Frida by Design

Latina designer Adriana Pavon has worked in the fashion industry for years, and was responsible for overseeing the design and manufacturing processes of many popular clothing brands. However, two years ago, Pavon realized that the industry she was working for was doing more harm than good. Many mass production clothing factories that are located in third world countries have been known to provide unsafe work spaces for employees and pollute the air and water in the surrounding regions. Pavon decided she did not want to contribute to this industry anymore, and she went on to create a fashion line that supports fair trade between countries.

“My goal was to create contemporary collections in collaboration with indigenous people of my native Mexico,” states Pavon. She realized that there is a more fulfilling approach to the way we look at fashion and clothing production, as an art and a representation of culture. Pavon has also found that European and American mainstream fashion industries have been know to mimic the styles of many indigenous groups from around the world, including those in Mexico, and create inauthentic designs based on the originals. These are the reasons why Pavon decided to name her new collection Mexico: Cultura y Orgullo, or in English, Mexico: Culture and Pride. She has been working with the indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico, who artfully hand-make all of the collection’s products.

“Frida on White Bench,” photograph by Nickolas Muray, 1939. Submitted image“I was inspired by Frida Kahlo…her colorful wardrobe, the designs, the richness within her personality and within her life,” says Pavon. She did research on Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe and the way her clothes were made so that she and her team could come up with designs that represented Frida’s style. Pavon and her team at Mexico: Cultura y Orgullo also decided to launch a collaborative exhibit called “Through Frida’s Eyes.”  Pavon explains that the exhibit will travel around the U.S. and that the experience will be like visitors are virtually traveling through Oaxaca, getting a close-up look at what life is like in this community. Money to pay for the exhibit’s tour is currently being fundraised through an organization called Kickstarter. Pavon is hoping that people will be inspired by the finely crafted works of the indigenous people of Oaxaca and motivated by the use of ethical labor and production (rephrase?) so that they will want to contribute.

It must not have been easy for Adriana Pavon to leave the industry she had been dedicated to for 20 years, but she took the chance anyway is clearly glad that she did. “I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” expresses Pavon. Looking at the way Mexico: Cultura y Orgullo is making efforts to preserve and respect the culture of an indigenous group as well as the environment, it seems like Pavon and her team are definitely making a positive difference in the world.

Covered Up? Become a Fall Fashionista

Don’t you think it’s a little chilly in the fall?  Is your inner fashionista being covered up? You don’t always have to suffer for the sake of fashion. There are many ways to be comfortable and still stay stylish. Learn how to express your sense of fashion while still being zipped up. By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to dominating the fall season with your style.

Pick the right jacket

The most important thing about the fall is trying to stay warm and cozy. Since the fall ends up transitioning into winter, these fashion tips can help you stay stylish for the next months to come! Picking a good yet cute jacket is the first step into becoming a fall fashionista. There are many options such as short jackets, medium sized jackets, and even sweaters that can be found at many stylish stores for a good price. Pay attention to what clothing and accessories that you already own when it comes to picking the color and style of your jacket, since it could potentially impact your wardrobe choice as well.

 Color Coordination 

Color coordination is one of the most important factors when it comes to fall fashion. Because the weather can be unpredictable at times, it might affect your jacket choice as well. Looking at your wardrobe, try to pick out colors that match or blend well with your jacket. Remember that you shouldn’t accessorize your look with the same color. So if you’re wearing a black jacket, accessorizing with brighter colors will help brighten up your outfit while wearing dark colored accessories will help cool down a bright colored one. If you currently don’t have anything that goes well with your jacket, then going shopping or borrowing items from your friends is always an option.

Bottom wear

One of the final steps into becoming a fall fashionista is picking the right bottom wear. Once you have remembered to color coordinate and organize your outfit, picking the right kind of bottom wear can make or break your style. Denim will always be a classic choice, so, as long as it blends well with the rest of your outfit, go for it! If you want to add a girly flare into your fall style, then a circle skirt is a great choice to incorporate into your style. Also, if you’re a fashionista who can’t stay away from shorts then that can be a possible option with leggings!

