DIY: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday full of pink, red, hearts, and of course, chocolate – but aside from that, it is a day to show your family, friends, and your crush how much you care. And what better way to show just that with a hand-made card or gift! So put down your wallet and step away from the store bought cards, chocolate heart, and stuffed animals and try something a little different this year. Here are some creative Valentine’s DIYs to spruce up your gift giving!

Note: All materials used were from Dollar General or Wal-Mart and can be found at any local store.

Foam Postcard:

Materials: Hot glue gun, scissors, ruler, fine point marker, 3 foam sheets (white and two colors of your choice). Optional: Glitter.

  1.  With a white foam sheet, trace a rectangle to be your “post card” and cut it out. The dimensions are up to your discretion (dimensions pictured: 3 ¾ x 2 ¼).
  2.  Using the fine tip marker, write your ‘to and from’ on the post card.
  3. Then, using another foam sheet of a different color, create a fun design to be the frame. The frame should be slightly smaller than the dimensions of your post card. (Pictured: frame is a quarter of an inch smaller than the post card).
  4.  Next, with the last foam sheet, trace and cut out hearts for decoration. You can make the hearts different sizes or even add some glitter to make the card more fun. Note: precut foam hearts can be brought at stores, as well.
  5.  Hot glue the frame and foam hearts to the post card and fill in your ‘To and From’ to give to your Valentine!

Flores para Mamá


Materials: Small vase or jar, artificial flowers, ribbon, hot glue gun, scissors. Mini chocolates. Optional: rhinestones, glitter or spray glitter, glass pebbles, and beads.

  1.  Cut each ribbon of desired length – if you’re using a thin ribbon (like the red pictured) cut two strips – make sure it can be wrapped and tied around your vase
  2.  Place a dot of hot glue around the neck of your vase to keep your ribbon in place
  3.  Once glued, wrap and tie ribbon into a bow and add glue behind the knot of bow to keep it in place
  4.  For extra decoration: add beads to the end of the ribbon and tie a knot at the base of the beads
  5.  For extra decoration: can glue rhinestones on ribbon
  6.  Fill the jar with your choice of mini chocolates or if not chocolates, glass pebbles are excellent jar fillers, as well
  7.  Place bouquet of flowers in vase
  8.  For extra decoration: add glitter to your flowers
  9.  Adjust flowers in vase and it’s ready to gift to your mom

 Not-Your-Ordinary Cards

Materials: Card-stock or decorated scrapbook paper, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, glue, markers, pencil. Optional: Rhinestones, glitter, hole punchers,and ribbon.

  1.  Pick a card-stock as your main color (pictured: red) and then trim off a centimeter around the cardstock that you want as the inside of the card (pictured: heart paper)

Design One:

  1.  Grab two pipe cleaners of the same color and create the cursive letters “Lo-“ with one and “-ve” with the second; leaving extra pipe cleaner on the “v” so it can connect with the “o”. Trim off extra pipe cleaner, if needed.
  2.  Glue your “Love” to the front of the card.
  3.  Place the design with glue and sprinkle glitter on top of the glue.
  4.  Glue rhinestones, if desired.

Design two:

  1.  Trace a heart on the cover of the card.
  2.  Fill the heart with glue and place cotton balls to fill the heart. You can tear apart cotton balls to fill accordingly.
  3.  Again, you can create a glittery design with glue.
  4.  Finally, write a cute message with the colorful markers on the inside and present it to your Valentine.

*Note: the ribbon pictured was not used, but can be cut into small bows to glue on cover for extra decoration


It’s Mice to Meet You


Materials: Hershey’s Kisses, Googly eyes (or black beads and white marker), pencil, hot glue gun, pipe cleaner, scissors, and card-stock (brown, white, black, or pink).

