaining and fun, but if you choose not to do it with moderation, there will be consequences. Being stuck to our electronic devices daily can affect how we behave and cause us to miss out on special moments with people that matter. Put down the phone and go look at the world, enjoy the priceless times you get with your loved ones and you can go back to the social media world when you have absolutely nothing better to do. Use it as a way to get away from reality once in a while, but don’t let that take away time from precious moments you could be spending with someone you love.

Advice to My 13 Year-Old Self

Photo Credit: AAUW

Photo Credit: AAUW

Latinitas celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting a blog-a-thon. Members of the community shared heartfelt advice they wish they were told when they were 13 years old.

Popularity is a big one. When I was thirteen I tried hard to be an extrovert, and I thought being ‘shy’ was a weakness. Whenever someone ignored me or was rude, I figured it was my fault. I thought I wasn’t interesting or cool enough. Then I realized that ignoring people and being rude was a bad trait, and that it wasn’t me who had to change anything about myself, but rather the other person. Trying to be popular through fake behavior, modifying our physique and being hard on ourselves can be stressful.

I’m not sure if hearing someone say this to me at 13 would’ve worked or made much sense as it does now. But the truth is that beautiful and genuinely kind girls eventually blossom into respectable women, especially if they remain honest with who they are. So it’s important to endure through those hard and confusing times, not letting anyone change who we really are.” – Giselle

“When I was 13 years old, I didn’t know how to put on makeup yet and my biggest concern in life was that there must be something wrong with me because all my friends had a boyfriend but I didn’t. I had to start thinking about where I’d go to high school and even college. I was really insecure at the time and constantly put myself down. I always felt like was never good enough for some reason.

I wish that someone had told me not to give into too many of your emotions. So often I make decisions on what I feel rather then what is logically correct and I wish someone told me to follow my head instead of my heart. I needed to hear that I need to put myself before anyone else and become the best person I could possibly be. And most importantly, I wish someone said to spend time with family. It’s so important because you sometimes often get so busy with growing up that you forget your parents also grow old too. I wish someone told me all of this but even if I heard it at 13 years old, I may have been too stubborn to actually follow this advice, but it still would have been nice anyway. ” – Claudia

All I can say is that I grew up ‘too soon’ in a sense that I [didn't have] a childhood, and my teenage years were controlled and spent at home playing video games (sometimes up to 12 hours a day)… You are still young, 13, you still have a lot of time to spend with the family! It is your decision to stay with the family or not, whether you are 13, 18, already in your mid-20′s with your own kids, it doesn’t matter; age is a number and [spending time with your family is a must]. [It's] not a choice.” – Irena

Review: The Lego Movie

the-lego-movie-2014-05Watching the previews to this movie, one may think that this is merely another movie for little kids—preferably boys. However, being that this movie is about Legos, it also caught the attention of those who are older as well—even teenagers. Most teenagers, even girls, play with Legos! Legos are a part of many teens’ childhood, and it’s always nice to be reminded of that wonderful, carefree time. The Lego movie definitely did it’s job in this regard!

The main character, Emmet Brickowski, is known in the “Lego world” to be a “normal” guy because of his “normal” job and his “normal” life. The movie shows the mundane tasks Emmet does everyday, including exercise and buying over-priced coffee. As a construction worker, he is a hard worker. One night, after he was done with his shift, he discovers a mysterious object called “The Piece of Resistance” and meets a girl named Wyldstyle, voiced by Elizabeth Banks. She explains to him that the one who finds “The Piece of Resistance” is the one who is identified as “The Special.”

Emmet, being the “normal” guy, wants to have such an honorable title. However, he finds it difficult to live up to this title. He is given many responsibilities with this title, the biggest of which he is to save everyone from President Business and his evil schemes. In order to accomplish this, Emmet needs to learn to break away from the “instruction manual” and learn to act spontaneously rather than only by what he is familiar with.

With the help of his friends and other outside sources, he is able to prove to himself and to everyone else that he is not merely a “normal” guy. He helps everyone see that anyone can be special no matter what others may think of them or by what they think of themselves.

This movie is a good family-friendly movie and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It includes the typical love story, jokes that are funny to a variety of tastes and there is surprising to twist at the end—everyone enjoys a good plot twist! From the cities to the vehicles to even the water, everything is made out of Legos! This movie is a must-see and the themes—anyone and everyone is special in their own way and that there is nothing you can’t make out of Legos—this movie will keep you laughing while enjoy some good family time.

