Finding Your Perfect Look

Fashion for a girl is usually very important, so we all know how stressful it can be looking for an outfit. Everyone has a different style, so remember to just be thinking about what you LOVE when it comes to expanding your wardrobe this school year. By following these rules, you’ll be on your way to becoming the fashion queen at your school!

Make a List

It’s a good idea to make a list before you go shopping. If you are wandering around a store without being prepared, then be prepared to be walking around for a few hours. To make things less stressful and more efficient, make a list! You can write down whatever you want. A suggestion would be to write down your favorite colors. This is usually a good start to making sure you don’t go over budget. You can also maybe write down your favorite animals, flowers, and even patterns! This list will help your creative juices flowing and, in no time, you’ll start to see what kinds of outfits you love. Another suggestion is to write down any of your favorite clothing items that you already own. You might just want to find something else with a similar style.

1016130_299715566840320_2117876336_nDress Appropriate

Since it’s middle school, you’ll have to dress appropriately. Many middle schools actually have dress codes. If you happen to break it, then that’s a pass to the principal’s office. Remember that it’s middle school, so don’t try to show too much skin that will cause concern. If you have a free dress day or don’t have to wear a uniform, check your school’s dress code rules. You can also show the list to your parents and they’ll be able to help you as well when on the hunt for the perfect outfit.

Cute Outfits Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

When summer ends a ton of sales will start to go up. Plus, there’s always Black Friday (in November) and other deals that happen throughout the year. Every store has a website that advertises their sales. Finding out where the sales are is super easy. First, start with writing down a list of your favorite stores. Then, ask your parents to help you find out about the different sales by going to each store’s main websites. Not only will you be happy, but your parents will be happy with a fuller wallet as well!

Shop Smart

If you find a sale that you absolutely have to go to because your favorite jacket is 50% off, be prepared to get to your favorite stores early! The sale is open to EVERYONE. It’s actually very normal for stores to sell out of specific clothing items because of the good deals. That is why preparation is key. Once you have arrived to your favorite stores, keep the list that you wrote everything on. Pre-planning your shopping list is normal, but don’t be shy to look around. Walk around the store and look at what catches your eye. You might find something cuter and better at the store.

Parent Approval

Congrats, you found your perfect outfit! But, most likely you won’t be paying for it. Your family’s approval is very important because if they like it, then most likely it is school appropriate. And if they are happy, then they may happily pay for your outfit (not always, especially if it’s too expensive).

With the perfect planning and timing, you’ll be able to find your perfect look. Plus, you’ll also be saving a lot of money and making your family happy. Find your perfect look and strut your stuff on throughout the school year.

Dreams On Pointe

© BE Studio Inc 2013For many girls, attending dance is a great way to have fun or to participate in an exciting form of exercise. For others, it is the passion that pushes them to the edge of exhaustion and then some, in order to be the graceful figure on stage. Becoming a professional dancer is something that has most likely crossed the minds of many young girls, but those who wish to pursue it as a serious career will find that it takes far more than attending the occasional class.

What many dancers do not realize is that reaching the professional level takes more than joining the dance team at school.  It takes sacrifice and a large amount of one’s time and dedication to the dance studio. The life of a dancer who wishes to pursue the role of a professional revolves around being healthy and maintaining stamina- all while pushing yourself to be better and stronger everyday. This pursuit is no different than becoming a professional athlete and requires the same amount of serious dedication.

Making it in this Industry

Careers in dance are not for the faint of heart, nor those who cannot stand a bit of strong-willed perseverance. From the perspective of a dance student who now teaches at the studio she established after working with a pre-professional company, Jessica Zamarripa, a native of Laredo, Texas and founder and creative director of Laredo School of Contemporary Dance says, “I have had a lot of students come and go… [because] dance requires a lot of time. It requires a lot of sacrifice… even now as a dance teacher, I have to sacrifice my personal life. But I have no regrets, it’s all going to be worth it.”  After dancing with pre-professional contemporary dance company Ballet East of Austin, Texas, Zamarripa established Laredo School of Contemporary Dance to fill the need for a pre-professional dance industry in Laredo


On her thoughts about what it takes to make it in the industry: “You need to have the heart to be in this field. It does not matter if you have the natural ability alone, the other part is your willingness to work through the monotony of countless rehearsals and repetitions.”

