Season of Giving

During this season of giving, Latinitas club members wrote about how they spread the spirit of giving and help their community.

I care about the environment! I help the community by collecting cans. I recycle it and earn lots of money. If I earn just enough money I give it to people in need. At my old school, I entered a program and I would pick up trash and make things out of it. One time, I collected a lot of caprisuns that were already used and I made a dress out of it. It was super fun to be working on the dress. People can take action by using things that they find on the ground to make something out of it. This way that thing just don’t go to waste. I think that it is important to help the environment. If we don’t keep it clean, the animals that live in the ocean can get sick. The problem is that lots of people throw trash in the street and then it ends up in the ocean. People always throw a lot of things in the trash and it’s not fair to the animals that live in the ocean that they have to live with trash. I think is important to take care of every thing on the planet because some things that are in the street don’t belong with animals. I care about it because it is important to me and it should be important to everyone. It impacts because it is so important to me and it should be respected.

By Chantal

I help out my community by donating canned food like beans and peanut butter. It is important because some people don’t have enough things like food or clothes. I would tell others to be caring and help out a little by donating. By Zora

Season of Giving

How I help the community is by donating books that I don’t read any more. I also donate clothes. One time, me and my mom spent around $200.00 and we went around each kid a pair of clothes. One time, I volunteered at a shelter and I gave a lot of people that needed food. When me and my mom left, all the people said thank you to me and my mom. We were so proud of ourselves. People can start taking action by giving to other people in need. By Chantal

I’ve helped my community by donating clothes that I don’t use and donate food that I don’t eat. I’ve haven’t volunteered because I am to little. People can help other people with their problems. I help other people with their homework. I care about bullying. It is important because it is a problem that can hurt other people. By Shakti

I help the community by taking care of children and helping them with homework. Sometimes I get rid of my clothes by giving it to Goodwill. If I have good toys and don’t play with them anymore, I’ll give it to goodwill. I care about helping the children. It is important to me because I’m helping children who need someone to take care of. People can help by taking action by volunteering. They can also help people. By Delaney

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