Organ Resource Center

Name- Organ Community Resource Center, Organ, NM, 88052

Agency-Dona Ana Health and Human Resources

What activities did your students participate in? Be-You-Nique Workshop

What do you think your students learned from this workshop? I saw them make a noticeable and amiable change in their attitude. They seemed to be more confident and talkative.

How do you think this workshop will benefit your students? I strongly believe that it was a step in the right direction for these young ladies. It has given them encouragement and a positive self-image.

What was your favorite part of the workshop? The girls were engaged in what they were doing and enjoying this.

Would you be interested in hosting another Latinitas workshop? YES! Why? The young ladies were very excited and were asking when you will be back.

I want to thank you very much for doing this workshop..




Community Outreach Specialist I

Organ Community Resource Center

Dona Ana County HHS Department

Intern Testimonials 2013

We asked  a few of our interns to share what they learned through their internship with Latinitas….

  • “I learned that anything is possible, as long as you are willing to work for it.” – Janette, Multimedia Intern
  • “I learned how to meet deadlines, work with others and use my creativity to solve problems.” – Lizette, Editorial Intern
  • “I felt that I learned to interact with the girls a lot better and to be way more  understanding with them. I also learned to blog for the fist time.” – Alexis, Outreach Intern
  • “I have learned to become a better leader because of the after school clubs.” – Bianca, Outreach Intern
  • “The importance of networking. I also learned I can adapt to different writing styles.” – Coral, Translation Intern
  • “I learned more about the front and backside of running a non-profit, how to promote events in the real world and better team work skills.” – Desiraie, Marketing Intern
  • “To be more sociable” – Gladys, Multimedia Intern
  • “It increased my photography skills and know how to deal with the public.” – Istiban, Photography Intern
  • “I learned to create lesson plans and to develop good attitudes and abilities to be a good role model.” – Mara, Outreach Intern
  • “I feel I learned a bit about what an actual career in my field may be like.” – Marisol, Marketing Intern
  • “I learned how to edit videos, being comfortable with my writing and to save pictures on CD’s.” – Melissa, Multimedia Intern

Latinitas interns shared what they liked most about their internship

  • “The environment here is friendly. It is fantastic and this a great place to learn and see if this is what you want to do with your life.” – Desiraie, Marketing Intern
  • “My favorite part was being published and hopefully inspiring young girls with words.” – Lizette Ruiz, Editorial Intern
  • “I loved the relationship with the girls, and the friendships.” – Mara, Outreach Intern
  • “I feel that this internship allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people. I feel it was a great opportunity to gain some experience within my field.” – Marisol, Marketing Intern
  • “I would most definitely recommend this internship to one of my friends especially if they are interested in working with children or non-profit organization work. This was an experience I want many people to experience.” – Alexis, Outreach Intern
  • “My biggest accomplishment was organizing an event which I have never done before. It was amazing to see girls attend the conference to aim high.” – Bianca, Outreach Intern
  • “A lot of trust is placed on the interns and they’re given serious responsibility in a fun encouraging environment, which is nice.” – Coral, Translation Intern
  • “Meeting local news anchors and getting advice for the future.” – Gladys, Multimedia Intern
  • “Have more knowledge about professionalism and increased my photography skills.” – Istiban, Photography Intern
  • “It was a great experience and it really helped me a lot” – Janette, Video Production Intern
  • “Great experience, and you get attached to some girls, and you meet new people.” Melissa Torres, Multimedia Intern

Parkland Middle

Name & Title: Liliana Gonzalez, Communities In Schools Coordinator

School: Parkland Middle Schools

What activities did your students participate in?
• Students looked through magazines to count the number of girls with glasses, braces or acne which makes up a large population of girls in “real life” but not in the glossy magazine pages.
• Girls highlighted one physical trait they admired about themselves.
• Students viewed videos that taught them how photos and videos are drastically changed.

What do you think your students learned from the workshop?
The workshop opened their eyes to the harsh reality of media’s unattainable view of beauty. They learned that what they see is not real, which is the most important thing young women may learn.

How do you think this workshop helps your students?
It is becoming a hobby on campus for girls to gather and highlight the areas on their body that they would like to change; the size of their nose, their skin color, or (of course) their hair. Girls communicate in a negative tone, and I feel like the workshop allowed them to see that highlighting their attributes and true beauty is a much more fun hobby to have.

What was your favorite part of the workshop?
Having the girls watch the Adobe commercial and the Photoshop transformation video was one of my favorite parts of the workshop, because their reactions were priceless. Many students gasped and laughed at the model’s transformation and realized that the media doesn’t show attainable beauty.