  1.  Grab your two card-stock colors for the mouse’s ears, and cut them both in the shape of a “D”.  Make sure to have one color slightly smaller than the other in order to form the ears.
  2.  Glue both “D” shaped colors together.
  3.  Next, glue ears at the base of a Hershey kiss.
  4.  Then, glue the second Hershey kiss to the base. The chocolates must be base to base.
  5.  Remove the Hershey’s Kiss ribbon on both Kisses.
  6.  Glue black beads to the front Hershey’s kiss to form the mouse’s eyes. Googly eyes or black beads will suffice.
  7.  Cut the pipe cleaner to the desired length for the tail.
  8.  Glue the pipe cleaner or insert the pipe cleaner into the foil of the back of the mouse. You can shape the pipe cleaner to any shape.
  9.  Make as many mice as needed and hand out to friends and family for a cute little gift!

DIY: Cupcake Bouquet


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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s never too early to start prepping a gift for a loved one. This cute DIY bouquet of cupcakes roses is both memorable and easy to make. A memorable gift for less than $20, this bouquet of cupcakes is guaranteed to make your loved one smile.

First, gather the following ingredients:

  • 6-inch Flowerpot (clean)
  •  Foam Ball 6-in (size may vary depending on the size of the flower pot; make sure the foam ball fits perfectly in the flowerpot)
  • 2 sheets of green tissue paper
  •  6 wooden sticks
  •  3 table spoons of fondue chocolate or normal chocolate frosting
  •  1 packet of Oreo cookies or ANY black cookies
  •  1 box of cake mix
  • Ingredients listed in the cake mix box (oil, water, eggs)
  •  24 white or cream cupcake papers are preferred (or matching colors)
  •  2 cupcake baking pans
  •  1 container of Vanilla Frosting (COLD, not at room temperature)
  •   Food coloring of your choice
  •  1 Cake and pastry decorating set


To make the flower pot extra special, you can decorate it by either painting it, adding a ribbon to it, or leaving it as is to make it seem like an authentic bouquet.


The first step is to prepare the foam balls by covering the top part with chocolate frosting. In my experience, this step should be the first thing you should do. It takes a long time for the frosting to dry even if you place it in the fridge. You can complete this process by placing enough chocolate frosting in a bowl and heating the frosting in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute.

Tip: Keep track of the time. The chocolate will burn if it’s more than one minute.

After the chocolate has melted, cover half of the foam ball completely; don’t be afraid to use your hands. Lastly, just wait for the frosting to dry.


It’s time for the cupcakes to be made!

  1. First, open your Cake Mixture  and place it in a container and follow the instructions in the back. Mine says to add 1 cup of water, 1/3 of a cup of oil, and 3 eggs.
  2. Next, mix all of your ingredients together until you no longer have lumps in your dough.
  3.   Place the cupcake papers on the cupcake molds and start adding your mixture to each section. For the process of filling cupcake papers, you can use a spoon or an ice cream scoop.
  4.  Make sure to fill the papers about half-way (not all the way to the top!). Remember that cupcakes rise, so, if you put too much of the mixture, it can lead to making a mess trying to pull them out!
  5. Then, when you’re done adding the mixture to the papers, pre-heat your oven to 350 F. Ask a parent or adult to help you with the oven.


While you wait for your delicious cupcakes to bake (which can take 20-45 minutes; check the cake mix box), start planning out the color of the roses.


Let the cupcakes completely cool down; if you do not let them cool down, the frosting will melt and will mess up your flowers.


  1. Add the foam ball to the middle portion of the gardening pot.
  2.  Then, place the white frosting in a small bowl and add enough food coloring to the frosting.
  3. Mix the food coloring and frosting.This will be the color of the rose petals for the bouquet! The amount of colored frosting that you make will depend on how much frosting you want to add to each cupcake.Tip: If you want a lighter color, don’t add a lot of food coloring.


This part is easier with the help from an adult.

  1. Place your cupcakes in the foam ball using the wooden sticks. If the wooden sticks are too long, use scissors or a knife to cut the wooden stick to a desired length.
  2. Starting from the bottom to the top, place the cupcakes right above the natural line of the gardening pot.
  3. Grab a stick and place it in the middle of the cupcake; do this process slowly, if you do it too fast, you can make a hole in your cupcake.
  4. Do the same for every cupcake, and follow the natural line of the gardening pot as you add them to the gardening to pot.
  5. If you feel that a cupcake is still loose, you can add more sticks in the areas that need additional support.


