Life of Latina Bloggers

The role of Latina bloggers, or “blogueras,” is becoming more prevalent in all forms of social media. Latina women from various age groups are creating popular blogs. They hold a strong community in the online media world not only because of their excellent writing skills or savvy issues they choose to write about, but also because they play a crucial role in bringing a different perspective to the table. These Latina bloggers are are gaining a following and getting their voice heard online.

Sara Inés Calderón, writer for various blogs, such as Latinopia, TechCrunch, and Politic365, states, “I think being a woman who is Latina — or a “double minority” — does add another layer of perspective, but so does being a man. I don’t think it’s better or worse, just different. But I think that because women are generally more social and more involved with different groups of people, sometimes Latinas can bring a variety of perspectives together that others might not be able to.”

Latinos in Social Media (LATISM):
The strong unison of Latina bloggers can be seen in groups specializing on blogging. For example, LATISM, which stands for Latinos in Social Media, is a group of bloggers coming from every writing background — from political standpoints to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. With over 150,000 likes on Facebook, LATISM is taking the Latino blogging community by storm.

The Latina Voice:

Alexandra Landeros, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of LATISM Austin Chapter, and blogger of Chronicles of Undercover Mexican Girl, describes how her passion of writing came about:

 I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. As young as 6 or 7 years old, I loved to make up stories – sometimes I would imagine stories while I was laying down at night before falling asleep, or while I was daydreaming on a rainy day. They were usually stories of adventure and romance. Growing up in the early 1980s, I was influenced by movies such as Goonies and Indiana Jones, by TV segments such 3-2-1 Contact’s Bloodhound Gang, and by the books of C.S. Lewis and Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

In addition to writing, I loved to handmake the books where I’d write down my stories. I’d take looseleaf and construction paper, using a needle and thread – or staples – to bound together a book. Then I would write a story out of my imagination, complete with drawings. When I was finished, I’d draw a bar code on the book. Even then, I was entrepreneurial about my writing. I knew I wanted to be able to sell my work and make a living as a writer.”

Blogs by Latinas is another website dedicated to the Latina blogger world. It’s an online directory of Latina bloggers, covering every issue you can imagine. “The BBL Blog is all about my blogging world, social media, inspring Latinas, and Latino news,” says Monique Frausto, the creator and founder of BBL.

According to Luviano, “Today, Latina bloggers are being interviewed on national television, courted by many companies and getting book deals. But one thing is certain – they have not even come close to maximum exposure.”

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Whether you were inspired by a TV show, or looking up to your siblings like I did, the most important thing about someone’s role as a writer/blogger is to tell the truth. Adding your personal creativity to a story is also what makes the story original, and what makes readers wanting to read more of your work. It is those critical and independent thinkers who are going to move our world forward, and it starts with YOU!

Think you’re too young to start your own blog? Wrong! Join  today and share your voice on issues you are passionate about with other likeminded youth.

All in all, blogging is a great way to express your creativity and personal beliefs. It’s not only great for writing, but it also leads you into the world of marketing or journalism. One day you would write about your family, while the next you see yourself writing about that great product you bought. Once you put yourself out there, you will see yourself making connections and creating a larger impact in the communications world.


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