Youth Editor Quotes

Our Youth Editorial Advisory Board is an integral part of our Editorial familia.  Check out what these talented teen writers have to say about their experience. 

  • “I think my voice is being heard because of my blog post and my article. I really enjoyed writing blogs and I will continue to do so.” -Carolina, age 15
  • “I learned that other girls are thinking a lot of the same things that I am, regarding culture, school, etc. I also learned a lot about the editing and revising process.” – Samantha, age 17
  • “I knew I liked to write before. I did not know how to write in the journalistic style though so I learned by being involved with this program.  Modifying my tone to fit more of an article feel, helped me learn ways to diversify my writing experience. I really liked the fact that I was more encouraged above all else.” – Adriana, age 17
  • “I’ve learned about working with deadlines, time management , and how to write articles for a certain audience. All YEAB girls are super friendly and nice.” -Daisy, age 18
  • “I learned a lot about the editing process and also the importance of keeping in mind who your audience is when writing. I believe that YEAB made me a better writer in the sense that I have approached the assignments in creative manners. I was very excited to be part of this program since the beginning and my enthusiasm has remained. I enjoyed interacting with other YEAB members and made Latinitas part of my weekly work schedule.” – Laura, age 18
  • “I liked being able to have my articles published, and being able to get feedback for them. So far this has been a great experience.” -Angelica, age 19
  • “I learned how to accept critique from other writers, and how to work with other visions for my work, while still getting to put my own spin on my writing. I liked the YEAB online chats the most because I was able to communicate with other YEAB members.” – Marisa, age 19

Summer Camper Testimonials

Our summer camp was full of adventures. The girls learned about different aspects of media and shared their unique experiences.

What do you like most about Camp Latinitas?

“I liked the camp because you work together and you get to know more people.” -Patricia
“What I liked most about the camp was that we had fun with field trips around the city.” -Alexa
“I love the camp because you get to meet new people.” -Samantha
“I liked that it was all girls and we all had fun.” -Lilith
“I loved the most when we got to do our own comic strip.” -Meadow
“I love it because it encourages Latinas to achieve their dreams.” Patricia
“Getting to design and paint the mural.” -Sophia

What did you learn from the camp?

“What I learned is that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind into it.” Meadow
“I learned how to use media arts.” -Brandy
“I learned the basic thing about acting, filming, and script writing.” -Patricia
“I learned how to dance and take pictures.” -Alexa
“I learned how people do the weather on TV.” -Ashley
“I learned to believe in myself.”  -Samantha
“I learned how to make a movie.” -Frida
“I learned how to stop and avoid bullying.” -Sophia
“I learned how to make videos.” -Brianna

What other activities would you like to do in the camp?

“I would like other activities, such as watching movies.” -Lanay
“I would like to learn how to edit movies and shoot good and nice photographs.” -Patricia
“Other activities I would like to do in the camp is to learn how to professionally write a script, and to pick up trash around the community” -Samantha
“I would like other activities that teach us about recycling for the good of our nature.” -Ashley

What would you like to see get better or change in the camp?

“If any changes I would like to see, that would be the attitude.” -Brandy
“For girls to respect and listen to camp leaders and don’t play around.” -Patricia
“I would add more space and rooms.” -Sophia
Would you tell your friends to sign up for the camp? Tell us why?

“Yes, I would tell my friends about the camp, so they can sign up, and I can play with them.” -Alexa
“Yes, because you get to learn a lot of new things.” -Brandy
“Yes, because a lot of my friends at school are interested in robotics and I think they’ll like it.” -Patricia
“Yes, because I want them to learn as much as I did.”

What did you think about the camp leaders?

“The camp leaders are awesome.” Alexa
“They are fun and exciting.” -Samantha
“The camp leaders are very nice and support and tell us to do things in a nice way.” -Patricia
“They are inspiring leaders.” -Sophia

What is your favorite in the camp?

“My favorite part about the camp was acting.” -Alexa
“My favorite part of the camp was to make new friends, to learn how to film. and visiting the Univision Studios” -Patricia
“My favorite part about the camp was filming our movies, and then watching them.” -Lanay
“Making new friends is my favorite part in the camp.” -Ashley
“My really favorite part was when we got to see ABC  people like Estela Casas and Whitney Burbank.” -Meadow
“My favorite part was painting the mural; it was a lot of fun.” -Sophia

YEAB Testimonials

The Latinitas Youth Editorial Advisory Board is made up of  young adult editors who contribute to Latinitas magazine and blog.