Stop Following and Start Leading

Be a community leader. Stop following and start leading.

It’s cool to donate your change to charity, but how about creating change? See a need in your community and address it. Don’t ignore the graffiti and litter, don’t complain about it either. Stand up and do something about it.

Pics 1845-2Community service is power. Power to change the world and make it a better place for others. A study done by the Corporation for National and Community Service found that about 64.3 million Americans, or 26.8 percent of the adult population, gave 7.9 billion hours of volunteer service worth $171 billion in 2011. The average value of a volunteer hour was estimated to be $21.79. Without volunteers, services for low income families would be impossible to obtain because of the high costs. Tutoring for example can cost up to $70 an hour, while a high school student can tutor for free for unlimited hours.

Community service does not only benefit the people receiving help, but also the volunteers. Volunteers are awarded many mind and body benefits including a wider sense of humility, increased confidence, increased happiness, increased fitness, and reduced risk of depression. Other benefits include skill development, friendship making, career experience, and fun. Crime rates also tend to go down in communities with active volunteers. Service integrates a community and connects people with one another. Anyone can volunteer male, female, black, white, old, young. It is never too early or too late. Whether it is creating a garden or cleaning a stream, volunteers are making a difference in their communities.

Get Involved

By accepting the challenge to create a change, you are also assuming the role as a leader. Leadership is the choice to step in and motivate others to accomplish a goal. It is great to do a good thing. Whether it is to pick up trash for an hour or to tutor one student after school once week, it is amazing to contribute to the community and want to do more. Don’t spend your whole afternoon by yourself picking up trash; get your friends involved. Let them make a difference!

Key Club, Girl Scouts, and Interact Club have realized the power of numbers. Girl Scouts has created so many strong leaders, who attribute their success from volunteering at a young age. In a speech commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, Hilary Clinton recalls Girl Scouts as the place where she engaged with her “first lessons in leadership”. Clinton “credits this to service opportunities in “organizing food drives and helping out at nursing homes.”


Anyone has the potential to be a leader, and leadership can come in different forms. Some leaders are boastful and have bad intentions for their goals, and this type of leaders may also put people down to get what they want. Good leaders are humble and want to help foster the potential of their followers. Great leaders put others first and do everything they can to make a difference, no matter the sacrifice.

Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Harriet Tubman weren’t always leaders, but when they saw a need, they made a choice to step in, and do something. Leadership does take courage and commitment, but it is a skill that can constantly be improved, through practice and experience.

You don’t have to join a service club or volunteer every week. Just by hosting a bake sale for cancer with your friends you are making a difference. No good deed goes unnoticed. The report “The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research,” by CNCS, found that people who volunteered regularly  had lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. And if for no other reason there is a lot of self-satisfaction in making the world a better place.

Everyone should go out in the world, be a leader, unite people, and create change.  Do not ignore the suffering that is going around you. Many of us have been blessed to have so many gifts and talents, it is only right for us to share them.

Author’s Note: I am a high school junior and I am a community leader. Last year I was awardered a $1,000 grant to implement a grant in my community. I created Scholar Society, a program that aims to foster academic potential, leadership, and community inolvnment in low income and first generation students. If you have any questions on how to start your own project feel free to email me at


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Argentina

Why is St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th? Why do we celebrate it wearing green? And why do we get pinched if we don’t wear green?


St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th because that was the day of his death in the year 465, in the old days wearing green was to support Christianity, but nowadays this knowledge is hardly known. Getting pinched when you’re not wearing green is actually an American tradition, because people would think that wearing green would make them invisible for the leprechauns. By someone pinching a person they would warn them! If they’d get pinched hard enough they end up getting a bruise causing it to be green and become invisible.

Did you know that St. Patrick’s traditionally recognized by the color blue, not green? St. Patrick is not really Irish, he is actually from England, and he wasn’t interested in his family’s religion to Christianity at a young age. At the age of sixteen, St. Patrick was kidnapped and taken to Ireland to be enslaved, staying captive for six years. After staying captive for so long he took interest into the religion, devoting himself to Christianity, he finally went back home with his family but he said that an angel told him to go back to Ireland and become a priest, so he did. Even though St. Patrick represented the color blue itself, he gave people “four-leaf clovers” or shamrocks to show they supported him and Christianity, but people nowadays just wear green.