Careers in dance start and end in youth. The earlier you train, the better the chance of improvement and the more things you retain over time. Once you figure out dance is the career for you, the hours spent at the dance studio become something to look forward to, no matter the price- and this price will be your hard work and dedication. According to Zamarripa, those who seek immediate results “belong in the audience, watching dance.”

Quiz: How Do You Handle Conflict?

Photo courtesy from

Photo courtesy from

written by Stephanie Hernandez 

Handling conflict can either make you look like a total spazz or as if you are cool, calm and collected. Whether you yell and scream at top of your lungs or excuse yourself to get your thoughts together, what you do says a lot about you. Are you curious to see what category of conflict resolution you fall under? Take the quiz and find out how you handle high pressure situations.

When confronting a problem with friends or family, which are you most likely to do?

a)         You tend to keep your feelings and opinions to yourself.

b)         You speak in a loud and demanding voice.

c)         You use sarcasm.

d)         You express your feelings clearly and appropriately.

Which of the following do you relate to the most?

a)         “People never consider my feelings.”

b)         “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

c)         “Oh my god, I love you……..not!

d)         “I can’t control others but I can control myself.”


If a friend talks behind your back, you _____.

a)         Hold in the pain and anger and wait for it to fade.

b)         Confront and yell at them in front of everyone.

c)         Spread a rumor about them.

d)         Talk to them in private and tell them what bothered you, in a calm and respectful way.


When your parents tell you to clean your room, but you really don’t want to, you _________.

a)         Clean while mumbling your frustrations quietly to yourself.

b)         Scream to your parents and tell them you’re not doing it.

c)         Tell them you are going to clean it in order to get them off your back, but the truth is you’re not going to do it.

d)         Listen to you parents because you understand that your room should be cleaned.


When you witness someone being mistreated verbally, you ______.

a)      Watch and hope that someone else stops the situation.

b)     Get involved quickly and harass the abuser, because that’s what they deserve.

c)      Know it’s wrong but don’t do anything  about it, and you later tell your friends all about it.

d)     Approach the situation in a calm matter and try your best to communicate with the abuser to calm them down.

If you answered mostly A.

You are passive.

Being Passive makes you avoid expression, opinions and/or feelings to those around you. You don’t do well with confrontations, and it means that you do not respond well to anger and tend to hold things in. This buildup of emotion can be harmful if you bottle it in, because it can get overwhelming and might lead to an outburst.

If you answered mostly B.

You are aggressive.

Being aggressive means you mostly care about your own feelings instead of others. Be careful with being aggressive because it may lead to disrespecting others without even realizing it. You tent to be confrontational, but sometimes you can  be physically or verbally abusive to others for the sake of being right/feeling superior.

If you answered mostly C.

You are passive aggressive.

Being passive aggressive is a combination of being passive and aggressive. You do not like face-to-face confrontation, but you act out of anger in subtle and indirect ways — like being sarcastic or making back-handed compliments/comments (like indirectas). 

If you answered mostly D.

You are assertive.

Being assertive is something everyone should strive to be. You are clear about your feelings and communicate them in a respectful way. You make your needs known without violating the rights of others.

Most people are a little passive, aggressive, passive aggressive, and assertive in different areas, but, in the end, most of us tend to lean towards one side a little more than the others. When handling conflict, always remember that you’re never alone. Talk to your parents or counselor for help.