  1. Grab the Oreo cookies, remove the frosting (white part), and break your ores cookies.
  2. Then, place them in the openings of the side of the chocolate foam ball. The ores cookies will be the “soil” of the plant.
  3. Next, you are finally ready to start decorating the cupcakes! Using a pastry decorating set, grab the star figure pattern, fill the pastry bag with your colored frosting, (make sure it’s cool; this will help make it come out smooth instead of runny), and start adding petals to the cupcakes.
  4. Place the tip of the decorating bag almost an inch between the cupcake, slowly squeeze the bag with the other hand, and start decorating the cupcake.

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  1. Grab the green tissue paper and cut the edges of the green paper — this will be the leaves.
  2. Place the green paper near the areas where you placed the crumbled Oreo cookies.

Be proud of yourself, chica! In order to preserve the freshness of the cupcakes, the gift should be given 1-2 days after making and decorating the cupcakes.

Spicing Up the Holidays

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Christmas music is blasting through the speakers.  Colorful wreaths are being hung in every door. Trees are being decorated with ornaments that are probably bigger than your head. Even though the weather is not agreeing with the holiday season, the holidays are the perfect time of year to drink a nice hot cup of hot chocolate as you play Michael Bublé’s album.

Instead of having that plain, old same cup of hot chocolate though, mix up your traditions. Here are three recipes that will make your holidays as warm as the weather. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

White-White Hot Chocolate


  • 3 1/4 cups 2% milk
  • 6 ounces white chocolate, chopped
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  1. Place the white chocolate in a metal bowl over a pan of hot water. This will make the hot chocolate to melt. You might have to stir until the chocolate is smooth. When smooth, add the cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Stir the contents. Then whisk in the egg until the contents are smooth again.
  2. Whisk one cup of milk for around 2 minutes. Then whisk what is left of the milk. Heat the contents until it’s hot. If you see milk skin, you overheated it.
  3. It will be ready to drink if the taste of the cayenne is hidden by the milk’s temperature or when the hot chocolate as at your preferred temperature.
  4. Add the hot chocolate to some cute colorful mugs, sprinkle some cinnamon and enjoy!

Chocolate Bar Hot Chocolate


  • (1.55 ounce) bar milk chocolate candy bar, chopped
    - My advice: Choose a Hersey’s Milk Chocolate Bar
  • 2/3 cup milk, or more to taste
  • 1 pinch ground cinnamon


  1. Place the chocolate pieces in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the milk and stir until the chocolate is melted and well mixed (which could take around 5 minutes). Add some cinnamon and mix the content again. You might want to taste the hot chocolate to see if you want to add more chocolate. Serve in a nice holiday mug and drink up!

Mayan Hot Chocolate


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 3 tablespoons instant hot chocolate mix
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper


  1. Mix the hot chocolate mix, cinnamon and the cayenne pepper in your favorite holiday mug.
  2. Pour the mix into a glass-measuring cup.
  3. Place the measuring cup into the microwave and heat on High until the drink begins to boil up which can take around 2 minutes.
  4. Pour the mixture into the mug (use mitten gloves to handle the measuring cup). Stir the drink with a small whisk or a spoon. Drink up and enjoy the last few days before the Mayan calendar ends.

Just remember that if you are not old enough to use the stove, have someone who is older to use the kitchen appliances. The white-white hot chocolate and the chocolate bar hot chocolate makes four servings, which makes them the perfect drinks for friends and family.

It also makes the perfect drink to leave for Santa! Happy Holidays!

Recipe ideas:

DIY: Día De los Muertos Accessories

Photo Credit: Jennifer Janviere

Photo Credit: Jennifer Janviere

Día De los Muertos is a day when we celebrate the wonderful people who have crossed to the other side, not to cry about them. It is a three day celebration in Mexico and it is filled with many parties and events. Well, why not accessorize to get into the Día De los Muertos festivities? It doesn’t always have to be expensive, especially if you do it yourself! Here are tips to help you create the perfect Día De los Muertos accessories.

