Price of Beauty


Written by Jackie Aguilar

In 2013, the European Union decided to ban all products or product ingredients that have been tested on animals. In the United States we have laws for animal cruelty yet none on them seem to ban animal testing. According to the Humane Society, 92% of experimental drugs that are deemed “safe” in animal trails fail in human clinical trials.

Animal testing first took off in 1920, since then it has continued to grow and exist. Since 1920 technology and humanity have made it over so many mountains but we have yet to fully go over this one. The question is: why haven’t we?

“I never really think about it. Animal cruelty has been shunned when it comes to beauty products. When you think of beauty products, you don’t think about what it took to make them but how they are going to make you look, which is kind of materialistic and selfish but that’s how society is,” says Monica Burciaga, 17.

For girls like Angelia Carrete, 17, being conscious of brands you buy can be hard, and when you’re trying to find a specific brand it might even be the last thing on your mind that day.

“I have honestly never thought about it. It is something I do care about, but for some reason it has slipped my mind, ”says Angelica Carrete,17.

“When you think of beauty you really don’t think about what it took to make them, but only about how they are going to make you look,” adds Burciaga.


In order to create awareness about the issue and create a lasting solution, we must shed the ignorance we have put ourselves under and realize that this is a problem.

As a society we think that if it is out of sight, it’s out of mind. However, the truth is that even though there are companies whose products are not tested on animals, there are many companies who still practice animal testing.

“I don’t think we should still be testing on animals because first off, the chemicals in makeups shouldn’t be so harsh that we nee to test them in the first place. Secondly, as advanced as we are with technology there should be some way to test it on something other than animals,”says Rosemary Vozza,17.

In fact, some companies try to comply with animal cruelty laws of other countries in order to “pass” as cruelty free. Even though this is publicly accessible information, the role animals play in the production of make-up still remains a problem in the United States. claim that up to 90% of animals used in U.S. labs are not counted in the official statistics of animals tested.

Burciaga,Carrete, and Vozza have agreed to be more proactive of animal-tested products. Being more proactive and making the decision to making a change is the first step. What you buy matters! It’s kind of like a vote for the company. If more people stop purchasing the brands that are not cruelty free, the company will be forced to revaluate why and do something to change that. If we want to make a change for these animals, we must be proactive with awareness and our power as consumers. The next time you’re shopping for a new palette, check the packet for a cruelty free logo. Remember, raise awareness and support cruelty free companies.

Want to know if your favorite make-up brand is cruelty free? Check out this official list of what companies test on animals:


Spring Braids

Whether you are studying for a big test or working on your soccer skills, your thick hair always seems to be getting in your face. Do these scenarios sound familiar, chicas? Instead of slicking your hair back in a head ache inducing ponytail, try out some of these braided hairstyles just in time for spring. They are all heat free, quick and abuelita approved.

For all of these looks you will only need bobby pins, hair elastics and an optional styling product to hold your hairstyle all day.

Hanging Low

  1. Start by sectioning off a section of hair from the front of your head. If you have bangs, you can leave them out for this look.
  2. Tie the rest of your hair in a side ponytail.
  3. Begin braiding the sectioned piece of hair towards the back of your head.
  4. Bobby pin the braid behind your head.
  5. Twist your side ponytail into a bun and hold with hair elastic.
  6. Spray your hairstyle with finishing spray to hold the look throughout the day (ex. hairspray or spray gel).


Best of Both Worlds


  1. Start at the top of your head and begin French braiding your hair.
  2. Stop braiding when you get to the back part of your head.
  3. Combine the rest of your hair with the braid and tie it into a ponytail with a hair elastic.
  4. Spray your style for an extra hold.


La Princesa

  1. Section off a piece of hair from one side of your head and begin braiding it towards the back of your head.
  2. Secure the braid with a bobby pin.
  3. Repeat step one on the opposite side of your head.
  4. Secure the second braid by crisscrossing the bobby pins behind your head.
  5. Tuck in any extra hair under the braids.
  6. Spray your style for an extra hold.


If you’re feeling some extra springtime inspiration, add clip-on flowers or hair bows for a unique touch. Who said convenience can’t be cute? Now get to braiding, chicas!

