Poetry: The Beautiful Truth

Polet Espinoza

Polet Espinoza, author

Turn the page, perfect symmetrical body

Wearing the clothes you wish you have

With their glowing colored eyes and skin.

Turn the page, expensive make-up ads,

Make your eye lashes look longer than your hair,

Make your flawed skin look flawless

And your lips look bigger than your face.

Turn the page, tips on boys,

They tell you how to act around them

And try to convince you to be something you’re not.

Turn the page, you start feeling neglected

You feel the urge to look like them,

You feel the need to buy their products to look better

And you feel imperfect because they’re in magazines and you’re not.

But no one said there was only one type of girl,

With only one type of perfect

And only one type of beautiful.

And then you notice;

Those girls aren’t real,

They were altered and created with technology;

They’re an image from someone else’s imagination.

But you are real,

Don’t let anyone alter or create your true self;

You’re not an image from someone else’s imagination.

Turn the page, you’re perfect.

DIY Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is here! While you are searching for that “unforgettable gift,” you will find the typical stuffed animal with a cap and a diploma, candy, flowers, and gift cards card. If you are looking for something really special to get the graduate instead of the boring gift cards, why don’t you get creative and make a gift from your heart? Do it yourself, it can have more meaning, and it really can be an unforgettable gift. Here are some ideas on what you can make that gives a gift card a new twist.

Lei Money Tree:

Every graduate needs money for their next step in life. Get family members to contribute  a dollar each, make a hole through each dollar, pinch them like a bow, and put a long string through them to make a lei, or a “Hawaiian necklace,” full of money! Your graduate will love your gift.

Going Away Box:

If the graduate is going far away to school and you want them to have the essentials, buy a medium box to decorate with college sayings or pictures that you know will brighten his/her day and anything essential you want him/her to have. For example: Flip flops for the shower, a notebook, some pens/pencils, air freshener, toothpaste, socks, etc. Then, write write a little side note for them to read on each item.  For example, for the flip flops “I knew you were going to need them…” something humorous for him/her to smile to and not feel so lonely by themselves.

Survival Guide:

Your graduate might be going away without his/her parents for the first time, and he/she might not know exactly how to cook, clean, or do laundry. Write him/her a neat survival guide, it is better if you write them on a thick poster board with a fine point sharpie so that it will last longer. Write instructions on how to clean, how to do laundry, recipes for fast meals, etc. On every tip you give the graduate, tape a dollar to it and write a little side note that will brighten his/her day or make him/her smile.

The next one is a little time consuming, but it is worth it!

Day of the Week:

Choose any day of the week, like Monday because no one really likes those. Make a small envelope of any color, put a little goodie like a chocolate or candy or a granola bar and write a note, or a letter. Do every Monday until you will see him/her again with the date on them. For example, if the person leaves in August and you won’t see him/her until December, give them the amount of Mondays there are when you won’t see him/her. Up for a DIY challenge? Do every day of the week! It’s more time consuming, but it will be totally worth it.

Emergency Glass:

There might be some stressful situations the graduate might need money for something and they don’t want to call home or take out a loan, so why not give them an emergency cash box? Buy a long picture frame with more than one spot for pictures, and, instead of putting pictures in the frames, put large dollar bills, a $20 or $50 if you want more, and in the top write “In case of an emergency, Break glass” like the fire extinguishers say.

Gift cards are plain and boring, so if you are looking to give your graduate some extra cash then these DIY gifts are perfect for you.


DIY Easter Decorations

Easter season and the Easter bunny is hopping right around the corner! Add a little extra oomf to your Easter weekend by making your own decorations. You can make these decorations at home for yourself, friends or family. Some are simple, so even the not-so-crafty can join in on the fun. Here are some fun and easy ideas to try:

The Powderpuff Bunnies

These are bunnies made out of white powdered donuts! This DIY is inspired by Jeanscraftycorner.blogspot.com. Simply take a clear, 4-pack of powdered doughnuts, tape a bunny head/face to the top, a cotton ball to the back, little white ovals for feet, and you have… the powderpuff bunnies!

Step 1: Buy however many 4-packs of doughnuts (1 pack per bunny) and make sure the packaging around the doughnuts is clear.

Step 2: Find an image of the bunny face you would like to use for your powderpuff bunnies (feel free to get creative and use a different face for each one). Then tape or hot glue the face to the front of the package. Then take a cotton ball and glue it to the back for the tail!