Before you start creating your own accessories, do some research on the colors and common themes in Día De los Muertos

Día De los Muertos Colors

When it comes to accessorizing for the perfect events, colors do matter. Whether you wear red for Christmas or green on St. Patricks Day; those are examples of color scheming with a holiday. That is why knowing what colors are important on Día De los Muertos can help as a guide to make your Día De los Muertos accessories! The first color is black. Black is mainly used to accessorize the backgrounds of pictures and altars. Black is used as the foundation to help emphasize the other Día De los Muertos colors. The second color used is purple because it represents pain, suffering, grief and mourning. Pink is symbolic because it signifies celebration and the celebration of life. White is also a good color to consider when it comes to making accessories because it signifies purity and renewal for Día De los Muertos. Red and orange are also commonly used since they signify the sun and light. The last important color to consider when making accessories is red because it signifies blood.

Common Items in Día De los Muertos

There are many common items used when it comes to Día De los Muertos. When making your accessories, remember these items because they can help make your accessories more authentic and traditional. Skulls are everywhere on Día De los Muertos! You’ll see skulls in pictures, clay painted skulls, and even skulls on candles. Flowers are also equally important.

Flowers, vibrant colors, and skulls are common Día De los Muertos themes, but it doesn’t mean your accessory has to be like everyone else’s! Add your own unique personality to these super cute accessories:

Skeleton Hat

A cute accessory you can make is a skeleton hat. Buy any hat with one of the suggested colors and decorate it with handmade skeleton heads. Glue the handmade skeleton heads and glue them on the rim of your hat. You can also accessorize the hat with flowers and feathers!



Flower Crown

A simple accessory that you can make, and still be stylish, is a flower crown! During Día De los Muertos you will see colorful flowers everywhere. So, why not bring the flowers with you everywhere by making a crown? You can use fake or real flowers and you can make the crown have one solid color or several different colors!

Día De los Muertos Necklace

Another accessory idea is a Día De los Muertos necklace! You can go to any craft store and buy a necklace chain. Plus, you can create your own charms and hang them on your necklace. Add flowers, charms, or even trinkets your loved one loved.



Have other DIY ideas for Día De los Muertos? Contact

DIY: Your Room, Your You

Decorating your room on a budget is hard.  But with a few fun and easy ideas, you will be able to transform your room in no time.

Ribbon Curtain

RRibbons used to be something for your hair. Now they are something you can use for your bedroom window. Depending on the height and width of your window, the amount of ribbons may vary. But with just a handful, you will easily create a new ribbon curtain.

You will need to make sure your window has a rod (the stick in which a curtain is held). If not, you should ask your parents to provide you with one. Aside from that, you will need 10-20 ribbons and a pair of scissors — just in case you want to make your ribbons shorter.

Then, your first step will be to collect all of your ribbons. Make sure a window rod is tightly secured. If there was no rod before, have your parent or an adult help install one for you. Grab a ribbon from the edge and make a small knot on the rod. There should be more ribbon hanging than what is actually tied. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results!

Music noteMusic Wall

Music makes everyone happy. So why not have music notes on your wall!

You will need to make sure you have a roll of thick tape, black paint, painting brush, access to a computer and printer, regular tape, and a pair of scissors.

With the consent of an adult, you should first log on to the internet and print out any music note shape you want. By searching on Yahoo! Or Google, you should find different music notes in all shapes and sizes. Make sure each note you print out, however, is the same size. Then, print out and cut out all of the music notes.

When you are done cutting out all the shapes, grab your roll of thick tape and tape it to an area on the wall. You will do this 5 times since there are 5 staffs in music. Before you do anything else, tape another piece of tape in-between each section. Now with your black paint, begin to paint every other piece of tape. The pieces in-between are so you will not dirty your bedroom wall.

Wait about 30 to 40 minutes for the paint to dry. Once you are done, cut pieces of regular tape to put your music notes up on your wall.

Now sit back and enjoy the music!