Hairstyle MatchMaker

There are so many hairstyles in this world, but so little hair! There are so many factors when it comes to picking the perfect style for your hair. Whether you’re a person that’s always on-the-go or someone who likes to take things slow, there is a perfect haircut for everybody! Something that is important to think about when choosing your haircut is your face shape and personality.

Hair Length

Something to carefully consider is the length of your hair; how long or short do you want your hair to be? If you are a girl who is always in a rush to get to school, then a short to medium length is a good option. The longer your hair gets, the more maintenance it requires because it starts to lose its strength. That is why girls with long hair will take longer than a girl with short hair. If you want long healthy hair, then you have to be patient and be willing to work with your hair by buying conditioners and other products to help strengthen it. So, if you’re a chica who is looking for some spice and easy handling, then a cute short hairstyle could be the thing for you.

There are many hairstyles out there that can truly make a girl look cute and professional while saving time by being easy to handle. If you are a girl that has time and the patience, then a long length could be the way to go! Many girls can get irritated by split ends and tangles, and that its why maintaining long hair can be a challenge. Although, with patience comes rewards. Long hair is also a good option for fashionistas who love to do exciting things such as curling and braid hairstyles that can only be obtained with long hair.

Hair Texture

Hair can be thick, thin, straight, wavy, and curly. To find the perfect haircut, think about your hair texture If you want a short hairstyle and you have curly hair, remember that your curls can shrink up the shorter it gets. Therefore, if you cut an inch then the final product is that your hair will get shorter by two inches or more — depending on your curls. Hair can also change depending on the length. For example, a chica with wavy hair might get straighter the shorter the length is. You’ve had your hair for years, so you know how wild or tame it can get. Take some time to understand how exactly your texture changes when it comes to haircuts by straightening it, wetting it, or simply measuring it.

Face Shape

Face shape is also a very important factor when it comes to the foundation of your haircut. A haircut can either compliment or bud heads with it. If you happen to have a round face shape, long hair will actually make it look less round. If you have a shorter hairstyle, your face might appear more rounder. If you happen to have a long face than long hair might make your face look even longer. If you have a square face, then you might consider wanting to get choppy ends to even out your strong-like features.



Your personality can also influence the type of haircut you should get.  A new haircut can boost your confidence, so if you think that you look fabulous with a short bob, even though you have a round face, then go for it! The feeling you get after getting a haircut is mainly influenced by your attitude and personality. If you are fun and creative, and you like long, big curls, then you’ll love long hair. If you’re more on the shy side and don’t want to go a little too crazy, trimming, adding bangs, or even adding layers is the best bet. And if you’re an athlete or an avid traveler, then a short and fun hairstyle would most likely be the best option for you.


By picking the perfect haircut, you’ll be enhancing your beauty, personality, and even lifestyle. There are guidelines when it comes to picking hairstyles that flatter your features, but remember that you have the right to break the rules and still be beautiful. The best thing about the haircut is that it is not permanent — hair grows! Have fun and experiment to find the perfect match made in heaven haircut for you. Remember chicas, you’re all fabulous and beautiful.

Beauty Diary

249144_265003270311550_560818037_nFrom Covergirl and Revlon to MAC and Clinique, we are surrounded by advertisements and the pressure to be pretty with the help of cosmetic products. Some girls love makeup while others can’t stand to wear so much as tinted moisturizer. Thus, wearing makeup really means something different to each individual.

Beauty Is Truly In The Eye of The Beholder

The significance of makeup often varies with age. As a young girl, swiping that coveted wand of mascara across your lashes might seem like the ultimate ticket to teendom- and then as one gets older and busier with school, a job, etc., makeup is just a regular part of your day, if you even wore it to begin with. The purpose of makeup can be controversial, especially when it comes to figuring out how to use it and understand the meaning behind putting something on your face that is not naturally there. Having a healthy idea of one’s image without makeup helps with having a healthy relationship with cosmetic products.

The Purpose of Makeup

Rising junior at Trinity University and Biology major, Celina Provencio, says: “Makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty, [so] I don’t like to wear a lot. Just to enhance the features I have. I am more likely to wear makeup when I go out.” For Celina, an average day of makeup application means some blush, concealer and mascara for a natural everyday look that glows. As a girl who started wearing a basic and minimal powder, mascara and blush combo in middle school, she considers the beauty industry to be more helpful than harmful.

