OMG, She Did Not Just Say THAT!


I’ve always been the kind of girl who has the answer to every question in class, and for some reason my teachers prefer to pick on the kid who doesn’t pay attention.

One day, when I eleven and just in the fifth grade, I raised my hand. I wasn’t called on but I forgot to put it back down. I completely zoned out. For a couple of seconds, I sat there annoyed. “Por que nunca me escoje! Soy la unica interesada en la clase,” I thought. I knew what was going to happen next. La profesora would pick on the boy sitting in the corner scribbling T.H.U.G L.I.F.E across his knuckles, in an attempt to humiliate him for not knowing the answer. I had seen this one too many times, and so I became lost in my own thoughts.

As I stared at the different objects in the room looking for something to entertain me, I noticed the projector light cast a shadow from my teacher’s glasses. I had seen her face a million times, and it always looked the same to me. But not this time. This time, there was a shadow that lined her eyebrows and the space between them so perfectly that she appeared to have a fuller unibrow than Frida Kahlo. The five year old in me found this sight so amusing; I think I may have sat there over ten minutes, solo mirando y apreciando, just looking and appreciating the view. After all, it’s not everyday your teacher grows a unibrow.

Irritated with me for still having my hand up my teacher asked, “Alondra what do you want?” and you won’t believe what I said next…

“YOU HAVE A UNIBROW!” I blurted, almost shouted out. It was all so surreal. No lo podia creer. It felt like one of those scenarios that play out in my head when I day dream. But the laughter of children, and the burning sensation I felt across my face, that occurs only when I blush a real blush, told me that all of it had really just happened.

Fortunately for me, the class ended quickly afterwards. But the embarrassment I felt that day, still resonates with me when I tell this story ten years later. I’m sure you probably have a similar tale to tell, or that you would rather not tell… because of how embarrassing it all was for you, but trust me when I say that when you get older, all these embarrassing stories will be the ones you remember with most joy and laughter.

Live life to the fullest and enjoy every part of it, even the little mistakes. And don’t be like me or “thug life” kid, pay attention in class!

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OMG Moments

Latinitas share a laugh as they talk about their embarrassing moments.

One time, I was at the mall with all my friends celebrating a ceremony and I was in the middle of telling a good joke. I was looking back at my friends when I was talking to them. Being the great friends that they are, they didn’t tell me that there was a big sign in the middle of the walkway. When I turned my back, I ran right into it and fell backwards on my butt. Everyone was laughing including myself.   –Sam


In 5th grade, there was this teacher and she hated me. I guess one time she was yelling at me and I ran away from her and hid from her under the table. She had to call security to get me out and I remember the whole class staring at me like if I was a crazy person.  –Lexy


This happened yesterday and I was at Wal-Mart. There was a cute guy walking and I started staring at him. When he turned around I tried not to make it so obvious, but then I ran into a shopping cart.   –Karen


I had the music really loud and I was singing; however, I thought no one could ever hear me because the music was so loud. Turns out I forgot I had my earphones on. I was yelling “What Makes You Beautiful”, in the middle of the lunch room. Everyone was staring.   –Joella


One time my family was at a buffet style place, and I wasn’t paying attention. While I was carrying my food down the stairs, I completely missed the last step. I tripped and broke a plate and sent food all over the nearest table.   –Sofia

OMG Moments

Theatrical Traumas
There was this school play that I was in when I was nine. I was all excited because I had actually made it as one of the characters. As my costume, I got to wear this really pretty dress. I was so proud because I would be in front of family and friends looking the best. Before the play, I really had to go to the restroom! It was about to start, so I quickly ran back to begin the play. It was perfect, or so I thought. When I heard giggling behind me I knew something was up. It turned out my beautiful dress was caught at the top of my underwear on the back. It was tucked in throughout the whole play and I never even noticed! It was the worst! And to make matters worse, my mom was so proud of her little baby, she took thousands of pictures! We have them at the house. Every chance she gets, she loves to tell that story!
-Forever Traumatized

Musical Nightmare
About two months ago, I was at my music lessons. We were rehearsing for a recital that was coming up soon. When it was my turn to sing, I hadn’t had any time to warm up my voice, which usually takes about 45 minutes. Plus I had to play guitar at the same time, which I am not used to. The song isn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of complicated notes and it doesn’t even have an intro for me to calm down. It didn’t exactly help that sitting right smack in the audience was the guitar teacher (very cute) that Id been harboring a crazy crush for since a couple of months back . So I had to sing the song straight and it was horrible. My voice cracked more times than I could count. I forgot all the guitar chords. I even had to stay on stage after to play another song. No running away from me, oh no!
-Still Wincing

January 2011