Poster BoardGoal Board

Sometimes when we are going through a rough couple of days, it is very easy to forget things you have to do and things you have to achieve. Why not make a goal board? Force yourself to reach your goals for the day or week by creating a poster where you will get to see them every day.

You will need one poster board for your goal board. You can choose the size depending on the area where you will place your poster board. Good news! Poster boards are super cheap and can normally be found for about $0.50 – $2.00 at your local convenience store! The next thing you will need is a pack of standard size post it notes (3 in).  Finally, you will need a pack of markers.

Now you can start being a goal setter!

The top portion of your poster-board (vertically) will be dedicated to the tile of your poster. Go ahead and write (however you may please), “Goal List for”. Then next to those words, you will trace a post it note. You can write “This week,” but it is really up to you whether you wish to write “this year” , “today” , “this hour.”  Be sure to decorate this top portion with your markers. Doodle. Be creative!

Now to the bottom portion ….. Go ahead and trace six post it notes in the bottom.  Three post it notes should be on the top and three other ones should be in the bottom.  Now write your goals! Once you’ve completed them, take the post it note and throw it away. Time to post a new one!


DIY: Father’s Day Gifts

It is always hard to buy a gift for a guy friend, brother, uncle, or a boy. Your uncle would probably not like a bouquet of roses as much as your aunt. And even though we are all kids at heart, you can’t really buy your grandfather a doll. Now is the time to really think of some gifts you can buy your fatherly figure, or you can even make something yourself if you are a last minute gift-shopper or maker.  If you have nothing in mind, don’t worry! There are plenty of gifts you can make and things you can do to give your dad as a surprise gift for a Father’s Day that he will never forget. Here are some last minute go-to gifts you might want to give on Father’s Day:

Sticky Note Car (Warning: This is very time consuming)

Are you working on a budget? Well this is a surprise that would surely make a bigger impression on anyone and everyone who sees it. Here’s what you need:

A. A pack of permanent markers

B. 100+ 4×4 sticky notes

Start by writing some sweet messages to your father. It is going to take some time but write messages, one by one, on each of the sticky notes. Then, start posting the notes on your dad’s car. Depending on the size of his car, you might need a lot of sticky notes. But try to cover it up the most you can. That is the point of the surprise! If you find yourself stuck on what to write, a simple “I <3 YOU” is enough. Here is what the final product should look like:


Coupon/Activity Book

A. Construction Paper

B. Scissors

C. Ribbon

D. Markers/Crayons

Do you feel as if you’re not as close as to your father than you wish you would be? Here’s an idea! Why not give your father a coupon book where he can “cash” in on activities he can do with his favorite daughter? Give your father a coupon for “TV TIME” or “Father/Daughter Gardening.” Make him know he has quality time with you and get ready to have a lot of fun! Use markers and crayons to write out different messages on the construction paper, hole punch each one (like a mini-book), and use the ribbon to tie them together. Don’t be afraid to be creative!


The Video Message

A. 1 Smart Phone

B. Creativity

C. Computer/laptop

This idea is fun and super easy! Just make a fun plan and tape a nice video message for your father. You don’t have to have video skills to make this gift – all you need is a smartphone. Search through YOUTUBE to get some ideas!



A. 1 Blank CD

B. A computer/laptop

C. I-tunes*

Is your dad a music fan? Is that a passion you both share in common? Well, it can be! Make a mix cd for your dad with songs you like and songs he likes as well.Or make the CD with songs that remind you about him. Whatever it may be, the CD will definitely be something your dad loves! Decorate the CD case or write a nice message for him on the CD. Guaranteed smile every time he listens to it.

*You will need to purchase the music.

Giving your dad a Father’s Day he will never forget will not be difficult at all. What a dad wants the most though is just to really spend time with the family. So on June 15th leave your cellphone at home,  and don’t worry about Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook! Give your father all your attention.  Make sure to really engage with him in whatever way your family chooses to spend Father’s Day. If you don’t have any ideas yet, you can always plan to do his favorite activity. Does he like to fish? Does he like to play board games? Whatever it may be, do it with him! All that really matters on this day is to show your father that he is loved.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Candy-Hearts-for-Valentines-DayThat time of the year is coming again, the time where you walk in to the stores and you see pink, red, and white all over the place, stuffed animals of all sizes and chocolates, but everything is the same; it’s time to create something special and unique!