When asked about what the makeup and the beauty industry means for women, she stated, “It is helpful in giving a confidence boost when enhancing your features, but it [creates obstacles] when you rely on it to make you feel beautiful.”  A confidence boost can come from anything like covering up some blemishes to having some sparkly eyeliner for prom. The important thing to remember is that makeup does not make someone beautiful, but rather the belief that they are beautiful shines, no matter what product you do or don’t wear. And, as long as you wear makeup, knowing this and that it is ok to indulge in dolling yourself up if you like to do that- you are three steps ahead of anyone telling you differently.

Makeup is essentially about owning your beauty. Wear your makeup proudly if it helps you feel pretty, just don’t let your makeup wear you.  Remember that a bare face is perfect just the way it is, and while a touch of blush and a stroke of mascara won’t change your life, it can be fun to play up your already gorgeous looks.

How to Start Experimenting with Makeup

Deciding whether or not to wear makeup should come down to two things: if you want to and if you are comfortable with it! According to tenth grader Ana Rivera, girls should wear makeup “if they like it, not if they [feel] they need to [according to] someone else’s [opinion].” Twelfth grader Nancy agrees with Ana, saying: “[it] depends on them (girls) and how they feel about it.” Wearing (or not wearing) makeup is a personal decision. Glam it up or keep it natural because it is what makes you happy, not anyone else!


At What Age Should I Start?

Ah, the age old question. The answer is, well, there is no definite answer! In a series of interviews conducted for this article, high school girls gave a range of responses. Alyssa Ariola, a tenth grader says 13 is a good age for girls to start wearing makeup. For Adriana Cardiel, a  twelfth grader, 13 is too soon. “14 or 15” is an appropriate age for girls to start, she says. Nancy Palacio has a median answer, saying 14 is a preferable age to begin experimenting with makeup.

If age does not determine when you should wear makeup, what does? According to Beauty Fool blogger Renée, the best age to start wearing makeup is “whenever you feel you are ready to wear [it. Everyone is different, so a single answer does not fit everyone. Whenever you’re ready, go for it!

How Much Makeup Should I Wear?

For those of us starting out, it is tempting to want to try on everything in the makeup department; everything looks so pretty and fun! However, it is best to slowly “ease into it with little things,” according to Ana Rivera.

To play up your eyes, Adriana suggests wearing clear mascara and pencil eye liner. For your lips, Nancy suggests trying lipstick. If you are barely starting to wear make up, soft pinks are the way to go. Leave those dramatic hot pinks, reds, browns or purples for when you are older and more experienced with makeup. If you want to take it a step further, you can sweep on a little blush, according to Nancy. Keep in mind: you do not have to wear all of this stuff at once! It depends on what features you want to bring out.

Now What?

Now that we have answered some of your big makeup-related questions, the choice is up to you. If you feel like you are ready to experiment with makeup: go for it and have fun, because makeup should be fun. Never feel obligated to change the way you look because of peer pressure or because you feel you are not “good enough.” You’re already perfect, chica.

How to Have Flawless Skin

In order to have a porcelain skin you need to take care of it in many ways, especially on how you clean it. Your facial cleaning routine is very important because you can get rid of dead skin cells and it prevents breakouts. It is important to remove all your makeup before you go to sleep so you won’t get your pores clogged with makeup products.

Face wash:

To start your routine you need to use a face wash that is specially formulated for your skin type (oily, dry or combination). Washing your face is important because it keeps the impurities away from your face and it removes all the dirt from your skin.

Here are some options for a cleansing face wash: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub for oily skin or if you have dry skin use Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser.

Makeup wipes:

If you are feeling lazy and you want an easier alternative you can use makeup remover wipes, like the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Cleansing Wipes. Another affordable alternative is the E.L.F Studio Make-up removing wipes. However, you shouldn’t use makeup remover wipes everyday because they tend to leave some residue on your skin that can clog up your pores.
Eye makeup remover:

It’s a tough day for a chica when she has problems removing waterproof mascara with plain water. This is why you should use a makeup remover specifically for your eyes. The eye area is the most sensitive part of your face and makeup residue can irritate your skin. To remove eye makeup residue you damp a cotton ball with a gentle makeup remover product like Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover for Lids or Lashes and Lips. A drugstore alternative is Sonia Kashuk Remove-Eye Makeup Remover.