Sizzling Makeup Tips

IMG_2729As we wrap up the end the end of summer, we have the need to keep fresh and sweat-free as long as humanly possible, and your face is no exception. And there are certain rules to live by during the summer for your best facial care. For example, when temperatures rise, it is far more comfortable to wear light makeup than to pack on the foundation.  As most trends in the summer go, your makeup routine should get lighter as well. This means no cakey foundation, and no mineral powder on top of your liquid or mousse foundation. Everything from your blush to your eyeshadows should change for maximum comfort. Read on for some simple tips and tricks on applying and wearing long-lasting makeup.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the holy grail of all things makeup. It should be the first thing you apply in your makeup routine, and you should never go a day without it. If you simply cannot give up your foundation routine, you can find some makeup that comes with a little bit of SPF protection. It is always best to have a base or primer in your makeup routine for lasting coverage, and you can use a moisturizer with sunscreen in place of that for the summer or year round. If you would prefer a sheer finish as opposed to medium or heavy coverage, try BB cream, or Beauty Balm cream. Every makeup brand has their own version, some with matte finishes, others with shine. Depending on your preference and skin type, you can find one that suits your skin for a natural summer look, or use during the rest of the year for light coverage throughout.

 Use Cream Eyeshadow

The most recent revolution in eye makeup is the lovely new, cake-free, long-wearing, cream eyeshadow. Maybelline has a lovely collection of varying shades, from vibrant teal to nude beige. You can wear these alone for some color that you can build by simply adding more, or you can use these as primers underneath powdered eyeshadow. The application is quick and easy- just dab your finger in the pot and gently rub onto your lid, spreading the color upward and onto your crease.

 Use Cream Blush

No summer makeup routine is complete without cream blush.  Swap your powdered blushes that appear cakey in the summer, for a light, cream blush for a more natural, dewy finish. Cream blushes can be applied the same way that cream eyeshadow is, using your fingers to spread it across the apples of your cheeks, or you can use a stippling brush to help you spread the color. However you choose to apply it, wearing this new trend in blush will leave you with a summery sun-kissed glow.

Try the Smudged Eyeliner Look

Clean lines and precision in the perfect cat eye is great, but when you want things shaken up a bit, and if you like the idea of “lived-in” liner, follow these simple steps for a eye liner with just the right amount of edge. I highly recommend doing this look with neutral, matte shadows since the eyeliner alone will be a lot of color. For this look you’ll need any color eyeliner that you wish to smudge, and a “C” eyeshadow brush which can be found at your local drugstore. I like to use e.l.f. brand brushes which are both inexpensive and good quality. The first step to achieving the smudged liner look is taking your regular pencil liner and lightly lining the top lash line. This line doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be smudging it, anyway, so don’t worry about precision.  You can also dab a little bit along the lower lash line for an even more smokey look, but if you prefer a cleaner look, just do it on the top. Once you have lined your eyes, take the “C” brush and swipe it across your lash line, effectively spreading and smearing the eyeliner. The longer you smudge, the lighter the color will be, and it will spread across your lid, eventually covering your eyeshadow, and this is a great day look, since the color will be diluted. If you keep the eyeliner only smudged along the lash line, you’ll have a darker, more smokey effect. If you decide to do the lower lash line, make sure to apply less eyeliner and smudge very little and very gently with the brush.

If you like these tips and tricks enough, keep them in mind for your makeup routine all year. I suggest changing your palette at the very least, from lighter and brighter colors, for example a shimmery peach blush, to a more matte or subtly shiny pink blush for the winter.  Eyeshadows colors in the summer usually lean towards neon or pastel colors for a look of airy lightness, and in the fall and winter seasons, you can trade those in for a more neutral and slightly darker palette.

Young Female Artists in San Antonio

ArtSuppliesSan Antonio features several young artists, musicians, and poets throughout the city. Meet some of the vibrant artistic women in San Antonio.

Manuela Gonzales

Born in Venezuela, she began to discover her love for drawing at an early age. Now, she attends St. Mary’s University as an Internal Relations student and still regularly draws on the side. Most of her artwork focuses on her own thoughts and desires.

“Everything else in the world is so analytical and art is the one thing that has no rules. Anything you think of can be created into a reality,” said Manuela.  She intends to incorporate art into her future profession as well. Some of her artwork can be viewed at plumeetencre on Tumblr.