Step 3: Cut little ovals from white construction paper, and draw on them to create the paws! You just draw lines for the toes, or maybe draw on some sandals for your bunnies. Then glue or tape them to the front.

White powdered donut packages dressed up like bunnies

Photo Credit: jeanscraftycorner



Easter Egg Tumble(r)

Plastic Tumbler "Easter Basket" ~ Plastic Tumbler, Embellishments (Ribbon, Vinyl, Rhinestones, Stickers, etc.)... Decorate the tumbler as you wish then fill it with goodies! This idea is very simple, for those not so into crafting, but can also be very elaborate for those who are. A great idea for anyone wanting to give out something cool for Easter that may not have the time, or for the person looking for a fun, creative project! The “wiggle room” involved makes it fun for everyone. Benfranklincrafts.blogpost.com inspired these cute Easter Egg Tumblers. Here’s how you can create your very own:

Step 1: Purchase a tumbler or mason jar of your choice at a local craft store. These can also be found pretty much anywhere (CVS,Wal-Mart, grocery stores, etc.). Gather all the materials you’re going to use to decorate your jar (gel marker, ribbons, rhinestones, etc.) and begin decorating the outside of your jar.

Step 2: Take whatever goodies you want to give and put them inside the tumbler. You can get creative and layer the candies by color, use fake grass, or just fill the tumbler with things you like.

Step 3: Give out to friends, family or just keep it for yourself!

Easter Egg Garland

Photo Credit: Honeyandfitz.com

It’s that time of year again where we take out our massively accumulating collection of WAY to many plastic easter eggs and have a massive egg hunt. If only there were some other way to use the eggs so they will not go to waste with only one use! Well, Honeyandfitz.com  found a way to make cute decorations for your home.

Step 1: Gather your materials: plastic eggs with holes in the top and bottom, 3/4 inch ribbon, sturdy thread, and a needle. Next, take your ribbon and thread it through the holes in your egg. This can be tricky, so use something small and pointy like a toothpick. Repeat this step 2 more times for different color ribbon.

Step 2: Use your needle to thread the string through the first egg. Once you have done this successfully, you can begin sliding more of your eggs onto the string.

Step 3: Cut the string after you’ve done your last egg and hang the garland in your lovely home!  This person (see right) used it as a drapery over their door, but you can also lay your garland around a table, or even hang it straight from the ceiling to create a “garland curtain.”


Have your own DIY ideas to share? Send an e-mail to editor@latinitasmagazine.og. 


St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art

There are many reasons to enjoy the lovely month of March; warmer weather, brighter spirits, flowers, and the liveliness of St. Patrick’s Day! For those who don’t own many green articles of clothing, try out this easy tutorial for cheerful St. Patrick’s Day nails!

First, look through your nail polish collection to make sure you have a green nail polish. Have a bright green-yellow color? No problem! Any shade of green will do. Next, pick four different polishes that will make up a rainbow. You can choose any different colors that you think would look good together. For this tutorial a radiant purple, a bright blue, a sunny orange, and a deep red are the perfect combo. You will also need black and gold nail polishes of your choosing. For this nail look, you can use a glitter top coat (optional).



The only other tools you’ll need for this nail tutorial are things you can find around the house: toothpicks and any kind of plate that can be used to hold little samples of nail polish. The plate will be ruined, so make sure you get one that you don’t have to use in the future!


Step 1: This step is prepping your nails for the super easy nail art that we will be doing. To make your nail polish last longer, start off with a base coat. If you don’t have a base coat polish, that’s totally fine! Start off by painting your nails with a couple of coats of your green nail polish. In this step, I also added the glitter top coat that I chose to use. Because I would be drawing a rainbow on the ring finger, I didn’t coat that one nail with glitter nail polish just yet.


Step 2: Grab your plate and pour a tiny little bit of the first polish you will be using. We’re going to start the rainbow, so pick whichever color you’d like to start with. You only need a tiny little bit, so don’t pour too much. When I first did my nail art, I got a little overexcited and I poured all the colors one after the other. By the time I got to using them, they each had dried up. Don’t make that mistake! Pour one color at a time.