Hairstyles & Hair Accessories

Something that a jacket can’t cover up is a chica’s hair, and that is why the fall season will give you the opportunity to play around with your hair. You can curl, straighten and style your hair to help show off that you can still be a fall fashionista while also being cozy. If you don’t have the time to style your hair, then there are plenty of accessories in this world that can be just as stylish! From hats, to hair scrunchies, to hair clips, be creative! Remember to try to coordinate what you do to your hair with the jacket and outfit that you have chosen to wear.


There are so many different options of footwear for the fall. The possibilities are endless such as shoe wedges, heels, boots, sandals, etc. Depending on the setting and occasion, footwear can take you a long way. Because you are covered up for the fall, try to work with the clothing and accessories surrounding your jacket. Fashion is a girls best friend, and cute footwear can help you walk the streets like a runaway model all season long. Since most jackets don’t cover up your footwear, try to use the fall season to express your fashion through footwear!

Need help cording an outfit? Here are bonus styling tips:

  • By wearing this leather styled jacket, you are showing your brave and wild sense of fashion. A pair of slightly ripped jeans will always be a classic that will add a little more flare to your wardrobe. Since this jacket has dark tones, try to accessorize with lighter colors to balance the colors of your outfit. Light pinks and reds will also go well with black. Plus, they will contrast well with denim tones. These light colored accessories are simple, stylish, and make your outfit pop!

Fall Fashion 1

  • If you decide that dark tones aren’t for you and instead want to elegantly stand out, then this light pink pea coat might be the right choice for you! Cool down your overall look with a black circle skirt that is accompanied with leggings. Now, you don’t always have to cool down your bright tones, it’s okay to emphasize them sometimes! Heeled sneakers are very stylish and comfortable at times. By adding a little flare to your girly look, you’ll be stepping up your fashionista game. Complimenting your outfit with some splashes of red will work with your overall look. Make sure to end your look with class, simple and stylish pearl earrings.

Fall Fashion 2

  • If you are looking for a simple yet fun style, this red letterman styled jacket could be a possible choice! Accompanying the look with denim shorts will help bring out the red color some more. Cute black leggings are always a good accessory since it’s fall season. Putting a few flashes of pink accessories will help your outfit stand out even more. Finish your look with some stylish tassel boots. The brown color will help soften your brighter tones and balance out your overall style.
    Fall Fashion 3


You’ll be able to strut your stuff wherever you go by following these simple steps. Remember that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. You can go to many affordable shops that sell the same styled clothing as its bigger and more expensive competitors. Remember to pick a jacket that you will plan to use for the next few months and try to organize your wardrobe with it. With organization and patience, you will be on your way to becoming a fall fashionista!

Summer Styles to Rock All Day

img-thingFor some, the summer means relaxing by the pool and for others it means checking out the latest summer trends. Whether it’s looking for a new outfit or maybe trying a new hairstyle, try out something different this summer.

“This summer there are a lot of interesting patterns and colors blended together,” fashion blogger said Angela Littlefield, Junior at the University of Texas at Austin. “The Tribal Print with neon trend has been popular for a while now, and as a fashion blogger it’s really cool to see how people make use of this trend rather it be in swimwear, denim shorts, crop tops or with pencil skirts.”


With warmer weather comes many more undo; for many, updos are best done in style. What better way to dress up a simple bun than with a cool headband? One of the latest, and simplest, type of headbands for this season is the 1-accessory headband. This type of headband is usually an elastic that goes all the way around the head and comes in a variety of looks and styles. From rhinestones all the way around, to a simple flower or feather on the top, or a single-colored headband. These headbands can come in a variety of colors, so try something new and different with your hair.


After a few decades, the full one-piece is finally making a comeback. For those who like a bit more coverage, but want some style as well, look no further. Stores like JCPenney and others have what are called shirred-front one piece bathing suits that come in solids and prints. These suits have a “high-waisted” look to them that flatters the mid-section for all sizes and elongates the torso. The suit also provides more coverage on the top and bottom, to provide a bit more security for those of you getting active in your swimwear and hitting the beach volleyball court.


Hats are not typically something many enjoy wearing because they don’t find caps flattering. Hats are another retro piece of headwear making its comeback to popular retail stores. Floopy sun hats are a hit this summer. These hats actually provide great coverage for the face in the sun, while creating a sophisticated look. Also, because they are so floppy, you can arrange the hat to lean on certain sides or flip it up to create your own unique look. Hats come in different colors, patterns and some even include accessories, like bows and flowers (can also easily be added on).

