Quince DIY Projects

For those quince girls trying to plan a quinceanera on a budget, do-it-yourself projects can help keep you within budget.  Save money by making your own decorations, accessories and party items. Become a crafty chica and get your hot glue gun ready. Follow these easy DIY steps to create a memorable and personalized quince celebration.

Make your own flower decorations.
Supplies: Flowers, tule, ribbon, feathers, paper towel cardboard.
Steps: Insert flowers into a paper towel roll and glue it into place with hot glue. Add tule, ribbon and feathers to make the bouquet stand out and look more full. Wrap the paper towel roll with ribbon.


Toast Glasses: 
Decorate glasses for your toast by writing an XV with glitter glue.
Supplies: Glasses, glitter glue, ribbon, tule and decorations
Steps: Decorate the base with tule, ribbon and small decorations.


Last Doll:
Use an old Barbie doll as your last doll to give to a younger sibling or cousin during the quince ceremony.
Supplies: Ribbon, tule and Barbie doll.
Steps: Wrap tule around the Barbie with the color theme of your party. Use tule to create a fancy dress for your doll.

last doll

XV Decorations:
To decorate the walls or entrance of the quince party ballroom, make a large collage in the shape of XV.
Supplies: Foam board, scissors, pictures, decorations
Steps: Cut out a large X and V out or 15 out of foam board. Decorate the foam board with pictures that show your favorite memories. Add decorations.

   Quince Decorations

Money Box:
Use a shoebox to create your own money box for cards and gifts.
Supplies: Shoebox, scissors, glue, tissue paper, decorative wrapping paper or fabric.
Steps: Cut a slot at the top of the shoebox. Wrap it with tissue paper or wrapping paper. Add decorations to personalize it.


Guest Book:
Turn a composition book into a guest book that will capture the memories and messages of your friends and family members.
Supplies: Composition book,tissue paper, fabric, decorations, scissors, glue
Steps: Wrap the composition book with tissue paper or fabric coordinating with the color of your party. Glue it into place and add decorations.



Real Talk About Your Self-Esteem

Latinitas share their self-esteem advice, thoughts on true beauty, ideas on how media impacts girls and their confidence tips.

How does media negatively impact girls’ body image?
Media affects girls by making them think they are not pretty enough or that they are not wearing a pretty size and it makes girls want to change themselves in the wrong way.
-Jacklyn, Nicole & Kayla


Why is it important to have a good body image?


  • So they don’t have to feel bad about themselves.
  • So you could stay healthy.
  • So young teenage girls won’t self abuse themselves because they think they are ugly or hideous.
  • They will be happy with themselves and love life and not hate it.
  • So they could think good things about themselves and not think they are not pretty.
  • So they won’t lower their self-esteem.

-Destiny, Kendrea, Desiree, Julia, Lanal


What are the negative consequences of having a low self-esteem?

  • Harming yourself
  • Feeling less confident
  • Thinking low of yourself
  • Being angry
  • Feeling depressed and unpleasant.

-Layla, Ashley, Alex, Iris, Savanna


Why do you think photoshopping model photos is bad?

  • Because if they don’t like your picture they change it.
  • Because it is not the real you.
  • Even if you think you are pretty, they change you up.
  • You don’t look the same.

-Nevaeh, Chriss, Katelyn, Nicole


Do you think altered photos can hurt girl’s self-esteem?

  • It is awful because they don’t look that way and girls wish they were them.
  • It makes me angry because we want to be appreciated for who we are and not just what we look like.
  • It makes girls sad because they don’t appreciate how they look.
  • It makes girls sad because they don’t actually look that way.

-Avan, Dyani, Aileen


Why is it important not to compare yourself to models?

  • Because you are beautiful the way you are
  • You should just be yourself all the time
  • Models aren’t perfect they just use photoshop.

-Ayla & Amanda


What would you tell a friend if she wasn’t confident in herself?

  • To believe in yourself
  • To think positive
  • Don’t listen to other negative opinions
  • Be who you are

-Natalie, Alyssia, Natalia


What advice do you have to help girls boost their self-esteem?

  • Remember people don’t all look the same.
  • You are pretty in your own way.
  • We should focus on the brain and not just the body.
  • You are perfect the way you are.
  • You don’t need makeup to look perfect. You are beautiful the way you are.
  • Everyone is different.
  • We can’t all be models.
  • Say positive things about yourself.
  • Remember a lot of the models are photoshopped and don’t look that way for real.

-Amree, Tatiana, Johnnie, Diamond

Sponsor a Girl in Camp

Making plans for summer? What would be more satisfying than sending a chica in need to camp! Help sponsor a deserving girl to our summer camp program. A monthly recurring gift of $10 helps secures a spot for a girl to do a week of film making, video game creation, fashion media and design, yoga, zumba, art, field trips – the works! $10 a month for 10 months can help provide a camp scholarship! https://co.clickandpledge.com/sp/d1/default.aspx?wid=69931

Volunteer Spotlight Aim High Chairs

Latinitas would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our Aim High Co-Chairs – Lucia Hernandez and Stephanie Moreno. Both women have educational and career experience in the science field and took on the role of inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Lucia Hernandez was motivated to join Latinitas because she wanted “to give back to my community.” She has a masters in public health from UTEP and currently works at the YWCA coordinating the Two Should Know program. “I feel that with my experience in the work force I have skills that can help move the mission of the latinitas forward. I hope to help young Latina women embrace themselves and become strong, confident, independent woman.”

100 Mujeres Campaign


Latinitas is kicking-off a campaign to rally women to help ensure the future success of young Latinas. We are starting a movement to unite 100 mujeres in the cause of empowering young Latinas. We invite women leaders to make an investment in the next generation of Latina leaders. Your monthly donation of $10 can make a significant difference in helping empower Latinitas to build confidence, discover their voice and become leaders.