Step 3: Draw your rainbow. Using the toothpicks, draw the four lines that will become your rainbow. To do this, paint one color, wait for it to dry, then paint the next one. Repeat this until you’ve used up all four colors. You can make the lines arched, like a rainbow, or you can opt to paint them in straight lines. I found that I made less mistakes and had more nail room to work with when I made them in a straight line so I decided to paint my rainbow that way. If you choose to make them arched, make sure you’re careful to keep the lines thin. That makes it easier to fit the whole rainbow on your nail! After I painted my rainbow and waited for it to dry, I added a glitter top coat.


Step 4: Time to paint our pot of gold! The little pot is easy to draw. Because we’re painting the pot on our thumbnail and we have more nail room to work with, we can use the nail polish brush to draw. Using the brush, paint a circle that takes up about a third of your nail. Then, draw a straight line to top off your little pot. That’s it!


Step 5: Once your pot has completely dried up, pick up your gold nail polish and start painting on some gold! I painted on thick dots of polish to give it a look with more texture. If you have gold glitter nail polish, this would be a perfect opportunity to use it!


Ta-da! Your St. Patrick’s Day manicure is complete. Not only is this easy look festive, but it keeps pinching fingers away from you!


Have a happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

Retaining Your Cultural Heritage Through College

international_studentsSometimes with the start of a new chapter in one’s life, it’s difficult to hold one’s heritage close. And for some, the fear of losing one’s cultural roots may prevent someone from attending college far away or stepping off to a new adventure. This is why it’s so important to see the value of being a Latina or Latina-American in a different setting from how you grew up.

One of the greatest things about living in the United States is that you’re surrounded by so many cultures and cultural perspectives. And many grow up in a household that celebrates more than one culture and speaks more than one language. Today, there are roughly 53 million Hispanics in the United States, making it the largest ethnic minority in our nation. And for states such as California, Hispanics are the majority.

California native and Yale graduate, Stephanie Cuevas said, “My high school was approximately 90% Latino. Transitioning to college at Yale, where Latinos only made up 10% of the student population, was a bit of a culture shock.”

Many can relate to this situation, and one of the best things to avoid feeling out of place is joining an organization that celebrates Latino culture and taking Latino studies courses. This will not only help with avoiding feeling out of place, but one can find many in the same boat to relate with.

“As a light skinned Mexican-American, my peers often questioned my relationship to my cultural identity and would sometimes label me as “white.” Rather than assimilating, I took courses in Latino studies and maintained involvement in our cultural house, La Casa Cultural. Through these steps, I grew closer to my family’s roots, and further explored what it means to be a Latino in America. We are a rich and diverse group with similar, but different, cultural perspectives,” said Cuevas.

“Don’t let fear stop you from putting yourself out there to meet new people in clubs or organizations. Joining a club organization with a cultural focus will be your home away from home. Most universities have international clubs for culture, comida, or even Hispanic interests! Yes, even in dominantly non-Latino schools! If your school doesn’t have one, you might consider starting your own to unite other Latinos,” said Jasmine Villa, Latinitas Communications and Fundraising Assistant.

Other than joining clubs or organizations, keep speaking and practicing Spanish – whether it’s calling a family member or just reading a book in Spanish. It’s a quality so imperative to have for today’s growing demographic. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Today, there are 37.6 million Spanish speakers, making it the most spoken language after English. It’s a quality many don’t see the importance of at a young age, but see the role it plays when getting into professional careers. And it’s also a quality many are envious for not having – so feel empowered!

“Practice your Spanish as often as you can. Speak Spanish, write in Spanish, and read in Spanish,” said Alexandra Landeros, Freelance Writer and Publicist.

And lastly, don’t ever feel out of place. Being with people who make you proud of who you are and ones you can count on lead to a satisfying and fulfilling college experience.

In Search of Female Doctors


To be a doctor, one must be passionate, dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, and compassionate.

Women are ideal for these positions! Why is it, then, that less than half of all physicians and surgeons are female? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “in 2012, 34.3% of all physicians and surgeons were women.” Even though it is better than older statistics, there is still an unequal amount of female doctors compared to male doctors. Why is that?

Robert Fiorentine from Pennsylvania State University mentions in his work, Men, Women and the Premed Persistence Gap: A Normative Alternatives Approach, that when starting college, the premed programs have an almost equal amount of men and women enrolled.