“Another trend that’s kinda of coming back is the overall jeans and shorts,” Littlefield said. “I think if you have the right body shape and a cute crop top you can dress the overalls up or down.”

Whether it’s a brand new headband style or an old-fashioned bathing suit to everything in-between, summer is the time to experiment with new, fun and colorful trends that are purely for fashion or styled for comfort.

Winter Fashion

This winter has been one of the coldest the nation has seen in several years according to CNN. With extreme freezing temperatures like those in Chicago and New York, you may feel it’s impossible to keep up with the latest trends while avoiding hypothermia. Fear not all you Latina fashionistas! You’re just a few paragraphs away from learning some new and easy ways to keep warm and, of course, in style this winter season.

Now it’s no surprise most girls want to be fashion forward at all times. Think about it, when you’ve hung out with some of your amigas, you’ve probably skimmed through some of your favorite magazines looking for inspiration. You may have even exchanged a skirt or a pair of opened toed shoes with a friend in order to achieve that extra touch of glamour in your outfit. But times are cold these days and quite frankly, frostbitten fingers and toes are never in style. So, what’s a girl like you with so much fashion in her heart supposed to do when the first snowflakes start falling, or when you find yourself helping your parents scrape ice off of the car window before going to school?

Photo credit, Claudia Candelas,

Photo credit, Claudia Candelas,

Fashion blogger, Claudia Candelas says winter is the perfect season for any girl to express her sense of style, “You have the option of layers and adding more to each outfit.” Candelas says that though her staple winter fashion must-have are cozy boots, she can never say no to a good scarf.

“I love scarves because they add a whole different look to your outfit. If you are wearing a solid colored sweater you can add a printed or thick scarf to brighten it up.”

Candelas also says she gets her fashion ideas from social media sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest, but ultimately, she is in charge of what she thinks is stylish.

“Fashion is whatever you make it to be…it does not need to be expensive or the trendiest as long as you have the confidence to rock it!”

For others, sporting the latest winter trends can sometimes feel like a drag. Edna Ramirez, a bridal consultant, admits she falls under this category, but she can’t deny she enjoys the comfort of the winter clothes that keep her snug. “Chunky knit sweaters…they give off a vintage meets boho type of vibe that can easily dress up or dress down any outfit. They help keep you warm but don’t feel as constricting as jackets and coats.” Ramirez says she gives credit to the local weather news report for her fashion inspiration look of the day. “I wake up and look at the weather prediction for the day and base my winter outfit on that. If it is going to be a very cold day I’ll go with thicker scarves, layers of jackets, boots, and maybe even a hat.”

For many students though, being fashion forward can seem impossible especially after tuition and books have been paid off.  “I can’t work a lot because I’m in school so there isn’t much money left over, which is why I shop at secondhand stores,” says Katarina Peña, Santa Clara University Law student. She says money may be tight when it comes down to shopping, but what she enjoys the most about thrift shops is knowing she hasn’t broken her bank account for wanting to look and feel good. “You can find unique and inexpensive clothing and most importantly, it’s not what everyone else is wearing so you’re bound to stand out. ”

Although magazines and social media gurus know about the latest trends to look up-to-date and fierce, it’s important that you remember to listen to yourself when it comes to presenting yourself to the world. Feel free to take ideas and fashion looks into consideration but you must always know that no matter what trends you are following, the one thing that will never go out of style is your heart.

Affordable Styles For Your Body Type

Fashion is relative. It’s continuously changing and varies according to the individual. Some women might drift towards clothes that show off their curves while other women might want to wear something a bit more conservative. Some people might think tattoos are beautiful; others might find them dirty or unladylike. No matter who you are, your clothes have a way of telling the world a little bit about yourself. Although appearance is never more important than personality, it’s fun to show off your creativity and style. That’s where fashion comes in.

Fashion Tip: Buying more for less

The most expensive designers will always have something you love, which can make it more attractive. Instead of worrying about the high price tag or brand, you can dress beautifully if you retain an open attitude. The trick to dressing beautifully and staying within your budget is finding stores that are affordable, stores that have great sales, and local resale stores. Here are some stores with ideal prices: H&M, Forever 21, DSW, Nordstrom Juniors BP, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy and Target. Other stores that may be a bit more extravagant, but have incredible prices in their sales rack, include: Banana Republic, GAP, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Nordstrom.

