HWNT Scholarship

Latinitas is excited to partner with the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas for the HWNT Writing Contest & Scholarship.


Applications are due on April 30. To download an application, submit the online form below or Download this HWNT Scholarship Application and email HWNTEPScholarship@gmail.com.

Mother’s Day Writing Contest

Attention teens from El Paso, Texas! Looking for a really special way to say  thanks to your mom for a lifetime of love and support? Searching for  just the right way to express your most sincere feelings about what she  means to you? What have you always wanted to tell her? By entering the  Latinitas Mother’s Day contest you can let your mom know just how  important she is, get published, and enter to win a spa day package and prize basket for  your mom.

The Día de las Madres essay & art contest is focused on  inspiring Latina teens 10-19 in El Paso to write essays commending their mothers for their love and capturing the inspiration their mothers give their families all year long. Entries should highlight why your mother  or motherly figure is special to you.
“We all have things we’ve  always wanted to tell our mothers – or someone who has been “just like a mom” in our life – and this contest invites girls to share those  feelings through writing and art,” said Alicia Rascon, Latinitas Co-Founder.

“We created the Día de las Madres contest to give  people a meaningful way to share their own words of admiration about  their moms,” added Rascon.
Latinitas invites visitors to submit their work at MyLatinitas.com or via email to latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com. Submissions should be between 250 to 500 words.

The deadline for submissions is April 28. The contest is open to Hispanic girls ages 10-19 residing in the  Greater El Paso region.
The selected submissions will be featured on the LatinitasMagazine.org website.  In addition, the top winner will receive tickets to a spa day event for moms as well as a prize basket. Winners will be announced online just in time for Mother’s Day.


Latinitas Selected as Finalist for Hispanicize Positive Impact Award

Hispanicize and 3M Recognize Five Outstanding Latinos For Extraordinary Community Work

Hispanicize 2015 organizers today announced the winners of the Positive Impact Awards, a national program sponsored by 3M that recognizes outstanding Latinos who contribute selflessly to improving their communities.

This year’s list of winners highlights everyday people who are making extraordinary efforts to champion children and the elderly, propel the growth of STEM-related careers, innovate in public education, empower young women, and lend support and resources to those in need.

“The collaboration, sharing and dedication that is demonstrated by each of these individuals makes them a shining example of what it means to live life in service of others,” said Hispanicize Event founder and creative director Manny Ruiz. “The time and effort that many people dedicated to nominating these individuals is a testament to the amazing work that is being done in our communities across the nation.”

The winners of the 2015 Positive Impact Awards are:

— Alicia Rascon & Laura Donnelly, Founders of Latinitas, – Austin and El Paso, Texas, empower young women using technology as a tool to discuss issues.

— Dr. Daniel King, Superintendent Pharr Independent School District, Pharr, Texas, is an innovator in public education.

— Karina Andrea Quintana, Florida International University Engineering Student, Miami Springs, Fla., advances the growth of science, technology, engineering and math careers by reaching out to other students.

— Nora Sandigo, Foster Parent, Miami, Fla., lends support and provides resources to the community.

— Irene Martinez Jordan, Educator and Advocate – Denver, Colo., champions the needs of children and seniors.

“This year’s awardees are truly making a positive impact,” said Stephen Sanchez, global communications manager for 3M. “We hope their stories inspire others to follow in their footsteps.”

Founded by Laura Donnelly and Alicia Rascon, Latinitas was originally conceived as a class project at the University of Texas Austin over 12 years ago as a way to address the misrepresentation and lack of positive portrayals of Latinas in media and technology. To do this, Laura and Alicia founded the only digital magazine of its kind, made for and by young Latinas.

Through this initiative, Laura and Alicia have developed innovative digital media, technology and cultural literacy education programs in the form of clubs, camps, workshops and conferences that have served tens of thousands since 2002. Laura and Alicia and the programs they have created are teaching girls to try new things, to express themselves and to outline their goals and dreams. To this date Latinitas has served over 20,000 elementary, middle and high school Latinas with after school enrichment programs focused on media, technology and cultural literacy. The dynamic of the program is one where the girls are modeling behavior for their younger counterparts and the formula is working. As a result, 92 percent of Latinitas program alumni reported that they had graduated from high school within four years.