The University of Illinois in Springfield says, “The ratio between men and women varies between schools, and from year to year, but is usually close to 50/50.” In their research for “Medical Schools in the United States, 2010-2011,” Barbara Barzansky and Sylvia I. Etzel discovered that 48.3% of medical school graduates are women. All the research shows that up until the actual work field, women and men are pretty balanced.

Why are there fewer women practicing medicine than there are men?

Because fathers are not seen as the more nurturing of the two, they are able to continue working and getting their dream job is a frequent explanation of the gap in the field of medicine. They hardly ever have to make a choice between being a father and being a doctor, businessman, lawyer, etc. Women do not have the same good fortune. Since they are the ones carrying the child, they have to take time off of work during their pregnancy and sometimes after, too. If they choose to continue working after having children, they are harshly criticized, but if they choose to not work, they are still criticized.

Career VS Family

Women currently enrolled in a university were asked why they think women put a pause to their career goals or never go through with them. One answer was repeated more than any others: women do not want to be doctors because they do not want to take time away from starting and taking care of a family. Melissa Moya, 21, says, “Women are stereotyped to be caregivers instead of in the workforce.” This stereotype can cause changes in the way women planned their future. Although this idea that doctors cannot have both a family and a career is a popular one, it is not one that is always instilled in all women who dream of being medics.

For example, Emily Orquiz, 14, still holds to her dreams of finding a profession in the medical field, regardless of the stereotypes. “I [want to] help people,” she says. She plans on attending college and then medical school to do just that.

In her article, “Faces of Change, Voices of Inspiration: Celebrating Latina Women in Medicine,” Sethina Edwards highlights Latinas who have proved that women can be doctors and lived a balanced familial life. Sethina Edwards talks about Dr. Sandy Tsao. Dr. Tsao, a Navajo Indian, Hispanic, and Basque woman, did not let anything stand in her way and she attended Harvard Medical School. Since graduating from Harvard, Dr. Tao has had many successes which include, but are not limited to, “a high-profile career and book coming out.” Adding to the list of achievements is her loving family. At the time the article was written, she was expecting a second child.

The second person featured in “Faces of Change, Voices of Inspiration” is Perla del Pino-White, the first one of her Cuban family who was born in the United States. In spite of facing harsh circumstances such as her father tragically dying when Perla was only fourteen, she persevered and followed her dream of becoming a doctor. Although Perla continued to face unfortunate and tragic events, she kept fighting to make her dream come true. She got accepted into medical school. When this article was published, Perla was on her fourth year of medical school, balancing not only the stress of med school, but the birth of her first son. She, too, proved that it was possible to seek a career as a doctor and have a family.

Although statistics show that, for multiple reasons, women are not following through with their dreams of becoming doctors, there are still women out there who are fighting to change those numbers. Today the stigma that women cannot do what men can do is slowly but surely dissolving, allowing women of all backgrounds to, like Emily Orquiz said, “help people” through the profession of medic.

Poem: Broken

by Fallon Sousa, 18

rainAs I glance out past my window
and I see these broken skies;
Oh, how they closely mirror
the teardrops in my eyes.

I have listened to such thunder
as I walked beyond the trees,
like a chained, forgotten lover
who hopes only to be freed.

As I fade into the darkness;
each soft whisper in the night,
I pray to gods of silence–
so that none shall hear my cry.

I have left you in a hurry;
you will scarcely hear me breathe
even though I have sought wonder
far beyond my own true need.

Once I’ve realized that I’m lonely,
and you take away my pain–
we can hold hands and walk slowly
through the heavens, in the rain.

Natural is the Way to Go

The raw and organic product movement has been taking over grocery stores all over the world. Now that families are picking up on this health trend and high quality organic products are widely accessible to everyone, it isn’t uncommon to see how chicas are beginning to really look at what they are putting into their bodies. What lots of girls and women, like you and I, overlook when considering what harmful additives we consume on a daily basis are the harmful chemicals being put into cosmetics. Think about how long makeup can sit on your skin – the body’s largest organ. Think about how many chemicals are listed in the ingredients, and whether or not you even know what they do or mean scientifically. Latinas come from cultures where the use of natural products for beauty purposes is commonly practiced, but girls often wonder ”aside from using aloe from abuela’s jardin for sunburn and healthy skin, what else is there to use for beauty purposes?” Well, no worries girls! Here are a few quick and simple recipes that will enhance your natural beauty without all the mess of modern day cosmetics:

Liquid to Gel to Powder Eyeliner

- Activated charcoal capsules (you can find these on the vitamin shelf at your grocery store)

- Jojoba or coconut or almond oil

Break 1-4 capsules of activated charcoal to 1 tsp. of oil and mix. Add more or less of the powder or oil depending on the consistency you’d like (more oil = closer to liquid; more charcoal = closer to powder). *HINT – you can use cocoa powder to make a brown liner!