The Scavenger Hunt:

You’ll need balloons, paper and markers, sticky notes, and helium. Write tiny clues in a piece of paper, fold it in very small and put it inside the balloon before you fill it up with helium, you can write anything that lead to the big prize, for example “It’s in something you use daily.” Then, place these clues in different locations you know that person is on a daily basis so that they get surprised when they see it. Once you fill up the balloon with helium write on the balloon with a marker “Pop for clue” and they would have to pop the balloon to see your clue. It’s a fun, playful gift! Once they get all of the balloons popped (you can make as many as you want), lead them to where the big prize is, for example: you can fill their car or bedroom with sticky notes with memories and inside jokes of you guys, make it colorful, make it original, make it unique!

If you want to go with a simple, but cheesy gift, go with this one:

The Candy vase:

All you need is a small glass vase of any size, a sharpie marker, m&m’s and skittles. It’s a candy fun activity! Pour half of the chocolates into the jar, open the skittles and only put one. Then, pour the rest of the chocolates into the jar and you can enjoy eating  the rest of the left-over skittles! Once you’re done pouring the candy, write “You’re one in a million” on the vase. If the person likes skittles more than chocolate, you can do the same but vice versa!

The Scratch off:

All you need is a nice piece of paper, white Crayola crayon, paint (any kind), a pen, and a quarter. First, you fold the paper in half so you can make two “scratch-offs,” write “scratch to reveal,” draw three hearts, and write what you would like to give them inside of the hearts.  For example, you can write “pay for the movies,” “make you dinner,” a hug, etc. Be creative! Once you write on all of them, color the heart with the white crayon.

Tip: You will need color it in over and over.

After you finish coloring it in, you paint the hearts and let it dry. Finally, when you give it to them you can tell them only to scratch only one or, if you’re feeling generous, have them scratch off all of them. You can make your own rules for the scratch-off game.  Next, give them the quarter to use to scratch off the pain, and voila!

Similar to the cheesy, but cute, vase gift is the “Open When….” Envelopes

“Open When….”  Envelopes:

This is a smart and sweet idea to make someone’s day. To make it work you will need to get as many envelopes as possible. On each envelope put “Open when…”  to indicate when the person should open the envelope. For example “Open when you feel sad,” or “Open when you want to laugh” and inside you put something that will cheer them up or make them laugh, pictures of you guys, funny/inside jokes, anything that will make them not feel sad anymore or laugh like crazy. The point to these envelopes is to make the connection with the person stronger, whether it is a friend, family, or your special someone. When you’re done making the envelopes, put them in a pretty hardcover box and label it “Open when…” You can make an envelope out of any occasion or situation. Have fun with the envelopes; make the other person feel loved on this special day!

DIY gifts are cute and fun ways to show off your creativity. Most importantly have fun doing these gifts; picture their face when you give them your home-made present. It’s going to be even more important and valuable because you didn’t buy it at a store and no one else has the exact same thing, it’s unique.

Last Minute DIY Gifts

Looking for a last minute gift? Avoid the crowded malls and give a loved one something extra special this holiday season. Here are some easy and quick DIY gifts you can give a loved one this holiday season.

Photo Credit: Silver Gardens Boutique

Photo Credit: Silver Gardens Boutique

Toss the boring gift card packaging away and make your own gift card holder. 


-       Scissors

-       Duct tape

-       Ruler

-       Old or new gift card

Step 1:

Gather materials and cut four strips (7 inches long) of duct tape. Lay them down so the sticky part is facing up.

Step 2:

This part can be a little tricky. Select one duct tape strip and gently parallel the strips with one another by overlapping the first piece onto a second strip (about 1/8 of an inch). The sticky parts for both pieces are still facing you.

Step 3:

Repeat Step 2 for the remaining two duct tape strips. You should have two separate larger pieces, like duct tape fabric, instead of four.