There is a beautiful little black dress designed by Kathy Hilton that’s pricey for most folks at $395. If you shop around some of the mentioned stores, you can find a similar dress at H&M for $15. Or, if you fell in love with this Stella McCartney clutch bag ($875), look no further than this Nordstrom find ($54) to make your wallet happier. While you’ll never find the exact same dress or handbag, something similar that’s just as cute is worth the penny (or hundreds of dollars) saver. Plus, you can spend the money left over on other affordable clothes or accessories!

Find other ways to acquire clothing that may not involve money, like clothes swapping. If you and your friends share the same taste in clothes and are the same size, gather up some clothes you no longer wear, tell them to do the same and see if there is anything you can switch with them.

Fashion Tip: Flattering your body type

An important fashion tip to keep in mind is to wear something that flatters your body type and is comfortable. Women come in different shapes and sizes, but, when it  comes to fashion, wearing something that is comfortable and flattering to YOUR body type can up your stance as a trend setter. In short, you are the one who knows your body best. When trying on different outfits, be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if the clothes you have on suit you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, fashion is all about being bold and original.

If you love your legs, don’t be shy to show them off! Skinny jeans are a versatile piece of wardrobe. Skinny jeans paired with a loose blouse or a nice top will balance the silhouette. When paired with a plain t-shirt, you can give the everyday look a little spice with a statement necklace. High-waisted pants are also flattering on petite figures. When wearing high-wasted pants, tuck in the shirt.

Think skinny jeans are not curvy friendly? Jeans and stretchy pants with a bootleg cut look great on a voluptuous body type – your legs will suddenly seem longer! Wear some heels to make the effect more drastic. This look goes great with a long and loose blouse or a simple shirt for casual days. Skintight clothing may not always be flattering and while constricted clothes may help show off your beautiful curves, trying bootleg jeans will flatter this body type more than skinny jeans. Instead of wearing a short, body-hugging skirt, try wearing a longer, looser skirt. These types of skirts have a light and flowing look that keep you stylish and compliment your curves beautifully. Baggy clothing can be a fashion disaster if not worn properly. If the clothes are too baggy they might make you look like a little girl in your mother’s oversized shirts.

When it comes down to it, remember to always dress for yourself. Never settle for something you dislike just because it’s currently in style. Wear clothing that flatters you, not your friends’ opinions. Wear a certain outfit because you feel like it and remember to keep it appropriate for the occasion. Don’t worry about being underdressed or overdressed. Put yourself in clothing that you feel comfortable in. When your clothes give you confidence, it shows, and let’s be honest, everyone can use a little pick-me-up every now and then.

Fall Fashion Formula

Don’t trip, it’s fall! Just like seasons, trends come and go. This is the fall fashion formula to help you make every outfit in your closet unforgettable.


First, take one basic piece – this may include dark jeans, a pencil skirt, or a basic top. Then, add one interest piece that highlights texture, prints, colors, patterns and shine. Dark colors are often used in the fall or winter seasons such as grays, black, blues and greens. Add a completer piece like a jacket, cardigan or belt. Finally, to complete the look, accessorize with boots, jewelry, fedoras or scarves.  Remember, when pairing an outfit together, always keep in mind the event you are going to.

Some fall pieces that are a must have in your closet are:

The little black dress is a piece of clothing that can get you out of so many stressful situations when your standing in front of you’re closet yelling “I have NOTHING to wear!!”  You can change it up by trying other dark flattering colors like gray or royal blue.  It gives any girl a makeover from ordinary to sophisticated diva making you the apple of anyone’s eye.

Another must have for fall is the blazer. This casual fashion favorite can always dress up or down any outfit. For a job interview, a black sheer blazer can complete a professional look without taking away the fashion edge. For a walk in the park, a thin blazer can keep you warm and at the same time make the outfit casual and chic.

Long coats create a more casual and cozy look. Here are some ideas and stores for outfits that will blow you away. Burlington has a wide variety of coats that are  designer brand, fashionable and at great prices. Also, Forever 21 always stocks up on different styles of coats and jackets for fall weather.

With all these styling tips, you are ready to take on the world one trend at a time. Shopping smart and with style without hurting our wallet is the key to becoming a fashionista. A great outfit is an essential part of any girls’ day. Wherever life takes you, make sure you always arrive with style.

