Make a Statement with Bold Hair

When changing a boring look, many girls go for a bold change.  Many decide that having a different hairstyle or haircut will make us feel better. The from drab to fab look may be the self-esteem boost some many need, but is changing as a brunette to a blonde a natural decision or is media playing a role in shaping beauty ideals?


Celebrities Influencing Change

Jocelyn Mejia, 14, says, “Really, I want to say that I love my hair the way it is and I do, but if Selena Gomez were to dye it her hair purple, then I think that maybe I could too.”

Lourdes Blanca agrees. “When Miley Cyrus dyed her brown hair platinum blonde, everyone hated it or said they hated it, but a week later 5 girls including myself had cut our, but I dyed it blue to be different,” she shares.

Celebrities like the singer Shakira and brunettes who have spoken against accepting their natural hair color, skin, and personality make accepting natural dark hair seem almost impossible to maintain. Shakira, a born Columbian, once rocked her black tresses with confidence. Her popularity grew over the course of a year and her look changed to suit the public’s taste. She began to sport a blonde look that became a signature look for about a year. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres she said, “I do this often. I change my hair a lot.” Ellen has had black, blue, red, and orange-red hair color to suit her changing schedule.

Melinda Leiva, 24, says, “I began dying my hair since I was 11. I saw how cool [having] red [hair] made my sister look and with curiosity took her Manic Panic and put it on my hair. The next day after playing outside with friends, I went to the mirror and realized I was dripping in what looked like kool-aid. The dye didn’t stick to my hair because my hair was naturally black and the dye would not stick to dark hair. My friends were laughing at me.”

Leiva and Blanca have one thing in common with the consequences of dying your hair.

Blanca explains, “When I realized that my thick hair grew so fast and dark, I knew that trying to dye my hair over again in four weeks, I had to stop. It would cost me another 19 bucks for two pints of blue dye. Blue dye that made your hair color look like seaweed after two or three washes, given that fact, I stopped dying my hair.”

Leiva adds, “Besides when applying to jobs fresh out of college, I doubt anyone took me seriously looking like a clown!”

Blanca says, “I would rather save money for the bus, for a real job than dying my hair a color not found in nature any day.”

Whether it is something simple like highlights or making the choice for a bold move, dying your hair is a personal choice and the reasons for doing it will vary. It is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.

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