Exfoliating helps remove your dead skin cells to rejuvenate and leaves your skin velvety soft!  Instead of your skin looking dry and blotchy, exfoliating will make your skin look soft and clean. The Clean and Clear Deep Action exfoliating scrub or St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub are affordable and good products for making your skin radiant and fresh.

To use these product, you rub the product in circular motions around your face and then rinse with warm water. You finish your routine by rinsing your face once again; this will tighten your pores and helps remove blackheads.


The most important step in a face wash routine is to moisturize your skin that is ideal with your skin type (oily or dry).  A moisturizer refreshes your skin and hydrates it while prevents premature aging signs.  One recommendation is the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer.


To protect you from being  sunburnt, you should always wear sunscreen — yes, even on cloudy days. You should apply at least an SPF 15 facial sunscreen every day before you head out the door. Some moisturizers include sunscreen which is a plus. You might consider using Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisture with sunscreen SPF 15 or Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Ultra Calming, SPF 15.

Facial Mask:

Once a week you should apply a facial mask to pamper your skin. Facial masks help you open your pores and remove impurities from your skin. Facial masks come in different forms, such as: clay, peel- off, gel or cream.  You might consider using the Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask Cucumber or Freeman Facial Clay Mask.

You should take into consideration that our bodies need water to function properly and so does your skin. You should drink plenty of water for your skin to remain hydrated and radiant. The way you take care of your self will reflect on your skin. If you follow these simple tips you will have fabulous skin for years to come.

Five Fresh Summer Hairstyles

Summer – school is out and experimenting with hair styles is in. From messy braids to flower crowns, the key to fresh summer hair is to mix it up.

One thing about summer hair is clear:  The “ombre” hairstyle is out.

“You walk down the halls and everyone has hair that goes from brown to blonde,” says 17-year-old Destanee.

Even though fierce ladies from Ciara to Jennifer Lopez still rock the gradient hairstyle, here are some tips for fresh, new summer looks.

Twist and turn

Update braids for summer by aiming for less than perfection.  Here are some quick steps to get a unique, messy, side braid:

1.      Take all of your hair to one side and divide it into three parts

2.      Loosely braid the middle section and “mess-it-up” by gently pulling the hair to make the braid look loose

3.      Now take the other sections and begin braiding your side braid (the middle section will be the messy braid you just made)

4.      Now, “mess-up” your side braid by gently pulling the hair out of the braid. This will create the “messy” feel.

Viola!  In a few easy steps you have made a romantic, braid-within-a-braid look.

Take cover

Photo from

Summer heat can mean harsh rays on new summer dos.  To protect hair from the summer sun, re-purpose fall scarves into colorful head wraps.

Here are a few steps on how to make a sassy bow with your head scarf:

1.      Place the middle of the scarf on your hairline, taking one end in each hand

2.      Wrap each end around your head, crossing each side at the back of the head

3.      Bring the ends back up to the front and make a bow to the right of the center of the hairline

4.      Tuck the ends under the bow and fluff to perfection

Hair illusions

Rubi, 13-years-old, and Fernanda, 14-years-old, nodded in agreement to short hair as an up-and-coming summer fad.  But for those who are not ready to commit to short hair, the faux bob is here to help.

Here are some steps to get the runway-ready faux bob:

1.      Divide you hair into a top and bottom section

2.      Braid the bottom section into two braids and pin them diagonally to the bottom of your head

3.      With the top section, make a low and loose low ponytail

4.      Tuck the ponytail under, pinning it to the braids underneath for security


Top it off

This look is a style that is chic in any season – the top bun.  The do-it-yourself internet community took this style to a new level of popularity with tutorials on how to create the top bun using only parts of a sock and an elastic band. Here’s how:

Photo from

1.      Find a lonely sock, the thicker the better, that more or less matches your hair color

2.      With scissors, cut the foot off of the sock, leaving the sock straight and open at both ends

3.      From one end, roll the sock down making a donut shape

Now you have your own, hand-made, donut that you can use to make the perfect bun. Here’s how:

1.      Make a high ponytail and pull your hair through your sock donut

2.      Spread your hair evenly around the sock donut

3.      Tuck or pin the excess hair around the donut

Now you have your very own timeless top bun.