Sarah Garcia

Sara Garcia, 19, will be attending the Art Institute of Chicago this fall. As a child, her mom would always make creative projects since she had access to a lot of supplies as a pre-k teacher but her interest in the fine arts really began to peak during high school. A lot of her art focuses on the vast traditions and folklore in her Chicana heritage. Her personal cultural experiences provides a connection between her art and the viewer. Sarah plans on getting her Bachelors of Fine Arts to make a career out of her art. Her artwork can be seen at saritagarciaart on Instagram.

Natalie Dee Sauceda

Natalie Dee Sauceda, 18, also found her passion for art at a young start. She began drawing in kindergarden in order to fully express herself and she hasn’t stopped since then. Natalie believes art is important to her because “it breaks down social barriers and creates a sense of identity for the artist” and she plans to use art in her future profession. Her artwork may not be suitable for younger viewers or those who are easily offended, but you can find her grotesque artwork at gatalajara on Instagram.

If you would like your art featured by Latinitas, e-mail your art work to 

Avoid the Boy Drama

Boyfriend - LatinitasThere’s a really dreamy guy who you and your friend just “ooh” and “ahh” over. Everyone thinks he is just the best guy in the whole wide world, a total cutie.

One day your wish comes true: He talks to you and thinks you are pretty awesome. But, the hard part, what about your friend who likes him just as much as you do? Or reverse it, he talks to your friend and thinks she is the best girl ever. How would that make you feel? Would you still want to be friends with her? What would you two do?

Well, here is the best answer: drop him! No real girlfriends should ever, ever fight over a guy! University of the Incarnate Word freshmen, Brigitte Prunty, says it’s important NOT to fight over a guy because “you never know if he’s worth it. Your friends are way more important.” Your friends have been with you during your ups and downs and truly love you for the great girl you are, and a guy shouldn’t stand in the way of a friendship.

“Both friends need to get over him. If both are genuine friends, they wouldn’t break a friendship over some guy. They would get over him and move on with their lives with each other in it. That’s what matters most,” says Leia Hill, a junior at University of the Incarnate Word.

Advice from One Girl to Another

Both Leia and Brigitte agree that a boy is not worth losing a friend. Brigitte also knows how it is to be in this sticky, tough situation, since she has unfortunately experienced boy drama with a friend.A really close friend of Brigitte liked this one guy a lot. Even though Brigitte thought he was really cute, she wasn’t him into him that much, especially since she knew her friend was so into him. But, that didn’t keep this guy from liking Brigitte. After Brigitte’s friend found out this guy liked Brigitte and not her, Brigitte says, ”My situation was not fun at all.”

Of course, this caused Brigitte’s friend to become angry, and somewhat jealous. Brigitte apologized and insisted she did not want this at all. After giving her friend some space and time to think, Brigitte’s friend came around and they made up! Brigitte says, “Do the best you always can as being a good friend. Don’t give up on the situation– there is always a solution.”

“Every single relationship needs its ups and downs to be able to grow and prosper into the best, strongest relationship it can be. Which is why it is okay to have a rut happen in the relationship, just as long as both friends are smart enough to pass this rut,” Leia says.

In a situation like this, make sure to set boundaries. Any guy your friend may be interested in and you’re not into, is only a friend  and that you’re not into him. Simple. It is totally natural for your friend to get her feelings hurt and be upset if a guy she likes ends up liking you. Give her space and keep reassuring her; she will come around!

Just as you and your friends cherish each other so much, thinking the guy you’re into will  replace your friends may not work out the way you expect it to. There could be a day where you are feeling really sad and just need to talk and cry it out, and you go to him for emotional support. But, he sees you crying and thinks to himself: “this is not what I signed up for.” Always remember if this guy is a good guy, he wouldn’t dare break a friendship between two close girlfriends.The cute guy you thought was the love of your life may not stick around, but a true friend always will.

