Latinitas ENewsletter – August 2012 (El Paso, TX)


  • Chicas Advancing in Media Project – August 4th at 11:00am at Latinitas Office (1359 Lomaland #502)
  • Alliance for Latinitas Meeting – August 8th at 6:00pm at Rulis International Kitchen (2900 N. Mesa)
  • Saturday Camp – August 11th at 1:00pm at Judge Marquez Public Library (610 N. Yarbrough)
  • Back to School Fashion Show – August 17th at 6:00pm at Klothes Lime Boutique (1803 Montana Ave)
  • Back to School Makeover Essay Contest – Deadline August 17th and Makeover Prize on August 25th
  • Chicas Advancing in Media Project – August 18th at 10:00am at Latinitas (1359 Lomaland #502)
  • Volunteer Orientation – August 21st at 6:00pm at Latinitas Office (1359 Lomaland #502)

August 17th at 6:00pm at Klothes Lime Boutique (1803 Montana Ave)
Join us as we kick off the Back-to-School season with a fashion show highlighting fall fashions from Klothes Lime Boutique.  Latinitas youth members will strut the runway showing off the latest fashion trends.  Donations of school supplies will be accepted at the door to benefit Latinitas members.

Latinitas is organizing a school supply drive to benefit deserving girls enrolled in our after-school programs. Donations of binders, notebooks, paper, scissors, paper, markers, pens, glue sticks, color pencils and other basic art supplies are being collected at the Latinitas headquarters – 1359 Lomaland # 502. From August 1st until September 15th. If you are interested, contact us at 219.8554 or

Start off the school year right with a complete makeover! Latinitas Magazine is sponsoring a Back to School Makeover essay contest for high school girls. The winner of the contest will win a free hairstyle, make-up consultation and photo shoot by a professional photographer, as well as having their winning work published in our magazine. Students are asked to fill out the submission form and write an essay between 450-750 words answering the following questions, What is the importance of an education in today’s society? What educational goals have you set for yourself? Submissions are due on August 20. You may e-mail submissions at or click on the link below!

August 4, August 18, September 1, September 15
10:00am to 1:00pm
Latinitas Headquarters
1359 Lomaland #502
Girls Ages 13 and up
Chicas Advancing in Media Project is a multimedia training program for teen girls with a focus on helping girls build confidence through multimedia expression.  With bi-weekly meetings, teens will have an opportunity to get tips from the pros and learn about self-expression through writing, photography, audio production, poetry and film-making.  To register, call 915.219.8554, email or visit

July 9th marked the first day of the annual 2-week Latinitas Summer Camp, a camp in which young Latinas learn how to use different media devices, engage in fun arts and crafts projects, and learn about their culture and women empowerment. After weeks of preparation, the Latinitas team welcomed a group of 9- to 12-year-old girls, eager to get started. The weeks were full of exciting speakers such as Martina Valverde, Kandolite Flores, and Sandra Diaz from KFOX news, Maria Garcia from KVIA news, the ladies of Miss El Paso and Miss Teen El Paso, and Vanessa Monsisvais, a photographer for the El Paso Times. The many guest speakers spoke to the young Latinas about the various opportunities in their work field and the interesting aspects of their jobs. All the speakers had an important message they wanted to convey to the girls: go to college! Whether it is to study journalism, broadcasting, art, or medicine, they stressed the importance of education in getting their dream job.

After the speakers had spent time with the girls, Team Latinitas organized the girls and taught them how to use cameras to take nature photography, as well as learning to videotape one another performing in anti-bullying skits. Arianna Castañon, a local dancer, taught the girls a quick dance to go along with the song “Call Me Maybe.” Team Latinitas, along with the excited campers, took to the Cielo Vista Mall floors and performed their dance in a flash mob to be remembered. The fun continued as girls learned to make stylish bracelets and necklaces out of everyday items such as coke can tabs and straws. During their arts and crafts activities, they made crepe paper flowers which they used to adorn their hair when they dressed up as Frida Kahlo, an important figure in Latino history. The Latinitas campers also worked on improving their writing as they wrote sample newsletter articles and scripts for skits.

The young campers enjoyed discovering El Paso’s history when they were taken on field trips to several museums. They learned about media broadcasting during their visit to the HitFM radio station and Telemundo television station. They enjoyed discovering El Paso’ On Thursday, July 19th, the girls of the Latinitas Summer Camp were joined by girls of ages thirteen to seventeen in a fun “beauty day.” They heard motivational speeches about learning to love how we are on the inside as much as the outside. As a special treat, the girls got to experiment with makeup and nail polish, not to cover their features, but to enhance what was already naturally beautiful. Vianca Toscano, age 10, exclaimed, “I love everything, actually! I loved taking pictures at the park, museums, and at the Plaza Theater!” After two weeks of fun and educational activities, the 2012 Latinitas Summer Camp came to a close, leaving smiles and laughter in everyone’s memories.


Last month, the Latinitas Summer Teen Media Camp experienced the days in the lives of various women in the media industry. For two weeks, the girls were visited by news reporters from different local stations, professionals in photojournalism, video production and more. The Latinitas also made field trips to the HitFM radio station headquarters, the Telemundo studios, and to the Diablos stadium to interview  the members of El Paso’s minor league baseball team. The camp’s objective  was to introduce young girls the array of opportunities in a career in media, and to help them further explore any interest they had in the industry. The teenage campers were encouraged to ask the guest speakers and hosts questions about their jobs and were given some professional advice, as well as hands on experience behind the microphones, cameras, and behind the scenes.

Most of the guest speakers invited were females, a purposeful decision made by the camp coordinators in an attempt to promote the image and idea of successful women working in media.  Some of the girls who had only a vague interest in a career in media arts found themselves more convinced that they could excel  in this line of work. “ I had never seen behind-the -scenes action before, but after being on this trip I’m more confident that I want to work in media.” says camper Celeste Hernandez.  The fact that a career in media is not just glamorous, but requires a good work ethic and interpersonal skills was a lesson repeatedly preached throughout the two weeks.  Even after learning about the hard work required of a job in media, the girls in the Teen Media Camp could all agree with camper Delilah, “ working with media is definitely something I might want to do when I grow up.”


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