Wombmate: Diary of a Twin

twin:[twin] noun, adjective.


According to dictionary.com, a twin is defined as either of two children brought forth at a birth; two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.


My Soul Sister: 
In other words, a twin is a soul sister. I am a twin and I can proudly share that my sister is my best friend. We are fraternal twins, but we look very much alike. A twin, whether it is two girls, two boys, or a boy and a girl, is a person who is there for you 24/7. From a personal point of view, having a twin sister is a great advantage because I have never suffered from boredom. Having that companion all the time, is a great relief when boredom seems to be inevitable.


“We would make even the simplest trip to the grocery store an adventure,” said Danii, my twin sister.  For instance, pranking became a fun opportunity to try as twin sisters. One prank my sister Danii and I always try on other people is by switching classes in school. It has become somewhat of a tradition since we have managed to fool everyone since pre-kinder. It isn’t as easy as it sounds because pretending to be someone else can be quite exhausting. Having to respond to have a different name and learning the different routines and behaviors of another person is difficult, but worth it. Some people might see it as a bad joke or think it is an easy task, but, honestly, physical resemblance does not mean we are the same person.


People have the habit of always pairing twins together for everything possible. Every new school year, my sister and I would run to the list posted in the cafeteria to see if we were ever placed in separate classrooms. To our disappointment, there were our names:  one on top of the other on that same roster. Up to this day, we still have most of our classes together; we also get involved in the same extracurricular activities. We made sports an essential ingredient in our lives and joined soccer together. Since we are bilingual, we worked as a team to start the Dual Language Advisory Board club.


My twin and I are best friends and spend a lot of time together, but, unfortunately, not all twins have a close connection with their sibling. Some twins are so different from one another that spending a lot of time together can be a little overwhelming; of course this is not always the case, but I still find it weird when twins do not get along.


Life with other Twins:
“Having my twin sister as a classmate can have some advantages to it.  A partner for homework and projects can ease some of the stress in those advanced classes,” said twin sister Karina Ayala.


The main disadvantages that goes along with this genetic wonder, is, of course, getting confused. To be honest it can be quite stressful when twins are confused for one another or when noticeable differences between the two siblings are overlooked.  “All people need to do is really get to know each of us, maybe then they can realize which one is which,” Korina Ayala said.


Learning to Separate: 
Eventually, as an individual, one must learn to live for themselves. For example, I’ve been accustomed to think for two people, my twin and I, instead of one; it is easy to get caught up in what the other person wants. It is my last year in high school and  I have to make tough decisions regarding college.  I want to major in journalism and mass communications, and Danii wants to study Culinary Arts. Therefore, making us choose what is best for our interests and ourselves, even if it means separating. We may meet different people along the way, but a sister will be forever.

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