“I love St. Patrick’s Day, one reason is because my favorite color is green, and because of the celebrations! I’ve gone to Argentina during that time of the year, it fell on a Thursday and it was crazy, I had so much fun, the whole cities are completely green and everyone is having so much fun, I asked some people why it was so crazy. They said ‘This is nothing, you should see when it falls on the weekend, it’s ten times this, we don’t sleep for two days!’ I couldn’t help but want to go back, everyone was so friendly and so much into the spirit,” said Stephanie, 19.

One common misconception is that St. Patrick’s Day, or March 17th is celebrated more in Ireland than in any other place because that is where it originated. Actually, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated throughout the United States and Argentina, especially Buenos Aires. Today, it is celebrated more in Argentina because in the 1800’s there were a lot of Irish immigrants that migrated there. Every March 17th the parades block countless streets and celebration continue up until 5 am. Up to this day, there are more Irish people celebrating their heritage in Buenos Aires with parades, food, and lots of green!


Latina Spotlight: Leading Latinas

Photo Credit: AAUW

Photo Credit: AAUW

Latinitas celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting a blog-a-thon. Members of the community shared who they admired and why:

I will be honest. I am not a big sports fan. But if there is one revolutionary Latina that just has to be mentioned in sports, that has to be Rebecca Lobo. If you are a basketball fan, you might now that Rebecca was part of the 1996 Olympic women’s “Dream Team,” but let me tell you a little more about her.

Born in Hartford, CT, Rebecca was around basketball at a young age. Her career highlights include awards such as the NCAA Women’s Basketball Player of the Year (1995) and the ESPY Award for Outstanding Female Athlete in 1995. She won these awards and many more at a time where women in sports was something taboo, and extremely unheard of.

While she is currently playing for the Houston Comets, her career as a professional basketball player began after her graduation from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1995.

Rebecca’s star status grew when she started playing college basketball and was one of the women who showed America and the world that WOMEN PLAY SPORTS!” – Ingrid

Selena Quintanilla is my inspiration because she was an amazing Latina singer. She set a good reputation for herself also, she inspired so many young Latina girl.” – Alizae

Today I met Josefina Vazquez Mota, one of Mexico’s first female presidential candidates. She ran for the 2012 presidential elections. I remember I was in Thailand at the time and wasn’t able to vote for her but was hugely concerned over whether she would win. In the end, she wasn’t elected, but was still hugely recognized. Today, in New York City, she presented her book on the success stories of Mexicans in the US, titled “El sueño que unió la frontera.

Josefina is a Latina like you and I. She was born in Mexico but believes in the power of Latinos, not only in the US, but in Latin America as well. Here or there we’re all bound to fight for a cause, she expressed.

 I grew up believing I needed to belong somewhere. One place, only one. I was born in Brownsville, Texas (as I have probably mentioned a million times) and would drive to Mexico every other weekend. With time, I realized that I loved both places, but I also knew they weren’t very similar, and this caused a feeling of contradiction within me” – Giselle


Do You Wanna Buy a Snowman?

Do you wanna buy a snowman? Now you can with the new DVD release of Frozen. Disney’s new animated feature has captured audiences internationally. Overall, Frozen earned more than 368.6 million dollars in the box office and re-released a sing-along version in theaters. Now the time has come to bring Frozen into your home.


For those who have not seen Frozen, the movie follows the story of Princess Anna of Arendalle and her sister, Queen Elsa. Elsa was born with magical icy powers. One day Elsa’s powers accidentally set off a winter storm leading Anna to brave the icy weather to save the kingdom from an eternal winter. Along the way, Anna meets Kristoff, a mountain man, and his reindeer, Sven, and an adorably hilarious snowman named Olaf. Together, they set off for a very cool adventure that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Frozen stars Idina Menzel as Elsa and Kristen Bell as Anna. It is co-directed by Jennifer Lee who also helped write the story of Frozen. In an interview, Jennifer Lee said her perspective of being a woman at the screenwriting table helped her male co-writers see some stereotypes they were writing. Because of that, her presence at the table helped shaped two of the most independent princesses (who do not need a prince to rescue them) Disney has ever had.

If that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are five reasons why Frozen is awesome.