Vote for Positive Impact Person of the Year

Beginning February 5, 2015, the public will have the chance to vote between the winners for Positive Impact Person of the Year. The winning nominee will be announced during the Positive Impact Awards gala, sponsored by 3M, which will take place on March 19, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Intercontinental Miami Hotel. To vote, visit: www.hispanicizeevent.com/pia .

The Positive Impact Awards were created in 2013 in honor of the late Louis Pagan, co-founder of Hispanicize and a well-known social media entrepreneur, who passed away suddenly in February 2013. Louis was widely known for his kindness and commitment to giving the community a voice through his vast social media networks. In the same way, the Positive Impact Awards recognize those who contribute selflessly for the betterment of their community.

Latinitas Celebrate Women in History (El Paso, TX)


WHAT: International Women’s Day Celebration

WHEN: March 7 from 10am to 2pm

WHERE: 7000 Edgemere

WHO: The event is open to girls ages 10-17 along with their moms.

WHY: Girls and moms are invited to celebrate International Women’s Day with activities promoting girl power, confidence and self-expression. The event features a film screening of short films about strong women leaders, a celebration of women in history as well as hands-on art, poetry and musical activities. The workshop is presented by the American Association of University Women and Latinitas. For more information, call 915.219.8554, email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or visit www.laslatinitas.com


Girl empowerment comes to UTEP – Prospector Feature

Girl empowerment comes to UTEP

 The college chica workshop will be held Feb.21 at the Mike Loya Services building.


Julia Hettiger, Staff Reporter
February 17, 2015
Filed under Entertainment

Latinitas, an organization that works  to empower young Latina girls, will be collaborating with UTEP to host their College Chica Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to explain the importance of college through campus visits, presentations and other activities.

The event will take place on Feb. 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mike Loya Academic Services building. Girls ages nine to  17 are encouraged to attend and learn about the importance of education.

“We want girls to walk away inspired to focus on education and to give them the tools they need to get ready for college early,” said Alicia Rascon, co founder of Latinitas.

The girls who attend the workshop will have the opportunity to meet with college mentors and interview professional women with college degrees.

“The workshops will give girls a breakdown of the steps needed to apply for college and how they can start preparing throughout middle and high school to get ready for college,” Rascon said.

There will be workshops to help girls prepare financially for college by covering the basics of financial aid.

“We will also help girls in planning how they can fund their college education through financial aid and scholarships,” Rascon said.

Participants will go on a tour of UTEP and meet with student leaders, giving them the chance to ask questions and get hands-on experience from current college students.

They will also work in teams to create public service announcements to help share the importance of college with their peers.

Rascon and her colleagues at Latinitas hope to recruit 100 girls from middle and high schools in the El Paso area for the event.

“Latinitas offers numerous outreach programs to help empower girls to build confidence, discover their voice and grow as leaders,” Rascon said.

The College Chica Workshops offer many other programs and activities to encourage girls to be leaders and take charge in many aspects of their lives.

“We host monthly girl empowerment programs and offer ongoing after-school programs in partnership with local schools and community centers,” Rascon said.

Latinitas will also be having an event titled Viva la Mujer as a celebration for Women’s History Month on Mar. 27, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Café Mayapan at 2000 Texas Ave. They will also be collaborating with the UTEP Women in Business Association to host their Girl Power Fest in April.

Latinitas is located at 215 N. Mesa. For more information, call 915-219-8554.

Julia Hettiger may be reached at the prospectordaily.ent@gmail.com.

