Volunteer Spotlight: Business Chica Planning Team

The Latinitas team would like to thank our Business Chica planning team members.  Special thanks to our committee members who help in organizing our Business Chica conference with the aim of inspiring the next generation of business leaders. Our planning team members help with event planning, coordinating the agenda, recruiting speakers, obtaining event donations, promoting the event, recruiting girls and helping plan a wonderful experience for our girls. Our team members share why they are passionate about giving back to the community and helping encourage girls to become leaders:

Mireya Macias
I would like to use my marketing and PR skills to help one of the most important and vulnerable groups of society- Hispanic young girls. I would like to share my experiences as an immigrant and mother of two young girls immigrants with them. I would like to share my advice with El Paso young Latinas about the importance of education and hard work in this country. I want to encourage them to pursue their goals.

Ileen Barreras
I enjoy helping people as much as I possibly can. I feel that it is important to expose our young women to great opportunities in the area of business. Education is the start of a great things to come for each and every one of them. I feel that our society does not emphasize the importance of education enough. We need to encourage our Latinitas that with education the sky is the limit. I can not stress the importance of education enough. I want to encourage girls to be involved in community events as much as possible and to surround themselves with positive people.

Christian Alexis Salas
I love the opportunity to impart some of my learning experiences with young girls to help them in their future.  Youth need mentors and role models. I enjoy mentoring teens because there is still so much they haven’t discovered about their gifts and talents.  I know I could learn from their childlike imagination! It’s fun to see them discover and develop their abilities. I want to encourage young leaders. Girls that love what they do, know how to do it and are willing to show others!

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