  1. The Princess: Anna is a fearless optimist who believes in the power of true love. Anna is a strong protagonist in the movie whose bravery is quite admirable.
  2. The Queen: Elsa is also a strong protagonist who was taught most of her life to conceal her powers out of the fear of being “too dangerous.” This twist on the cliché villain makes you think twice on why people may do certain things.
  3. The sidekick characters: As mentioned before, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven, are great characters that provide comedic relief to the dangerous adventure. Olaf, the snowman, is also a comedy relief for the audience and has the capability of melting your heart, even if you are snowman.
  4. The Songs: Okay, the songs are awesome. You’ve probably heard the covers of “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” over and over, but don’t be fooled. These songs are very catchy and very well-written. All the songs were written by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Bobby Lopez, three-time Tony Award Winner, and Kristen-Anderson Lopez.
  5. The Animation: The animation of Frozen is really quite remarkable if you are movie buff and know all the camera angles. Even if you are not, the animation is appealing to the eye. Some may dare to say it embodies the same essence as other famous Disney classics. The animation is listed here on the top five reasons to see Frozen because Walt Disney’s start in animation was a magical experience for audiences.

Add this new Disney classic to your collection on Tuesday March 18th, 2014.

Planning For Your Future

College Chica, 2013

College Chica, 2013

Do you know what you want to study or what you want to be when you grow up? If you don’t, that’s okay. Your parents or friends have probably encouraged you to start thinking about what you want to be when you grow up so you can pick the best college for you. From financial aid to finding the perfect university, they might have shared some advice because they are concerned about your future.

You might know what you want to be when you grow up or maybe you’re just barely thinking about it. Knowing what you want to be when you grow up increases the opportunities that you can take advantage of in middle school and high school. Even if you are torn between two dream jobs, knowing what type of career you are interested in helps in knowing what type of scholarships you can apply to , and you can start early in your career by picking classes in high school that will give you a head-start in your dream job.

“I want to be an FBI agent, I was so ready for college and ready to have fun, but I never thought it was going to be this hard. I should’ve listened to everyone; college is really expensive, I can barely afford it, and I have to take out a lot of loans just to get by. I should’ve applied for scholarships and applied to more colleges. I procrastinated too much,” said Jocelyn, 20.

Even though she knew what she wanted to study, she didn’t plan for her future. Unlike Jocelyn, girls like Xochitl whom needed extra time to figure things out had a back up plan in high school.

“I didn’t quite know exactly what I wanted to be or what to study, but when I was a senior in high school I applied to all of the scholarships available, even if I thought I wouldn’t get it. I applied everywhere no matter how hard it was,” said Xochitl, 23.

She started early, even if she didn’t know what to study she kept applying everywhere. Some were a miss, but in the end she did wind up receiving enough money to pay for everything and still had some leftover money.

Even if you already know what college or university you want to go to, it is recommended for you to apply to more than one school and multiple scholarships because it is always better to have a plan B, just in case.

“Of course, I didn’t win all the scholarships, but the more you apply the more chances you have of winning one. I got two scholarships; I paid my tuition, my books, and everything I needed for school. I still had $2,000 left all for myself, but I bet if I knew what I wanted to study like I do now I would’ve gotten more scholarships,” said Xochitl.

Preparation may not be easy, might take awhile, or you might think you still have a long way to go, or that you will do it later, but take advantage of the time where you have nothing to do and start brainstorming. It’s never too early to start.

If you start planning your future now who knows, you might get more money than you ever expected. If you don’t you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket or with loans. Loans are often the last resort, and it’s not the best financial decision because you’ll be in debt. The worst thing you can do is to not apply at all. Planning ahead will not only help you financially, it will reduce the stress. Start planning, little by little, it might be stressful having so many options thinking of your life, what you want to do with it, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Stepparent: Friend or Foe?

Latinitas, Mother Daughter Workshop

Latinitas, Mother Daughter Workshop

When some people are born they are conceived into a world with two wonderful people as parents. You grow up thinking they love each other, are role models, and believe they will stay together and live happily every after while helping you through  every big moment in life. What do you do when you find out their love for each other has faded? Even bigger, what do you do when you find out they now love someone else? How is that even possible?

Some people refer to their parent’s newfound love as  a stepparent. “When I first found out that I was going to have a stepmom I felt so confused and disappointed. I thought that my new stepmom took my real mom away from my dad, and for that I didn’t like her at all. I love my mom and no one can ever replace her,” said Celeste, 14.

She didn’t take the divorce well. She considers her real mom like her sister, which made the whole idea of having a stepmom a little harder. It is common for marriages to separate and find a new love with someone else. Celeste isn’t the only one going through tough times dealing with divorce or a stepparent. found that over 50% of U.S families are remarried or re-coupled. In addition, 50% of the 60 million children under the age of 13 are currently living with one biological parent and that parent’s current significant other.