- See more at: http://www.theprospectordaily.com/entertainment/2015/02/17/girl-empowerment-comes-to-utep/#sthash.eHgNP5cG.dpuf

El Paso January 2015 ENEWSLETTER



100 Mujeres
Aim High Spotlight
Volunteer Spotlight
Nominate a Leader
Intern Spotlight
About Latinitas

January 31 from 10am-3pm
El Paso First – 1145 Westmoreland
Girls  ages 10-17
This day of girl power  features  inspirational guest speakers, dance and fitness activities, and hands-on workshops promoting  healthy  choices, nutrition, wellness
and confidence.

TO RSVP ONLINE: visit  http://laslatinitas.com/programs/registration
Contact us at latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or 915.219.8554.


During this season of giving, invest in the next generation of young Latina leaders. Latinitas is kicking-off a campaign to rally women to help ensure the  future success
of young Latinas. We are starting a movement to unite  100 mujeres in the cause  of empowering young Latinas. Your monthly donation of $10 can make a significant
difference in  helping empower Latinitas to build confidence, discover their voice and  become leaders.

How does your $100 donation make a difference?

$10 a month for 10 months helps cover…
-sponsorship for a week-long half day summer camp for 1 girl
-give 5 girls a field trip to a college campus
-sponsor 1 girl in our after school program for 1 full semester
-host a multimedia arts empowerment workshop for 10 girls
-help 10 girls attend one of our girl empowerment conferences
-media training for 1 youth editorial advisory board member for 1 semester
-contribute towards a $500 university scholarship for a college leader

<a href=”http://laslatinitas.com/events/100-mujeres-campaign” track=”on” >Make a
donation online now. </a>

On November 1, Latinitas held its annual Aim High event to help young girls in   middle school through high school learn about different career  options. We had
multiple guest  speakers sharing their experience with the girls including Anna Mattersdorf, Tina Williams, Lucy Hernandez, Monica Cortez, Maritza Holguin and Dr.
Christiane Herber-Valdez. Our girls interviewed professional like  meteorologists, doctors, computer scientists, physics professors, health  professionals, science
and math teachers. Our girls also had a chance  to design their own bridge structure in an engineering activity, create  their own computer game, interview college students about their  career aspirations and make their own video and  photography project sharing their career goals.  Here is what a few of our girls shared about their

* I liked how we learned how to be prepared for college and careers to start thinking about. I liked how they motivated you. -Aracely
* Everything was wonderful! I liked everything from the guest speakers to the different career choice stations. – Zavia
* I  enjoyed everything! I liked when I made a  bridge, took a video as a doctor,played medical bingo and more.  -Victoria
* I enjoyed hearing all sorts  of people talk about their careers, what to do in college and to help others. -Anassa
* What  I enjoyed the most was learning the different careers that you can  choose from and how to get there. Also, how people came across their  career and how they never gave up. – Karla
* What I enjoyed the most was how to prepare for college. Also, I enjoyed participating in the computer science activity. – Emily

Thank you to our Partner Organizations: American Association of University Women, Texas Girls Collaborative, Mexican-American Engineering Society, Women in Computing, Women in Business Association, Texas Tech Women in Medicine & Science, UTEP Physics Department,Wells Fargo, El Paso Electric, American Society of Civil Engineers, Future Educators of Math & Science, Biological Student Association.


We  would like to extend our deep gratitude to our Aim HIgh Co-Chairs,  Stephanie Moreno and Lucy Hernandez, for working diligently to put  together this excellent
learning opportunity for our girls.

Lucia  Hernandez was  motivated to join Latinitas because she wanted “to give  back to my  community.” She has a masters in public health from UTEP and  currently
works at the YWCA coordinating the Two Should Know program.  “I feel that  with  my experience in the work force I have skills that  can help move  the mission of
the Latinitas forward. I hope to help  young Latina women embrace themselves and  become strong, confident,  independent woman.”

Stephanie  Moreno is completing her graduate degree at UTEP and recently got  accepted into medical school. “I wanted to get involved with the Aim  High STEM event because I feel  passionately about exposing girls to  science and technology and the  opportunities it can offer them in the  future,” she shared. “It is extremely  important to connect girls to  other women because it gives them an example that they can look up to. Volunteering with Latinitas has been an extremely rewarding experience   all around, but the best part has been connecting to the girls and   learning about their future dreams and goals. It has been very special   to work with them and make an impact in their lives.”