Bronzer/Contour Powder

- Ground cinnamon

- Ground nutmeg

- Cocoa powder

- beet root capsules (can find these at the vitamin aisle)

- Corn, tapioca starch or powdered sugar

- Jojoba, almond or coconut oil

According to your skin tone, mix a combination of ingredients in a container.

Tip: Cinnamon = warmth; Nutmeg = sun kissed effect; Cocoa Powder= contour/depth; Beet Root = rouge.

Once you get your desired shade add a few drops of oil. This serves as a moisture agent that allows for the powder to “pack” and adhere onto itself. Mix and pack into a clean compact or container.

*HINT – you can also skip the oil and have a loose powder recipe. (ALSO:

Tip: Skip the beet root and try matching this recipe to your exact shade; this can also be used as a finishing powder and applied all over the face!


Lip Stain

Beet Root Capsules (can be found at a vitamin aisle of any grocery store)

- Strawberries

- Jojoba, Coconut or Almond oil

Crush strawberries and Beet Capsules into 1 tsp of oil. Mix vigorously (almost to a whip), adding more oil if needed. Once creamy, transfer to a clean container.

*HINT- you can also add cocoa powder to give an earthy, nude look to your stain.


Tip! When making your own makeup, try using all natural and organic products to avoid problematic ingredients like pesticides and color additives that can harm your body through your skin. Most importantly, rock how great you look in your natural skin!

Talking About Aunt Flow

Mamí, me platicas de mi cuerpo que esta cambiando? Mom, would you talk to me about my changing body?

It is normal for a young girl to have tons of questions about their menstrual cycle, or period as it is commonly known. Girls between the ages of eleven and fourteen have experienced this changing event in their lives.

Periods often range from three to seven days. A girl’s period varies especially if it begins in its primary stages. This is called irregular periods. Irregular periods last for one to three years.

Most girls will find that their mothers teach them all about this day before it actually occurs. For some young ladies, this moment never comes. Young girls concerned over what to prepare themselves with prior to the “coming day” are often told a year or two before  to take a sweater, just in case. The sweater is often used to wrap around a girl’s waist due to staining the seat of her pants.

Some girls, like Noemi Escalante, 25, never got the opportunity to prepare themselves for the moment when they make the shocking discovery that they have stained themselves. This can lead to embarrassment and a horrifying realization that she’s lost her child-like sense of self for what may seem like forever. Escalante explains, “My mother did not have that talk with me until I came home with my skirt stained.”

“I don’t believe it was about religious reasons, that wouldn’t make sense…but it could explain why she never talked to me about getting a bra. Maybe she was uncomfortable about talking about [a woman’s changing body].”

Escalante says, “I had my period at an early age, 9, which could explain why I didn’t have the confidence to ask about it.”

Noemi’s grandmother also never spoke to her mother about the menstrual cycle or how her changing body was just another natural occurrence during a girl’s lifetime. According to Women’s Health, a menstrual cycle is a natural occurrence in a changing girl’s body. A period prepares the body for pregnancy every month. It also regulates body hormones that keep the body healthy.

Most girls become timid when approaching this topic with an older female.  A girl should never be afraid to ask questions.

In reference to her mother’s reaction on the big day Escalante says, “It looked like she felt sorry for me, but then she took me to go buy pads. I was mad that she didn’t tell me about it. I wouldn’t have gone through the embarrassment of people noticing my stained skirt. Boys would’ve laughed at me especially since I was in 6th grade when it happened.”

Escalante says, “It is important for a mother to tell her child about her period so that the daughter is alert. Also, there’s a sense of trust in the relationship.”

She adds, “Me and my mother do not have a [close] relationship. I don’t feel like I could trust her completely. One time I overheard her talking to my friend, telling her that we had the talk, when I knew that we didn’t. I don’t hate her or anything, but I was embarrassed.”

