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Share your thoughts and ideas with Latinitas. Send us your poetry, essays, tips, stories, reviews and ideas, and you could end up in a future issue of Latinitas.


GET PUBLISHED IN THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS: Want inspiration and ideas about what to write about?  Take a look at these starters. Check back often for new opportunities to get published:

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  • Poetry: Share your poems with other Latinitas.
  • OMG: Have you survived an embarrassing moment? Let us know what happened and how you overcame it.
  • DIY: Share your do-it-yourself ideas for creating crafts and accessories.
  • Girl Talk: Answer our monthly questions for teens.

411 opportunities, click here.

  • Tech Girl: We wanna know what computer programs, websites and video games are a hit and a miss.
  • Beauty: Submit your reviews of beauty and body care product.
  • Fashion: Show off your fashionista tips and advice.
  • Body & Soul: Submit body, mind, and soul tips every chica needs.
  • Recipes: Send your delicious recipes for snacks, meals and desserts.

Fun Stuff Opportunities, click here.

  • Arts: Submit your review of art pieces or show off your very own art.
  • Music: Submit your reviews of CD’s, concerts and music videos.
  • Books: Let us know what books you recommend and what books you would pass on.
  • Movies: We want your reviews on movies in the theater and rentals.
  • Games: Tell us which video, on-line or computer game you think is a must.
  • TV Shows:  Submit a review about your favorite TV show or a new one that just came out.
  • Sports: Share your own experience playing sports or interview an inspiring athlete!

Latina Beat Opportunities, click here.

  • Mi Barrio: Tell us about your hometown.
  • My Quince: Share your own quince experience or quince advice.
  • Passport: Are you a traveling guru? Share your traveling experience or traveling advice.
  • My Family: Tell us about your family’s Latino/Hispanic traditions.

Real Life Opportunities, click here.

  • Advice: Is there something bothering you or do you have a question you are afraid to ask? Then don’t worry, this is the place with the answers.
  • Take Action/Hot Topics: Are you passionate about an issue affecting young girls, teens, or women? Ask or share your experience.

Her Story Opportunities, click here.

  • Latinitas Superstar: Do you know a Latinita who is a SUPERSTAR? Nominate an outstanding girl between the ages of 11-18 and she may be featured in an upcoming issue.
  • Career Spotlight:  Do you know a Latina professional who has an interesting career? Interview her to highlight future career possibilities for Latinitas.
  • My Diary: Is there something you want to get off your chest? Let us know. We want to hear your thoughts.