Thank  you to our dedicated and hardworking fall interns who contributed their talents and passionate throughout the semester to make an impact in empower the next generation.
Giselle Portillo
Graphic Design Intern
EPCC, Marketing Major
Latinitas helps me gain “real-world” experience in the field of advertising and  graphic design. I am eager to work for “Latinitas”  and be able to contribute to a helping organization like this one. “Latinitas” would be the first step to  help me gain the experience, grow and get exposure that I need in order to reach  my  goal of advertising and letting people know about good intentioned services.

Michelle Bretado
Marketing Intern
UTEP, Media Advertising Major
I’ve had  several friends intern with Latinitas and they had so many positive  things to say about the internship. I like that I can express my creativity, utilize  my communication skills, and learn from my peers.Participating in an  internship with
Latinitas will allow me to gain experience in my field  as well as empower young  teens in a positive way. This internship will  help me explore my career interests and gain experience working in my  field of study.

Karla Castillo
Web Design Intern
UTEP, Computer Science Major
I wanted to get involved because I heard that working with this organization was  a lot of  fun. And you only don’t learn about one area you could learn much more than that. I am currently working for a certification for Dreamweaver,  and Flash from Adobe because my career goals are to focus on webmaster.  Latinitas will help me reach my goals to gain real life  experience because I want to learn more about web pages.

El Paso Program Bulletin Jan/Feb 2015



Girl Power Academy
Healthy Chica
Teen Leaders
College Chica

Latinitas is recruiting girls in grades 4-8th for our Girl Power workshop series. Girls will meet on a monthly basis throughout the semester to hear inspirational
guest speakers, participate in hands-on workshops, meet role models, build confidence, express themselves creatively and discuss girl power topics. The program will encourage girls to grow strong, healthy and confident as they develop leadership skills, connect with female role models, learn ways to overcome peer pressure, boost their self-esteem, learn about the importance of education and explore career options.

* BE YOUnique (January 24 from 1:30-3pm at Jose Cisneros Library – 1300 Hawkins) connect girls with leaders
* HEALTHY CHICA – (January 31 from 10am-3pm at El Paso First – 1145 Westmoreland) promotes health & wellness
* COLLEGE CHICA – (February 21 from 10am-2pm at UTEP) prepares girls for higher education
* WOMEN’S DAY – (March 7) helps girls learn about women leaders
* GIRL POWER FEST – (April) promotes confidence and leadership

January 31 from 10am-3pm
El Paso First – 1145 Westmoreland
Girls ages 10-17 are invited to join us for a day of girl power featuring inspirational guest speakers and hands-on workshops promoting healthy choices, wellness and confidence. Girls will have an opportunity to participate in a yoga workshop, session on healthy eating, dance lesson and fitness activities. Join us for creative expression activities that will help girls de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. This workshop is hosted in partnership with El Paso First Health Plans. To pre-register, visit: http://laslatinitas.com/programs/registration
For more information, please contact Latinitas at 915.219.8554 or latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com

We are recruiting high school girls to serve as teen leaders to mentor younger girls. The group meets monthly one Saturday each month throughout the school year.
Teen Leaders will serve as a youth advisory board, help with recruitment and promotion, aid with workshop planning, assist our workshop presenters, serve as mentors for girls, guide small team activities and lead icebreakers and teambuilders. For more information, contact us at latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or 915.219.8554.

February 21 from 10am-2pm
UTEP Mike Loya Academic Services Building
Girls are invited to discover the importance of college and get an insider’s view of college life in the Latinitas College Chica workshop. Girls will have an opportunity
to tour the UTEP campus, meet college student mentors, attend workshops on the importance of education and participate in activities to start preparing for college.
This workshop is co-hosted by Latinitas and the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement. To pre-register, visit: http://laslatinitas.com/programs/registration
For more information, please contact Latinitas at 915.219.8554 or latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com

College Chica Prepares Girls for Higher Education (El Paso, TX)



WHAT:  College Chica is a full-day conference centered around college attainment. The event will feature college prep workshops, a college student panel and keynote speakers presenting on the value of academic pursuit.


