Role Model by Latinitas Members

In our clubs, we talked about our role models…

My Role Model is My Mom
I admire my mom for being the best mom in the world. She has done the best job in the world. My mom takes her time to be with us all the times. I really don’t know what to do without her. I just would like to say to her that I love her with all of my heart. She is the mom that I would like to be when I grow up. Your like a big part of my heart no one will take that place. Mom I love you with all my energy that I have. I can’t describe it enough in writing, but you know that I love you. – Valerie Chavez

My Friend Jessica
I like this person because she is so good with me and kind. I would like to have a sister like her. She likes to hear the same music as I do. My favorite color is blue and hers is too.

My Mom
My role model I admire the most is my mom because I like the way she looks and her personality. She is nice to everybody and she buys us stuff when we need it. I love my mom because she always gives me dollars and she always let me go outside and I have to sleep early and woke up early to go to school and eat early in class and work fast and listen to my teacher.

My Teacher
My role model is my teacher because she is so awesome and she teaches me so much. That’s why I admire her because she is so confident. She knows what she is doing so she inspired me to be a great teacher like her. – Nayeli

My Grandma
My grandma is very important to me because she was able to keep up with eight children and two of her children died. She is a very strong woman to me. She means a lot to me. She gives her attention to everyone.


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