Step 4:

Gently place one piece (sticky side) over the second piece (sticky side). After connecting the sticky sides together, cut off any excess tape from the corners. Voila! You’re almost done!

Step 5:

This part is like wrapping a present. Grab an old gift card, or a new one, and place the card onto the duct tape. Fold the bottom and top part at desired length – as if you were creating a sleeve for the gift card. Trim any excess tape.

Step 6:

Cut a new duct tape strip (4 inches), and cut 1inch strips from it. The strips will add the final touch. After you are done cutting the trips, tape each side of the gift card holder, and you’re done! You can add a bow to it for an extra touch, or use different colored duct tape to make it more snazzy.

Photo Credit: Elaine Craig

Photo Credit: Elaine Craig

Make Your Own Photo Snowglobe:

  • Photo
  • Packaging tape
  • Empty jar
  • (optional) Figurines (avoid metal figurines)
  • Glitter
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin

Step 1:

Gather materials and select a treasured photo of a memory between you and your loved one. Next, prep the photo and jar.

Step 2: Remove any label residue from the jar.

Step 3:

Depending on the size of the jar, Elaine Craig, crafter at Wonder How To, states “You’ll want to print it in a size that is half an inch smaller than your bottle or jar’s width/diameter and height.” Waterproof the photo by laminating the front and back with packaging tape.

Step 4:

Roll up the photo, insert in jar, and adjust the position. Make sure that when you are inserting the photo you are aware of how you will display the snow globe. For example, if you are displaying the snow globe with the lid at the bottom then you will need to insert the photo upside down.

Step 5:

Fill up jar with water almost to the top, add a spoonful of glycerin, glitter, sequins, beads, and/or figurines or ornaments.


Photo Credit:

Wrapped Vase

This super easy craft will make your mamá, abuelita, or tía smile. Who says flowers are only for mother’s day? Adding flowers will make this super cute vase even more special.

- Yarn
- Empty glass bottle (wine bottle, mason jar, etc.)
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Here is one of my favorite easy craft projects! All you need is a little hot glue, an empty glass bottle, and some yarn. Starting at the bottom, wrap the yarn around the bottle, securing every few inches or so with a dab of glue. Once you have reached the top, you’re done! You can use buttons, jewels, or felt flowers to embellish your vase if you like.

Step 1:

Gather materials and remove label residue from the jar.

Step 2:

Wrap yarn around the bottle. The process will work best/go smoother if you start from the bottom. As you are wrapping yarn, place a drop of glue every few inches to secure the yarn. Be careful! You only need a small drop to hold it in place.

Step 3:

Don’t be afraid to be creative! Spice it up with different colored yarn or adding a few jewels or sequins to add a little oomph to the design. Adding flowers will make the special woman in your life smile.

Tip: If you want to use a plastic bottle instead of a glass bottle, follow the same steps but instead of hot glue use super glue.


Photo Credit: Alicia Rascon

Photo Credit: Alicia Rascon

Frame for Dad

Give your papá something to display on his desk at work  or in his office.

-       Two sheets of Cardstock

-       Photos of your papá

-       Frame

-       Scissors

-       Glue stick

Step 1:

Gather materials and cut out the word “DAD” in the cardstock. Set the cardstock with the word “DAD” aside.

Step 2:

Select and print out photos of him, your family, or both of you! Using 2-3 photos per letter will work best, because you can place them side by side or on top of one another.

Step 3:

You can either trim the parts where the photo is not visible through the letter before gluing them to the second sheet of cardstock, or only glue them onto the cardstock. You will need to make sure the photos are visible through each letter.

Step 4:

Let the glue dry, place the cardstock with the word “DAD” cut out on top of the pictures, and insert/adjust when placing into the frame.

Tip: If you are feeling adventurous, you can print several pictures and cut them out to fit in each letter, like a collage.

Photo Credit: Alicia Rascon

Photo Credit: Alicia Rascon

Artsy Gift for Grandma

Give your abuelita your own version of a family tree. This gift is twice as valuable if it is made with her other grandchildren.