WHO: Girls ages 10-18 are invited to attend Latinitas’ College Chica conference. The event is co-hosed by Latinitas, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young Latinas, and the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement.


WHEN: February 21 from 10am-2pm


WHERE: UTEP Mike Loya Academic Services Building


WHY: Young Latinas are suffering the highest rates of school drop out of all their female peers and College Chica is a direct effort to curb those statistics by demystifying the college experience. Girls are invited to discover the importance of college and get an insider’s view of college life. Girls will have an opportunity to tour the UTEP campus, meet college student mentors, attend workshops on the importance of education and participate in activities to start preparing for college. Sessions on video production, photography and blogging will feature investigative activities on why college is important, what it is like and how to afford it.


CONTACT: For more information, contact Latinitas 915.219.8554, or latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com.

Healthy Chica Promotes Confidence & Wellness (El Paso, TX)


WHAT:  Healthy Chica is a workshop centered around health and wellness featuring fitness activities, yoga, dance demonstrations, wellness workshops and a health professional panel.


WHO: Girls ages 10-18 are invited to attend Latinitas’ Healthy conference. The event is co-hosed by Latinitas, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young Latinas, and the El Paso First Health Plans.


WHEN: January 31 from 10am to 3pm


WHERE: El Paso First Health Plans – 1145 Westmoreland


WHY: Girls ages 10-18 are invited to join us for a day of girl power featuring inspirational guest speakers and hands-on workshops promoting health, wellness and confidence. Girls will have an opportunity to participate in a yoga workshop, a session on healthy eating and a dance lesson. Join us for creative expression activities that will help girls de-stress, relax and rejuvenate.


CONTACT: For more information, contact Latinitas 915.219.8554, or latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com.


Business Chica Testimonials



In December, Latinitas hosted the Business Chica conference to connect girls with role models, help girls discover career options and to promote entrepreneurship. Girls had a chance to meet inspirational business owners, participate in financial literacy workshops and hear from college mentors majoring in business. During a hands-on competition, girls worked in small groups to develop their own product ideas, create a marketing plan, design a promotional poster, make a radio advertisement and to create their own business plan. Special thanks to Southwest University of hosting our workshop on-site, Angela Sustaita for co-chairing the event and for all the outstanding volunteers who helped make this event a success.

100% of girls reported discovering new career options
100% of girls reported learning about the importance of college
94% of girls reported developing new leadership skills
100% of girls reported learning valuable steps to becoming business owners

Several of our Business Chica participants shared these thoughts about the event…

What was your favorite part of the Business Chica event?
I liked the presentations that helped us think about what we want to be when we grow up. -Angelina
I enjoyed making the product ideas. -Ariana
I liked socializing with new people it has always been hard for me, but it came easily today.
I enjoyed doing the presentation with my friends and with other chicas. -Senorina
I liked learning about different businesses and designing my own product! – Faith
I liked the competition. – Vianney
When we got to plan our business and share and present. – Alyssa
I liked the business presentations. – Avery
I enjoyed the icebreakers and the presentations. -Andrea

What did you learn about career options & professional skills?
I learned that I can be who I want to be. – Andrea
I learned about some jobs that I didn’t know about before like owning a business.- Ariana
I learned about entrepreneurs. – Victoria
I learned that we have to save for college. – Senorina
Never give up. – Avery

What did you learn about leadership?
Women can be leaders too. – Andrea
Don’t be a follower and be a leader. – Senorina
Sometimes you have to take control of the situation and make it your own. – Ariana
I learned a good leader should surround themselves with good people. -Victoria

What did you learn about college?
We learned that all these successful women have college degrees and maybe more than one. -Ariana
Don’t quit on school. – Melanie
You can get a full scholarship or a half scholarship. – Melanie

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