Friendships include arguments and hard work in order to sustain the wonderful bonds they have.Girlfriends are valuable treasures and the genuine treasures last a lifetime!

“After both friends have moved on with their lives and forgotten the crazy circumstances they were in, when they look back in their time together, they will laugh with each other and remember the (now little) arguments, and can both say ’we got over this.’ It made them the friends they are today,” says Leia.

It’s always exciting when you like a new guy, but it isn’t exciting when you lose a friend because of a guy. Make it fair for the both of you and just remember a friendship comes before a dating relationship. You and your gal pal need to always have good communication when you feel like something may hurt your friendship. If both of you like him, avoid competing for his attentions. It’s not healthy for you or your friendship. Talk with your friend about what’s fair for both of you, and for both of you to find someone else to crush on.

Beauty Diary

249144_265003270311550_560818037_nFrom Covergirl and Revlon to MAC and Clinique, we are surrounded by advertisements and the pressure to be pretty with the help of cosmetic products. Some girls love makeup while others can’t stand to wear so much as tinted moisturizer. Thus, wearing makeup really means something different to each individual.

Beauty Is Truly In The Eye of The Beholder

The significance of makeup often varies with age. As a young girl, swiping that coveted wand of mascara across your lashes might seem like the ultimate ticket to teendom- and then as one gets older and busier with school, a job, etc., makeup is just a regular part of your day, if you even wore it to begin with. The purpose of makeup can be controversial, especially when it comes to figuring out how to use it and understand the meaning behind putting something on your face that is not naturally there. Having a healthy idea of one’s image without makeup helps with having a healthy relationship with cosmetic products.

The Purpose of Makeup

Rising junior at Trinity University and Biology major, Celina Provencio, says: “Makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty, [so] I don’t like to wear a lot. Just to enhance the features I have. I am more likely to wear makeup when I go out.” For Celina, an average day of makeup application means some blush, concealer and mascara for a natural everyday look that glows. As a girl who started wearing a basic and minimal powder, mascara and blush combo in middle school, she considers the beauty industry to be more helpful than harmful.

When asked about what the makeup and the beauty industry means for women, she stated, “It is helpful in giving a confidence boost when enhancing your features, but it [creates obstacles] when you rely on it to make you feel beautiful.”  A confidence boost can come from anything like covering up some blemishes to having some sparkly eyeliner for prom. The important thing to remember is that makeup does not make someone beautiful, but rather the belief that they are beautiful shines, no matter what product you do or don’t wear. And, as long as you wear makeup, knowing this and that it is ok to indulge in dolling yourself up if you like to do that- you are three steps ahead of anyone telling you differently.

Makeup is essentially about owning your beauty. Wear your makeup proudly if it helps you feel pretty, just don’t let your makeup wear you.  Remember that a bare face is perfect just the way it is, and while a touch of blush and a stroke of mascara won’t change your life, it can be fun to play up your already gorgeous looks.

The 411 on Quince Traditions

quince crownSo you’re having a Quinceañera. First off, congratulations! You’ve reached a very important part of your life and it is fitting that you go all out for your 15th birthday, chica! You’ve probably already heard from friends and family just how important a Latina’s 15th birthday is. But what exactly does a Quinceañera mean for us Latinas? And what about all those traditions that go with it? It can sound overwhelming, but don’t worry: here we’ve broken down exactly what means what and why it’s important. Read on and start getting excited for your quince!

The Quince 

A quinceañera celebrates the Latina’s transition from childhood to young womanhood. In other words, it means Latinas leave the carefree days of childhood behind to take on the responsibilities of young adulthood.

The Dress

You know those dresses you’ve seen at other quinces? They’re not just any dresses; they represent the first “adult” dress a young Latina wears. Traditionally, quince dresses are white or pink to represent purity.


Traditionally, the quince celebration was the first time a Latina would be allowed to wear makeup! Nowadays though, it has become more and more common for us girls to wear makeup at a younger age before we turn 15.