Fashion: Eco-Friendly Accessories


What would you say if we told you that a fabulous pair of earrings or brilliant hair piece was sitting in your trash can at this very moment?  Before you run over to check your garbage for anything you may have accidentally tossed, can you remember throwing anything away that may have been recyclable- candy wrapper, an old magazine issue or an empty coke can?  Now what if we told you that these items could have been used to make your own personalized jewelry pieces?

These young ladies had the opportunity to learn about upcycling, the process of converting waste materials into new, useable products.  Some of the items created were a hair bow made out of a wrapper, a bracelet made out of magazine cutouts, and some earrings made out of multi-colored buttons.  It taught them to be more environmentally-conscious as well as tap into their imaginations to create some one of a kind pieces.

“It keeps trash from going into landfills and it’s a unique way to be creative.”
-Giselle Castaneda, age 12

“It’s creative for us.  It’s a unique piece.  What would you have done with it? Just thrown it in the trash?  Instead, you can use it.”
-Daniela Sanchez, age 18

“I think it’s creative even though you don’t have to be like everybody else.  It’s a fun way I guess to relieve stress.  It’s really cool.”
-Jessie Barron, age 16

“It helps people understand that upcycling is way better than buying stuff.”
-Marlett Mojica, age 16

Discover Your Latina Style

Latina Fashion Style - LatinitasAre you looking for fashion inspiration? Look no further, connecting to your Latina roots can be a great source of inspiration for your style. The media is constantly influencing how girls dress, encouraging crazy, extreme, and sometimes even unthinkable fashion choices, like Lady Gaga and her popular “meat” attire or Katy Perry with her fun and spunky clothes and hair. Not only do we feel the pressure to look and dress like celebrities, but sometimes many of our friends influence the way we dress too. But what else could influence the way we dress? Could it be our boyfriend’s, what mood we’re in, a special occasion, where we live, or possibly even our culture?

In the Hispanic community, culture largely influences how we dress and express our style. While the media still influences how almost all of us dress, we as Latinas experience the beauty of hispanic flare and fashion as it represents hispanic culture. According to the Label Networks’ Hispanic Youth Culture Study 07’, “The brand name is not as influential in terms of buying a specific brand among Hispanic youth culture such as style, comfort, and fit.” Hispanic cultures focus on what is real, beautiful, comfortable, and fun which encourages us to dress in real and beautiful ways.

Victoria Lopez, age 16, is one of many young Latina girls whose style is influenced by her culture. She describes her look as “urban comfort” saying,“it’s cute, affordable, and I can last all day in it. It has a lot of colors, for a stand out look which is greatly influenced by my hispanic culture. My culture also gives me an opportunity to see what not to wear, and what colors don’t complement each other.”

When asked if brand is important to creating personal style, Victoria said, “My clothing doesn’t have a big label. It’s not like ‘Gucci’ or ‘Fendi.’ I usually shop at Forever 21 and it all depends on what I like and it varies from time to time. I love to buy clothes that are reusable in new and different ways.” Girls don’t have to be wearing the most expensive clothes to feel and look beautiful. Often times, the used clothing offers girls the opportunity to create apparel that truly represents themselves.

Gabriela Sepulveda, age 17, also believes that her hispanic culture influences her look, but in a slightly different way. “I must admit that my hispanic culture does affect the way I dress. Particularly in the length of my shorts, skirts, and dresses. I can’t bring myself to use anything too short or revealing, because of the way I was raised,” said Sepulveda. Culture influences more than just the style and look of clothing, but encourages girls to respect themselves by wearing appropriate clothing that is not degrading.

Like Victoria, Gabriela does not rely on brand to create her look. “My style depends on what I like. If I like it and it’s comfortable then I will most likely buy it. I don’t own anything that has a brand name cause then I would be like everyone else,” said Gabriela.

Hispanic culture not only influences Latina style and fashion, but allows us to really express how we feel without feeling pressured to dress certain ways. And while sometimes it may be fun to dress like celebrities, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy clothes that we absolutely love. It is easy to buy affordable clothes that can both show our personal likes as well as show off a side of your hispanic culture. Leave the expensive meat to Lady Gaga.

The way we dress shows the world a part of who we are. By representing our hispanic culture, the world sees beautiful and real girls who are great role models for any young girl who is looking for someone to look up to.