Flower power

“Flower crowns are the new trend,” says 17-year-old Janette.  “You can use real flowers or fake flowers.”

Whether you clip petals from your garden or find silk flowers at a local craft store like, flower crowns are the summer answer to winter headbands.  This youthful trend is blooming on runways, red carpets, and on do-it-yourself websites. Here’s what you will need:

1.      5-10 assorted silk flowers

2.      Wire

3.      Pliers and

4.     Scissors

5.      Tape (painter’s, masking, or packing tape)

Making your floral crown:

1.      Make a circle with the wire large enough to fit your head

2.      Cut the silk flowers, leaving around 1-2 inches of stem

3.      Using pliers or your hand, wrap the flower stems around the wire crown

4.      Tape the ends of any wires sticking out so you don’t poke your head or hands

In a few minutes you have made your very own, trendsetting, flower crown.

With personal takes on these looks, you are ready to make waves with your fresh, new summer styles.

Fingertip Fashion- Nailed It!

A girl’s hands have an image of its own and are able to express themselves through colors and accessories just like any outfit. Dressing your fingertips in colorful nail polishes has taken a twist from the average French Manicure every lady was sporting a few years ago. Stickers, rhinestones, stripes, hearts, polka dots, and a wide variety of colors that don’t match have all come together to dress your nails in unique art.

You can create your own figure fashion expression without the expense of a salon with the latest nail polishes and press-ons. Sally Beauty Supply offers small bottles of nail polishes available in a variety of colors for only one dollar. It is a great offer if you are seeking to experiment and try something new. However, if you want to think outside the box, then 3D options are also available in stickers and rhinestones. The majority of accents can be found in the beauty section of pharmacies and even at the mall at Claire’s. It also never hurts to look around downtown in your home city for cheap offers on large quantities of supplies.

Whether you decide to bling up your style or get creative with the brushes, just have fun with the illustrations you place on your fingertips! Even if it is a simple stripe across the nail, you are already doing something unique that no other girl will have because there is a large variety of combinations in colors on which way you can go!

Pastel nail polish

Pastel nail polishes mixed in with strong or neon colors accentuate each other and make a great bold combination.

Home made manicure

Rock a twist to your manicure by drawing playful stripes on top of your nail polish. A thin nail marker typically makes the job easier to control and adding a clear coat to your finished piece will help protect the design from chipping fast.

Blends of nail polishes

Can't decide which nail polish to go for? Mix it up! A simple coat of yellow mixed in with orange will also add a hint of pink and give your manicure an extra splash.

Natural Beauty Masks

Nowadays, more and more beauty products include natural ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen. Instead of spending on expensive treatments, revive your skin using these age old “mascarilla” (facial mask) recipes.

Quenching Agua-cate Mask for Dry Skin
Vitamin E in honey helps sooth and heal dry skin. At the same time, the rich oils of the avocado restore your skin’s health. Try this hydrating mask for a moisture intensive treatment.
½ avocado
¼ cup of honey

Mash the avocado and honey in a small bowl. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse the mask off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry with a towel.

Na-just Breakfast Mask for Combination Skin
Oatmeal is great for cleansing your skin of impurities. It absorbs dirt and oil leaving it soft and smooth. Meanwhile, the vitamin A in bananas will help nourish and moisturize your skin. Use any time of the day for a glowing complexion.
¼ cup of oatmeal
½ banana

Cook the oatmeal as directed. Let it cool and mash with banana. Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and it dry with a towel.

Tropical Smoothie for Oily Skin
Papaya is great for your skin because it’s rich in vitamins A and E which help nourish skin. It’s also good to use with yogurt which will moisturize your skin just enough without making it feel too oily. Treat yourself and your skin with this tasty recipe.
¼ cup of papaya
¼ cup of natural yogurt

Blend the papaya and yogurt to make a smooth paste and pour it in a small bowl. Apply the paste to your face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry with a towel .