The Religious Ceremony

The ceremony is a big part of the quinceañera and involves certain important items, so we’re going to break it down for you, starting with the mass itself:

The Ceremony is a mass during which the girl gives thanks for the first fourteen years of her life and renews her baptismal vows. It is customary for a rosary or other religious item to be given to the girl by her godparents or parents. Not all quinceañera religious ceremonies are necessarily Catholic. Non-catholic girls may choose to have their own ceremony or invocation led by a pastor, family member or friend.

The Tiara is a gift which is sometimes given to girls is a symbolic reminder to her family and loved ones that she will always be a princess. In the religious sense, it means the girl is also a princess before God and the world. Quinceañeras may also be given a scepter to symbolize adult responsibility. Sometimes  a birthstone ring and a bracelet are given as additional gifts to represent the girl’s coming of age and femininity.

Flowers aren’t just for decoration at a quince mass. During the mass, the quinceañera presents flowers to the Virgin Mary. Fifteen roses may be used to symbolize the girl’s age. The flowers themselves are very symbolic during this ceremony: the stems represent strength and the petals signify sweetness.

The Reception

On to the fun part, the reception! Receptions are held after the religious ceremony or invocation. The guests get together and enjoy a meal before the dancing begins, which consists of five parts:

The formal entry is the grand entrance made by the Quinceañera at the reception after most of the guests have been seated.

The first dance is the first dance of the evening, starting with the quinceañera dancing (usually to  a waltz) with her father.

The family dance follows the first dance and is usually also a waltz. It involves the immediate family, chambelanes, godparents and closest friends of the girl.

The preferred song is typically a modern one chosen by the Quinceañera that everyone dances to!

The formal toast follows after everyone dances for a while. It is an optional but usual part of the reception that is generally started by the girl’s godparents or parents.

FUN FACT: Did you know that traditionally, Mexican girls couldn’t dance in public until they turned fifteen? The only exception was at school dances or at family events. Therefore, the quinceañera’s waltz with the chambelanes was a girl’s first public dance.

Want to know about more quince traditions? Read on to find out about some fun optional ones you can include in your big day!

Changing of the Shoes
In this ritual, the quinceañera will have her shoes changed from flats or sneakers to a pair of high heels, symbolizing her transition from childhood to young adulthood.

Last Doll Ceremony
The quinceañera presents a doll (it may or may not be dressed in a gown similar to the one the birthday girl is wearing) to a younger sibling, relative or friend. This ceremony is based on a Maya tradition and it relates to the girl’s reception and renouncement of the doll as she grows into womanhood.

Ceremony of the 15 Candles
The birthday girl gives fifteen candles to people she considers to have been the most influential in her development during the first fifteen years of her life. It is often accompanied by a speech directed to the people who receive the candles. The ceremony is also referred to as the Tree of Life. The fifteen candles symbolize the fifteen years the girl has “left behind”. Each individual candle represents a special memory shared with people who are invited to be a part of the ceremony.

Leading Chicas of YouTube

imagesSometimes surfing the internet can either be very fun or very boring. Maybe you have a day where there aren’t any updates from your favorite tweeters, or maybe you’ve spent just too much of your time scrolling through Tumblr. For days like these, Andrea Acevedo, 13, likes to head over to YouTube. “I check out YouTube when I’m bored to see if there are any new funny videos,” she says, “and a lot of times, there are.”

Of course, you might be asking yourself, ‘But where do I start?’ YouTube is a HUGE website with a variety of videos. From the weird to the funny, there are so many different v-loggers (video bloggers) out there and each v-logger has either a little or a huge fan base. Here are five female YouTube stars whose videos you should check out:

Dulce- dulcecandy

Dulce is a Latina from California with 1.5 million followers. She also happens to be the official beauty blogger of Cosmo for Latinas! Her videos focus on makeup, hair, DIY videos, and nail tutorials. Fun fact: She even has a La Llorona costume tutorial.