Fashionistas Abroad

Have you been thinking of new ways to change your wardrobe? Are you bored with the current fashions in your hometown? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Look to our hermanas abroad for inspiration. From Tokyo to Paris to Latin America, and back to the U.S., look around the globe to get the 411 on the international trends.

Japan is filled with different and exciting fashions that can easily catch anyone’s eye. If you are looking for a new and exciting look, then this is definitely the way to go. If crazy and fun is your style, then perhaps Harajuku is the style for you! Harajuku is not only an area in Tokyo, but it is also known for the many fashion styles used by teens. These unique fashion styles range from gothic to doll-like, or anime characters, which are known as cosplay. I mean just imagine! Some girls will be dressed with cute doll dresses and big bows. Others will be wearing heavy makeup and dressed as cartoon characters by wearing animal ears to fit into their character. So if you are into anime or cartoon characters, you might want to go out looking for some animal ears to complete your outfit. However, if wearing heavy makeup and bunny ears is not your style, than Shibuya109 may be a better fit for you. Shibuya 109 is a 9 story building where you can go shopping crazy and find hot new styles. The clerks working in these trendy shops are also very interesting with their usually bleached hair, heavy tan, tall platform shoes and mini skirts.

If Tokyo didn’t have what you wanted, then Paris might satisfy your look. The city of love is also known as the leading fashion capital of the world. Parisian style is classy, chic, sophisticated and stylish. What makes their fashion style so chic? It’s not that they need to always perfectly match or wear the most expensive clothes. If you will make this your new look, about 80% of the clothes in your closet will be black, and the other 20% will probably be gray. It might sound depressing, but you would be surprised at how fancy these two colors can be. Plus, don’t forget that you can always accessorize. Dark, denim skinny jeans are also very popular and you can pair them with flats or flat leather boots. Are you getting a better idea of what to wear?

Check out what Latin America has in store. Latinas are known for having strong, bright and cheerful personalities that are able to shine in any room. When we think of Latin America, we think of tropical climates, fun in the sun, dancing and having a good time. This boldness is also shown through in Latin fashion. If you want to get into that Latina character, you need to be confident with what you wear. Start by choosing a dress with a bohemian style. Whether you are going to lunch with your amor, or for a fun night with the chicas, dresses are very feminine. They like to always present themselves looking frescas. If you were to raid their closet, I am sure you would also find lots of bright wear to highlight that beautiful suntan glow that identifies Latina girls. Unlike the Parisian style, color is an important part of the Latino fashion sense. Along with their natural beauty, Latinas are also characterized for being hip with shoes. Wear cute strappy sandals that will look just as good with some jeans as they will with a flirty skirt. Jewelry is also a major must. A belt can really add to your simple outfit, and large hoops can really pick up what you are wearing. If your thing is to always to be at the top of what it is in style, than the Latin American style is just for you.

Fashion in the U.S. is a mixture of comfort with style, which we know as the preppy look. Unlike other parts of the world, wearing flip-flops and cute sporty clothes does not make you look sluggish, but actually very much in style. American girls like feel fresh and comfy whether wearing a sweat suit or a flowing skirt with a fresh tank top. You can try putting together a pastel colored polo shirt with some kacky shorts and patterned converse. Or of if you want a more feminine look, a tennis inspired dress with gladiator sandals will hit the spot. Graphic tees are also a great way to express yourself and put it in words. Combine one with some light jeans and a leather messenger bag to complete your look. Of course you can always dress up or dress down your outfit as much as you would like. For example adding a ribbon to you hair on a pony or half pony will really mark the preppy look. Also adding a brown, leather belt goes well with the preppy style.

Just like languages, fashion is spoken in many different ways. “Right now everything goes,” says Laura Rayborn, fashion show organizer and owner of Laura’s Productions Modeling Agency. Colors, plaids, whites, blacks, can all be combined. She also advised how nowadays shoes no longer have to match the purse. The way someone interprets fashion is only up to that person.There is no right or wrong and that is what fashion around the world tells us. Remember that whether you are short, tall, light, or dark, thin, or curvy, there is always a perfect style for you. Confidence is the best fashion style, so feel free to wear whatever you please and express your style your own way. From Tokyo, Paris, Latin America, and returning to the U.S., you interpret fashion.

April 2009