Advice to Love Your Body

We asked our readers what tips they have to help other Latinitas love and appreciate their own beauty. Here are their top tips to love your body.

Latina teen posing for a picture

Everybody is beautiful and awesome in their own way.
Don’t feel bad about yourself. Everybody is beautiful and awesome in their own way. Exercise and eat better. This helps in many ways. Think positive thoughts. Take your mind off of it. Put on clothes that make you feel secure..
-Karen, age 13

Don’t let people get you down.
No one should judge. I really don’t care what people call me because I know who I am and what I do.  They’re saying that stuff because they’re jealous.
-Bella, age 14

You are beautiful and you don’t need anybody to tell you that!
The only person that you need to tell you that you are beautiful is you! The one thing that I have learned is that you need to be confident and you need to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter who tells you, you are ugly or you’re not perfect. Those people do not matter. The person that should tell you what you are and what you’re not is you! Your imperfections are your beauties!! Believe in that!
-Sarah, age 12

Never put yourself down.
First of all, you have to tell yourself that your are beautiful and never let anything or anyone put you down. Always know that you are truly beautiful when you put yourself down and you don’t truly know it. Take this advice and you’ll know you’re truly beautiful when you do.
-Ivonne, age 11

Putting yourself in a positive attitude will make you look beautiful inside and out.
You should feel good about yourself no matter what other people tell you. Who cares what they say. Putting yourself down can really hurt you and will make others not like you.
-Mariah, age 13

Nobody is perfect.
First of all magazines are totally fake. This is what I do, I don’t really care about what others think or say about me.  God made everybody different for a reason. Just be yourself. It does not matter if you’re fat or skinny.
-Stephanie, age 11

You’re uniqueness is what makes you – you.
No matter what, you are pretty. Remember that all those models and superstars aren’t as beautiful as they seem. They need a lot of work done, and still, they have to go through more. All of our imperfections and flaws are wonderful. There’s no such thing as perfection. And trust me, everyone is insecure at one point or another. It’s just part of being human. But never forget to love yourself for who you are.

You shouldn’t change anything about yourself.
You’re beautiful on the inside and outside. Don’t let people say, “hey you’re ugly, go get a makeover.” No, no, no, you should feel comfortable how you look and feel.
-Bella, 14

Just be proud of who you are and how you look.
If you don’t like your hair, curl it or get highlights.  Because every girl in the universe is unique. They have their different styles. It doesn’t matter how you look because you’re beautiful on the inside and outside.
-Elena, age 11

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