Kathy Cano-Murillo- craftychica

Kathy is a Latina whose channel is all about crafting! If you’re into crafting, or want to do a little DIY with your friends or family, check her out. She has videos on jewelry, art, and clothes, all ranging from easy to hard depending on your level. She has over 11,000 followers, so make sure to subscribe if you like her videos!

Bethany Mota- bethanymota

From sunny California, Bethany has 5 million followers! She has A LOT of DIY videos for those of you who want to fill your summer days with projects. The girl is so popular that she even has her own clothing line with Aeropostle!

Kat Lazo- TheeKatsMeoww

With over 1,000 followers, Kat is a Latina who vlogs about her life as a woman and her experiences in this day and age. She’s open and honest in all of her videos, so if you want to know more about feminism  and women in the media then you should definitely check out her video feed.

Bunny Meyer- grav3yardgirl

From the Houston area, Bunny has almost 2.6 million followers, or as she likes to call them, Swamp Family Members. Bunny’s channel has videos ranging from fashion and thrift hauls to her popular Does This Thing Really Work? In this segment she tests makeup and “As Seen on TV” products. Bunny is very open about her life experiences and has a habit of making everyone feel comfortable and loved during her videos.

Whether you end up liking these particular YouTuber or you click through the different recommended videos and find someone who you really love, YouTube is a great place to check out and connect with those who have similar interests as you. “I’ve learned so much from YouTube, and I love how I’m able to find new and different ways to connect with people,” says Martha Garcia, 17. “It’s even better when they’re Latina because I really like seeing others like me being represented on YouTube.”

Advice: Fixing BFF Troubles

Have you ever been in a sticky situation with your friend and you don’t know what to do or how to face it? Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s an extra hand to show you that you’re not alone. Fighting with your bff can be stressful, so what should you do when you and your friend(s) are not seeing eye-to-eye?


I am fighting with my friend because she tells me what to do. Is it wrong of her to do that?

You shouldn’t let your friends tell you to do something you don’t want to; talk to her in a respectful manner and tell her you don’t like the way she treats you. Once you talk to her and if she doesn’t understand, she is not a real friend. Don’t let other people push you around. If she is really your friend, then she will understand that you are hurt and will need to stop treating you poorly.

I have a friend that does not hang out with our other friend. What can I do to fix it?

First, you should ask your friend why she doesn’t like hanging out with your other friend. If it’s a serious reason, for example: they had problems in the past, or because your other friend treated her with disrespect, then respect her decision and don’t force her to hang out if something happened between them. But if your friend doesn’t hang out with the other person only because they don’t know each other, then just tell your friend to give your other friend a chance to get to know one another instead of judging before hanging out. Hang out all together so that your friend can see what a good friend your other friend is, try talking about things they might have in common, make jokes, basically something to avoid awkward moments; sooner or later, they will end up talking to one another and becoming friends.

My best friend has been hanging out lately with another girl that I don’t like so much. Although I have never spoken to this girl, I don’t know if I should get mad or not. What should I do?

If the other girl is being a bad influence and is causing your bff to start acting negatively, talk to your best friend about your concerns. If this is not the case, talk to your best friend about possibly hanging out together so you can meet her. Even though your bff is hanging out with someone else, you’re still her best friend. Perhaps your best friend is hanging out with her because she’s a cool person. Give the girl a chance so that it doesn’t cause problems with your best friend in the future. You might end up liking the other girl.

 My friend and I were supposed to do a big project together. It was really important to me because it counts towards my grade, but for her it was voluntary for her class.  We had to work on it, but every time we tried to work together she didn’t feel like working. This frustrated me so much! My teacher says I have to think about what’s best for me. I am thinking of kicking her out of the group. What should I do? 

Try talking to her first to see if there is a reason why she’s not putting in the same effort. Explain to her that even though she’s not getting a grade the project is really important for you. Avoid yelling or accusing her of being lazy. Instead, talk to her nicely about her behavior and that if she doesn’t want to help out then you will have to take her name off of the project because it isn’t fair that you do all the work and she gets credit for it too.

Have an advice question you want answered by one of our teen writers? Send questions to

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