Acne Red-ucing Mask
Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid, while tomatoes have vitamin A which can help prevent acne. Try using this red mask twice a month to reduce redness and unwanted pimples.
¼ cup of tomato
¼ cup of strawberries
1 tbs. of honey

Blend the tomato, strawberries and honey to make a chunky mix. Pour mix into a bowl and apply to entire face avoiding the eye and lip areas. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water and pat face dry with a towel.

Sweet Exfoliation
Exfoliating helps remove old, dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy looking skin. It also helps to remove dirt and prevent pore clogging that can cause pimples. An easy way to exfoliate your skin is by using sugar. You can also add a bit of lemon juice to help lighten your complexion. Use this recipe once a month to keep your skin naturally clean.
¼ cup of sugar
4 tbs. of lemon juice

Mix the lemon juice and sugar in a small bowl. Gently rub the mixture all over your face avoiding the eye and lip areas for about 2 or 3 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry with a towel.

Soothing Potato Eye Mask
Try this mask to keep your eyes looking perky like you’ve had a full night’s sleep. The potato will sooth your eyes and reduce puffiness leaving you happy from head to toe.
1 small potato (shredded)
1 cup of cold chamomile tea.

Boil a tea bag of chamomile tea (or green tea) in 1 cup of water. After boiling add ice cubes to cool. Lay back and apply about a tablespoon of shredded potato on and around your eyelids. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the potato an rinse eyelids with cool chamomile tea. Pat your eyelids dry with a towel.

March 2011

Beauty At Any Cost

As a teenager with Hispanic roots, Victoria Banuelas has experienced first-hand the physical demands of a Hispanic female. Banuelas is a high school junior who feels that while in El Paso her “culture” focuses on the importance of being “religious and educated”, but soon found “that experience opened [her] eyes to reality” and that she was the minority in a society that is all about “appearance, brands, and other luxuries”.

In a recent report released by the Young Women’s Christian Association, also known as the YWCA, “Beauty At Any Cost” outlines the “narrow beauty standards” representative of beauty products, cosmetic surgery, and diet programs. These social beauty norms are adopted in one way or another by most young girls in our society.

The YWCA report stresses that “every woman in the United States participates in a daily beauty pageant, whether she likes it or not”. From the overwhelming advertisements (in magazines and on television) about the best mascaras or the most beautiful nail polish to reality shows such as “Dr. 90210”, which focuses on cosmetic changes like breast augmentation surgery, girls don’t stand a chance.

“Girls are taught that only one type of beauty is acceptable,” Dr. Ann Branan Horak, a Women in Literature and Religious Studies Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), declares. Dr. Horak expresses that this superficial standard “creates incredible pressure to become the acceptable version of beautiful”, which also becomes “incredibly damaging” to how females feel and see themselves.

Dr. Horak stated that the image of beauty for most of society is “tall, white, and thin” and the outside of a girl is all that is seen and focused on. This shows how the idea of beauty is really shallow and wrong, especially for Hispanics and other minority girls whose physical features may not always fit the “normal” beauty standards.

Still, most beauty products, such as make-up, nail polish, and fragrant lotions, are no secret to females of any age. In fact, if we were to walk down the toy aisle of our local grocery store or shopping center there is sure to be several sets of play make-up and children’s vanity sets. How can this not send a powerful message to young and impressionable girls?

Banuelas believes that it is every female’s personal choice whether or not to buy or wear make-up. However, Banuelas states that while “society promotes it as important to be beautiful…beauty products are not necessary.”

The popular beauty industry represents an unrealistic view on life and the expectations put on girls. Solange Guillaume, a junior at UTEP, shares her satisfaction in wearing make-up almost daily and carrying a travel size bottle of her favorite fragrant lotion, Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Guillaume admits, “These things (beauty products) are not a necessity, but I like the way it makes me feel; pretty and girlie…The problem is really when girls overdue it,” says Guillaume about breast augmentations and other cosmetic surgeries.

It may be said that young girls and women feel the need to wear a certain “beauty mask” in an effort to gain (or keep) approval. But where is the line drawn? Will the popular phrase “no pain, no gain” continue to hold value in a world where beauty equals success, self-worth, or love?

By Rosemarie Montez