  • “It has really increased my writing and communication skills which is the main reason I joined YEAB. As an editor I think this program has really helped my leadership skills. It’s amazing to see how many views my blogs have gotten, and I get super excited when some comments on my article. I really love the freedom we have to pick the topics we want to write about. It’s great that we get to write about thinks we as Latinas think are important. It’s a great step towards understanding the editorial world and deciding if it is a good fit fo you.” – Dominique, age 20
  • “I liked how active and helpful everyone was. The editors gave wonderful feedback and were very helpful. I learned more about the process of submitting articles to an editor.” – Kimberly, age 20
  • “YEAB exceeded my expectations! It was a fun ride and I am honored to have been a part of this program! I loved finishing up my articles and then writing blog posts from the latina community within MyLatinitas! I love this program so much and believe that there should be more latinas within the art world – and if I can spread the word out about the wonders of the entertainment and fine arts world – that would make my summer amazing. I learned how to write like a journalist and I found out how much I loved filmmaking as a whole.” – Sara, age 20
  • “Yes, my voice is being heard and not only heard, but empowered. My favorite part is getting my articles published, it makes me feel so proud and joyous. By choosing my own topic, I decide what I want to write about and what I write about is important to me, therefore that is where my voice lies in. I believe that is how you find your voice. Also, by choosing my own topic I am letting myself know that what I have to say is important. I literally did not think that the editors would be so helpful when it comes to helping your write your article or editing it. Also, they are forgiving of mistakes, which I find very human.” – Vasti, age 20
  • “I learned about the backgrounds and experiences from Latinas across the country. The YEAB program has enhanced my blogging skills.” – Yesenia, age 21
  • “It has given me great experience with writing.” – Kristyn, age 21
  • “The YEAB program helped me become aware of balance. I had to learn working on a deadline.  I was able to write and edit, as well as get the feel for working for an online publication. What I liked most about the YEAB program was being able to write and work independently. I would recommend this program to a friend, especially anyone who is interested in writing.” – Clara, age 22
  • “It’s a very welcoming atmosphere, there’s a lot of freedom for the writers, and there’s always someone to assist you. I think it really was just reading and learning about some of the amazing young Latinas who share my passions. Journalism, and media in general, is a tough business to get in to — especially if you’re a woman and even more so as a Latina — take everything you learn here, appreciate it, and let these wonderful women assist you in your growth. You won’t find another program like this around.” – Raquel, age 22
  • “I enjoy the program’s philosophy and values. The journey has been very enjoyable.” - Karina, age 22
  • “My input is always asked and appreciated. I love the family feel the program offers.”- Laura, age 22
  • “I love the program because I feel that I am giving back a little bit of wisdom to my Latina community. It has met my expectations because it has allowed me to connect with Latinas whom I would have otherwise not met and continue writing about topics that I enjoy. I find that it is a very satisfying feeling to be able to post an article that may help a Latinita along the way.” – Sara, age 22
  • “I would most definitely recommend this program to a friend because I believe it to be a great way of staying involved, giving back and developing great skills as well as consolidating your resume and writing/blogging/journalist voice.” – Leslie, age 23
  • “It really helped me learn more about the Latina experience.” – Ingrid
  • “ I feel like my voice is being heard on the blog and website. It was fun and an enjoyable experience. It’s important to have a place for us to share our voices and be heard while connecting with others who can relate.  would recommend this program to younger friends who want to gain experience and have published content on the web to help them with future internships.” Natasha
  • “I am glad I got involved with this program because it introduced me to a new community of latinitas and it is fun reading and writing about latinita topics. This is something I am new at and enjoy very much!” – Vanessa, age 23

Camp Parent Feedback

The parents of summer camp members tell us about their experiences of having their daughters in our camp.

Would you recommend Latinitas Camp to other parents?
“Yes. Anything to make our daughters gain confidence and self-esteem is very worthwhile.”

“Si. Porque es un ambiente que les sirve para desembolverse mas con la gente.”

“Yes. I think the guest speakers gave a lot of excellent advice.”

“Yes, it was great seeing how she was so excited to come and learn each day, even if it was from 9-5.”

“Yes, it is a positive, educational and motivational program.”

Have you noticed an improvement in your daughter’s self-esteem?
“Yes, she is very talkative now, it built her self esteem. Thank you.”

“Yes, both were able to make friends with others easily. Standing in front of a crow is a huge step towards getting rid of shyness.”

“Yes, she was talking about self-confidence and believing in yourself.”

Does your daughter look forward to attending the camp? Does she have positive feedback about her experiences with Latinitas?
“Yes, on Tuesday after 1 day of camp, wanted to make sure I signed her up for next week.”

“Yes. Everyday she was looking forward to going.”

“Yes, she doesn’t stop saying how fun it is. She loves it.”

