Intern Spotlight Fall 2015

Bianca Duran, Marketing & Public Relations Intern
UTEP Marketing Major, Junior
“I would like to participate in an internship with Latinitas because I believe in everything that the organization stands for. The empowerment and confidence of young hispanic girls is something so important to me. I have volunteered numerous times with youth mentoring programs and I would love to be able to get the opportunity to intern and mentor at the same time.”

Fandi Zapien, Editorial Intern
UTEP Multimedia Journalism Major, Sophomore
“Because even if I was not born in the US, I’m a Mexican girl studying at El Paso, Texas and I identify myself with this project and what you promote, and of course, I’m a woman and we girls need to support each other.”

Itzel Barraza, Photography Intern
UTEP Anthropology Major, Graduate
“Latinitas is an organization that helps Latina women in my community, which is really a career goal for me. I decided to major in anthropology because I saw it was a career where I could work helping my community and helping others. I am a Latina that grew up here in the border area and I believe I can help young girls and be a mentor to them on issues or situations that I probably experienced growing up. The Latino culture is also something I value a lot and would love to work towards helping those with this background here in the United States.”

Paulete Espinoza, Editorial Fellow
UTEP Journalism Major, Freshman
“I would like to obtain this internship to gain more experience in the field and expand my communication skills.”

Ariadne Venegas, Multimedia Intern
UTEP Journalim Major, Senior
“My major is journalism, so I want to get more experience so I can go higher in life. I want to work in magazines and have the opportunity to get to know more people. To be prepare for future and I believe I can make it. I would like to be in the world of magazines and know what it’s about that makes them so interesting. To motivate teenager to fallow their dream and never give up; as me that I am trying hard to do what I like. I am a very fun person and I like too be involve with many people. I like to hear what other people have to say and I a way help them to not stay in the same place, to move on. And at Latinitas I could have the chance to explode all the energy that I have and share my ideas with others. I am really motivated of these internship.”

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