According to, dealing with a stepparent is challenging, but is more challenging for teens. Feeling like your world is crashing because your family is being split apart is common, but what makes the situation more difficult is because of “of all the other changes that take place during the teenage years — everything from the emotional growth involved in becoming an adult to the hormonal changes triggered by puberty.”

Bringing in a new adult to the family isn’t always bad, but teenagers, especially pre-teen girls, are more affected by a divorce because they tend to be more emotional and more attached with their real parents.

“Girls have a tendency to act emotional and are considered to be more attached to their parents because girls are often treated differently and sometimes better than boys, and when a new adult comes into their lives to become their new parent, some girls often feel threatened or angry towards them,” said Dr. Estela Rodriguez, Psychologist.

“My dad never really paid attention to me when I was little, or even now. So no, I don’t mind if I’m getting a stepdad because he treats me good; he asks how I am and he cares. I don’t hate my real dad, but it’s nice to feel like someone cares about me again,” said Samantha,15.

Some teenagers might think having a stepparent is the end of the world, while others think it’s the beginning of a new one. A new adult joining your family does not mean they are a replacement of a new parent; sometimes marriages do not work. A new parent joining your family is an opportunity for you to learn something new, give you advice, and treat you differently or make your life better; you just have to give them a chance.

Leading Latina: Christina Garcia

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Written by Rebecca Jackson

Immigration reform is a pressing political issue in the United States as people from around the world cross borders to find better opportunities for themselves and their families.  A Latina making an impact to help immigrants is Christina Garica. Christina Garcia is the Program Coordinator for the Battered Immigrant Women department at Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center in El Paso, Texas. That’s a long title for a crucial job.

Garcia’s Contribution to Her Community

In her own words, Garcia “takes care of people who are victims of crimes and domestic abuse.” She does this by connecting clients to the visas they need to stay safe.

The first is a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Visa which protects women who are married to United States citizens and suffer from domestic violence. The Violence Against Women Act, which was first passed in 1994, created a number of laws that politicians hoped would help prevent violence against women and provide better support for women who had experienced violence. Legislators at the time realized that many non-citizen and undocumented people, mostly women, experiencing domestic violence were not reporting the abuse to the police for fear of losing their immigration status and being deported. The VAWA Visa encourages immigrant women to report domestic abuse by giving them access to legal residence that doesn’t depend on their relationship to an abusive partner.

The second type of visa is a U-Visa. A U-Visa allows undocumented people who are the victims of crimes and have cooperated with the authorities to attain legal permanent residence. The U-Visa encourages people to report crimes without fear of deportation. “These issue are right at the center of human rights,” says Garcia.

When asked what she wanted young Latinas to know about domestic violence and the immigrant community she had a lot of wisdom to share.

“I think people tend to view immigration as an isolated issue that only a few people experience, when in reality immigration is this universal issue that happens all over the world. If you sit 10 people down in a room at least half of those people know an immigrant,” she said.

For Garcia, acknowledging that immigrants make up an important portion of our communities means that “when we confront violence against women we can’t focus only on women who are citizens or who have papers.”

She wants Latinas to be aware that, “it doesn’t matter what immigration status you have, if you are the victim of a crime or the victim of domestic violence, or if someone is pushing you to do something that you don’t want to, than it’s important to know that this isn’t right and that there is something that you can do about it. If it isn’t happening to you, it might be happening to someone you know, or it might happen to someone you’ll meet in the future.”

She took a breath before leaning forward and emphasizing that, “it is important to know that there are people who can help and you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the assistance that you need.”

Garcia’s last comment points to the importance of organizations like Las Americas. Immigration law is complicated. Cases take a long time and require lots of complex paperwork to be filled out correctly, efficiently, and then sent to the right government office. Very few people could get all of that done without legal assistance from an attorney or someone professionally trained in immigration law. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer can be extremely expensive (not to mention the money the government charges you just to turn in you paperwork!) and many of the people who qualify for VAWA or U-visas are low income. So Garcia and the other wonderful ladies of Las Americas work to provide immigrants with quality legal care at low cost. For Garcia it all comes down to giving back.

“As a Latina and a low-income person who had the opportunity to be educated, I think it’s kind of an obligation to give back to your community at some point in your career. I think I’ve been blessed to be able to do that here. It would be so cool if everybody thought like that,” she said.

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