Now, Escalante would give younger girls advice of her own. She says, “A girl should wear black, but it’s normal for women to bleed.”

A senior at Houston Community College, who chose to be anonymous, says, “Initially, I had no idea of what was going on. I was scared.”

She also says that her mother didn’t warn her about her body’s changes, she admits, “ I thought I was bleeding internally.”

This senior says, “My mother told me that I was a woman now, but I felt like I didn’t know what a woman was.”

“Still,” she says, “I do not hold any [resentment] towards my mother. She lived in different times than I did. She told my father of the situation making me feel like we were truly disconnected. I was angry and awkward [about the situation].”

These days though, she says, “I have two sons now, but if I ever have a girl, I would make her feel like her situation is really important. To other girls experiencing the same, you are not alone. It doesn’t change who you are. Find someone willing to answer all your questions.”

Escalante adds, “Having a friend may ease the anxiety about a girl’s changing body. I asked a friend to let me borrow her sweater when I found out I [was] stained. I am grateful she was there.”

For some girls, menstruation comes with painful cramps or bloating in the lower area of your abdomen. This is due to the ovaries opening and releasing the unfertilized eggs out of your body. If you get your period there is a potential to become pregnant.

Want to know a secret, girls? Exercise often helps ease severe cramp pains!

For additional answers to questions on menstruation ask your primary health care practitioner or a trusted adult! She or he could provide you with the best medications or advice to ease pain.

Cloning Is the New Trend

Cloning means to make an identical copy of (insert anything here). For every culture, there comes along a unique ethnicity in which certain traditions and models are followed. Latinas are known to have brown skin, wide hips, and a natural sense of motherhood. While everyone might not fit this mold, this is how Latinas are often stereotyped. Similarly, Asian females are expected to be of light, fair skin and have a petite figure paired with jet-black hair.

Stereotypes may survive forever, yet a new rising “trend” amongst women is to try to change physical features to meet the “ideal” body type. The only problem now is they are trying to be other people that they’re not.

This is an infectious trend where many women who feel the pressure to meet the “ideal” standards society have imposed on them. South East Asian countries are influencing women to change, through media the same way Western countries do. In South Korea, suddenly women are seen through alphabets depending on what their bodies look like. The most common is the V-line where your facial structure, the jaw, is beautiful either oval or heart shaped.

Another example includes double-eye lid surgery (double-eyelid below), because monolids (where the eyelid has no crease) is considered a burden to be born with. The surgery allows for the out corner of the eyes to be cut to make them rounder and open. “Big round eyes, straight nose, round face,” says the K-pop band D-Unit, is essential for any Korean celebrity these days.

What is their goal? To look more western.

This does occur only within the Asian communities; it’s ever present here in our own Latina society.

We see celebrities almost everywhere we go, whether it is an advertisement or on T.V. “Photo-shopping” is the medias most used weapon. Consumers never realize it but for beautiful Latina celebrities, they are often altered on print. Whenever America Ferrera, a naturally curvy Latina, graced the covers of magazines, the use of editing slimmed her down to close her wide hips and lighten her skin color. There’s the beautiful Columbian singer/belly dancer named Shakira. Astounding in every aspect with her dedication and poised character may all be natural; however, her hair is not. Shakira is a natural brunette, as most Latinas are, yet she’s blonde and many take after her.

Other examples include the lightening of the skin. Commercials or magazine covers have produced pictures that are the opposite of what natural, paparazzi pictures put out. Latinas like Eva Mendez or Eva Longoria suddenly are two tones lighter on T.V than in real life. The editors are able to manipulate society where they know they have a large group of avid followers. These followers are guaranteed to adapt to any style they are offered thus feeding into the cycle.

Oddly enough, these naturally beautiful women are altering themselves based upon what their society is idolizing as pretty. They intentionally change their bodies from natural to man-made. However, this only furthers them away from being proud and from loving the culture and society they live in.

The world was meant to be diverse; complete with sets of different, beautiful looks that keep everyone distinctive and not boring. Having everyone look the same would be nothing more than problematic.

Diversity in beauty is important. We must take pride in our genetics and smile for what we’re given. We are chosen to represent certain aspects of our ethnicity and to continue on what makes us, us. There is no point in attempting to change who we are. Being a Latinita makes you beautiful in every single way you can think of.

 Let’s stop the cloning and start the owning. Own up to yourself, no one else can.

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