What else would you like to share about the Latinitas summer camp. 
“Thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided my daughters. I would like to take the time to thank you, for this experience you have provided my daughters, it is something they will remember, as ‘Latinitas Summer Camp.’ They have learned so many things and a great experience. Thank you for your generosity, that has meant a lot to me and my girls.
Thank you.”

“I love the concepts you teach. I would love for this progam to continue. My daughter felt welcomed and accepted by you.”

“Right after I signed her up I had 2 young ladies tell me what a wonderful place this was. They enjoyed their experience. I knew I had made an excellent choice for my daughter.”

Summer Camper Testimonials

Our summer camp of 2012 was full of adventures. The girls learned about different aspects of media. They tell us about their unique experiences.

Tell us about your camp experience:
I really liked all the guest speakers. Everyone of them made something special about their story or how they got to work where they are now. The arts and crafts were fun. We did a lot of the heritage things. It was fun meeting new people.

I really liked meeting new people like the volunteers; they were funny. The girls were nice and the guest speakers were teaching me so many things. I learned so many things like making a video, or media things I learned from the reporters. The field trips were the best I saw the whole Plaza theater. –Frida

My dream is to become a journalist. I didn’t want to be a journalist from the start. I preferred to be a singer or maybe a movie star. Then I started reading instead of spending my time singing then I decided to be a journalist for a magazine

My experience with Latinitas was fun and cool. I learned a lot more stuff. I met new people. They are all funny cool, smart, loud and awesome friends. My favorite part was when we were downtown at the museum on our field trip. I loved everything making the jewelry and photography stuff. We kinda met famous people from kfox news.

What is your favorite part in the camp?

“My favorite part was talking to the models. They have experiences about bullying and tell us not to really give much attention to a nice body or a pretty face.”

“My favorite part of the camp is meeting new people.”

“My favorite part is that you get to meet and make new friends.”

“My favorite part of the camp is going to the museums.”

What did you learn from the camp?
“I learned to have confidence.”

“I learned to always be yourself.”

“I learned media skills.”

“I learned about reporting.”

What do you like most about Latinitas?
“I really liked when they went over the subject of Body Image on Thursday.”

“I liked making blankets for the homeless people.”

Would you tell your friends to sign up for the camp? Tell us why?
Yes. Because you learn a lot, and is a fun experience for Latinitas.

Johnson Club Leader Testimonial Fall 2012

I learned a good deal while volunteering for the past month at the Johnson club during the spring of 2013. What I liked the most about leading this club was talking to the girls about their problems and being able to help them solve them in a constructive way. I also liked it when the girls would offer their opinion on what should or could be done in that situation. We did a photo project, video exercise, made Mother’s Day cards, played some games. We also thought of ways to help one another with skits and advice including, but not limited to, spotting signs of an unhealthy relationship, how to better communicate with others, and how to improve relationships. My favorite activity was when they went around their neighborhood and picked up trash as part of the Global Youth Service Project. The girls split into two teams and literally ran with the activity. It was crazy to see them be so excited about it. I can’t say that I really have a single favorite memory. Every time I went to the club the girls always said or did something that would make me laugh or something that would tell me that by being here, it was doing them some good. At our last meeting, Elizabeth (the volunteer who mentored the girls with me) and I, asked the girls what they had learned, liked, or disliked about the club meetings. Most of the girls said that they liked the club because they got to meet new people and learn new things, when pressed on ”what those new things were the younger girls just said, “lots of stuff.” But the older girls said that they learned how to better handle sticky situations, how to control their anger, and how to better talk to people about what they feel. I think the club greatly benefited the girls, I think it not only taught them social skills, but also that people care about them and want to help them. As a club leader I learned a whole different aspect of being involved with young people. It was not too long ago that I was their age and living in the same kind of situations, if my youth leaders and friends had not been there for me, I could see my life taking a much darker turn at that point in my life.
-Desiraie Murillo

I Love

Our team was super excited to see this message about the online community we are creating at….

To be honest, I think I feel a bigger community feel to Latinitas than I ever had with Facebook.

True, I try to create networking happen on Facebook, but I still feel so disconnected from everyone. Latinitas is a mini-community. I often feel very encouraged to let my fears known. Like its okay to make mistakes almost as though you all were family.

I want to be honest, as old as I am I often feel like that nerdy 13 year old girl from 7th grade, but hearing everyone’s story always encourages me to be okay with that.

It reminds me to post on behalf of younger girls who may read this and feel that they are alone. If you are one of them, I want you to know that you are not alone.

I wish I could give you all a big hug and thank you for the support I feel.

This is one of the reasons I am proud to be Latina.

Being Latina means you always haved family, friends or someone to trust in. This community is always encouraging each and everyone and I hope to do the same.

Remember, there is always tomorrow.

Love you gals!


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