-       Paint

-       Paint brush (optional)

-       Paper

-       Frame

Step 1:

Gather materials and prep the area. You will need to wash your hands before you move on to the next color.

Step 2:

You can either use a paint brush or your finger to paint the trunk of the tree and branches.

Step 3:

After you are done creating the trunk and branches, use your handprint to create the leaves of the tree.

Step 4:

Wait until it is dry, write a holiday message, and insert into the frame. Pretty simple, right?

DIY Room Organization

Tired of all the clutter around your room? Try these simple DIY tips to spice and organize your room on a budget. Let your creativity flow and if you love them so much, you can even give one as a gift to your friend.

Magazine storage

Photo from

Photo from

Magazines can pile up and take space in your room.To solve the problem you will need a large empty cereal box. First, you need to carefully cut the top lids of the box. Then, on the larger side of the box you need to start cutting from the top of the box to the bottom and leave 5 inches from the bottom up. You need to repeat the same thing on the other side. Then cut the side of the box that is alone, and leave 5 inches of the box from the bottom up. Finally, you can decorate your box with wrapping paper by adding stickers of your choice.

Storage Box

You can use this box to store and organize your makeup, pencils, etc. First, you will need a shoebox and about 7 carton toilet paper rolls. Then, you need to decorate your box by using gift-wrapping paper, markers or stickers. Using a glue gun glue the carton rolls vertically and try to fit as many carton rolls as you can — depending on the size of your box. Now you can store your lip gloss, eye liners or pencils!

Necklace Organizer

Renovate your old frames by using them as a necklace display that will also decorate your room. You can spray paint or use acrylic paint to color the frame. Using thumbtacks, place them on the carton board and hang your necklaces on the thumbtacks. Now you have a glamorous frame that will keep all of your precious necklaces in order.

Cotton and Q-tips Holder

This is a perfect way to keep your cotton balls and your q-tips in an accessible order.  First, you need a big empty candle jar. Then, to add some color you will need to paint an empty toilet paper roll. Use your creativity to paint patterns with different colors. Once the paint dries you can glue the toilet paper roll to the bottom of the candle jar. Now you can add the Q-tips inside the toilet paper roll and the cotton balls around the roll. 


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DIY Room Decor & Organization

Have you ever felt the necessity to organize your room and to make it look pretty at the same time? Recycling is important and also an affordable way to create decorations for your bedroom. As teenagers we tend to leave stuff everywhere around our rooms, but there’s a way to combine creativity, organization, and our cute chic items that we leave lying around. Here are some easy eco-friendly ideas to spice up your room:

Makeup brush holder

This is a really simple organizational project that you can make with minimal tools. You will need a big empty candle jar or a jam jar. First you need to clean the jar and remove the left over product and any labels on the jar. Once the jar is clean you can fill it with coffee beans, rice or beads. Fill up about ¼ of the jar with the content of your choice. This will keep your make up brushes in place. To decorate the jar you can add a colorful bow to the front of the jar. Then insert your makeup brushes into the jar and enjoy your accessible makeup brush holder!



Makeup palette organization storage

If you are a makeup junkie and you do not know how to store your make up palettes, here is a simple and reusable project. Everybody has a plastic CD or DVD holder which can also turn into makeup palette storage. You can spray paint the plastic CD holder so that it will match your room and to make it more unique.



Ring and Earring Storage

A simple and inexpensive way to keep your jewelry organized by using plastic ice cube trays. You can paint the tray with different colors and patterns to make it look more colorful. In each slot you can put a pair of earrings or rings. Another way you can organize your earrings and rings is by using an egg carton that you can easily paint with watercolors or acrylic paint. It is an easy way to reuse objects that you have at home.




Jewelry Holder

To organize your jewelry you will need two cups and two plates that you will never use again. First you need to place a plate on a flat surface and with a hot glue gun you can glue the bottom of the cup to the plate. Next you need to glue the second plate to the top of the cup. Finally you glue the last cup to the top of the plate. Now you can enjoy your cute jewelry holder and if you will like to glam it up you can glue rhinestones or stickers to the cups.

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