$10 a month for 10 months helps cover…
-sponsorship for a week-long half day summer camp for 1 girl
-give 5 girls a field trip to a college campus
-sponsor 1 girl in our after school program for 1 full semester
-host a multimedia arts empowerment workshop for 10 girls
-help 10 girls attend one of our girl empowerment conferences
-provide media training for 1 youth editorial advisory board member for 1 semester
-contribute towards a $500 university scholarship for a college leader

Click here to make your contribution.

Program Bulletin July 2015

This Summer, local girls have an opportunity to get a taste of what their life could be like as a movie star, a news anchor, a photographer, a radio dj, a magazine writer, a fashion designer, a model, a poet, a graphic designer and more in Latinitas multimedia art camps. Latinitas is hosting multimedia arts summer camps throughout the month of July. Our camps are focused on encouraging girls to build confidence and express themselves creatively through photography, filmmaking, dance, fashion, acting, creative writing and visual arts. Girls will have a chance to create their own photo essays, girl’s magazine, clay ceramics, paintings, drawings, fashion designs and jewelry. The program will include sessions on creating original media projects like newscasts, video documentaries, blogs, audio podcasts, and photography documentaries.

July 6- August 7  
Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm
7000 Edgemere
For Girls 9-14  
  • Fashionista Camp – July 6-10
  • Hollywood Camp – July 13-17
  • Multimedia Arts Camp – July 20-24
  • Be YOUnique Camp – July 27-31
  • Tech Chica Camp – August 3-7
Discounts are available for military, siblings and girls registering for multiple weeks. A limited number of partial scholarships are available on a need basis. To reserve a spot, contact us at 915.219.8554, latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or visit: http://www.eventbrite.com
July 7-August 6 at 7000 Edgemere
For High School Girls

Latinitas is accepting applications for high school girls interested in serving as summer camp interns. Summer camp interns develop their leadership, communication, multimedia and teamwork skills as they act as mentors for younger girls and serve as camp assistant leaders. Volunteers will guide small team activities, aid girls with self-expression projects, mentor younger girls, assist our presenters, help with set-up and break-down. Summer Camp Interns will meet dynamic women leaders, connect with other emerging youth leaders and have an impact on a younger generation. Summer Camp Interns will gain community service hours and the experience will look great on your resume and college application. Summer camp interns are asked to dedicate 80 hours during the course of six weeks (4 weeks of half day camps or 2 weeks of full day camps).

To apply for an internship, please complete this application:
For more information, contact us at latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or 219.8554.

Breaking Puerto Rican Stereotypes

By Vanessa Mari

I come from a very proud family. I was raised to love my culture and my heritage, and for that I greatly appreciate my family. I think this is something very important for Puerto Rican. As a colony from the United States, many feel as if our culture is being lost…as we no longer have an identity of our own. Not only this, but being a colony also takes away our independence and freedom. This is one of the reasons there have formed various misconceptions of Puerto Ricans that I would like to eliminate.

The first term used to describe Puerto Ricans is “Spiks”. This is the nickname Americans gave us because when the first big wave of Puerto Ricans first immigrated towards the United States in the 1940′s (specifically New York) many did not know how to speak the language. Puerto Ricans said “I don’t spik English” and that is how the nickname of Spik came about. What I find ironic is that when people from the United States visit Puerto Rico, they are surprised by the amount of people who know English. And when they don’t, they expect us to know their language, but they make no effort in learning ours. I would like people to stop with this misconception and realize what we are a SLA speaking society and that we are doing our best to learn English in a place that was first colonized for over 500 years by the Spanish.

The other misconception I hear a lot about Puerto Ricans is that we are lazy. This one bothers me a lot because I know so many hard working individuals that have accomplished many great things. I am a hardworking independent woman who is finishing her masters degree. I am aware that there are a lot of people living in projects and others who depend on welfare, but so does many other countries. This is a topic I could write my dissertation on. My last thoughts for this is that believing we are lazy is only promoting self hate and this is the worst thing that could happen to a small community like ours.

When this happens is very important to spread awareness of how beautiful our culture is. I am more than a Spik or a “lazy” person. I am a proud Boricua and I want to people to know where we are located in the map. Even though we are a small island in the caribbean, Boricuas have a big heart and we have accomplished great things. Yo soy Boricua, pa’ que tu lo sepas! ;)


Advice by & for Girls

Got a question? These girls have answers. Latinitas help girls solve their problems.

-How can me and my friend stop fighting over the same guy?

You should make a compromise decide whose best for him. I bet you’ll meet someone twice as better. – Danielle

 -My best friend ever has been hanging out lately with another girl that I don’t like so much. Although I have never spoken to this girl I don’t know if I should get mad or not?

You should not because you don’t know her! You never know you might end up liking her if you get the chance to talk to her.

-One of my best friends started to hang out with other friends and my best friend started ignoring me. I tried to play with her but she kicked me out, what should I do?.

Make another friend and she will go back with you – Brianna

 -I have a question I am fighting with my friend because they tell me what to do. What do I do?

You could tell them to stop or you could go with other friends and forget about them. – Sam

 -My friend and I were supposed to do a big project together. It was really important to me because it counts towards my grade and not her because it was voluntary for her class. We had to work on it, but every time she didn’t feel like working. Eventually, I just got frustrated. My teacher says I have to think about what’s best for me. I am thinking of kicking her out of the group. What should I do?

You should tell her to help you or you will just kick her out and you get all the credit.

 -Two of my friends that don’t like each other are fighting over me.

Well get them together and make them talk and be friends. – Josie

 -My friend likes a guy, but she think I like him too, but it don’t. I tell her that, but she won’t believe me. How can I prove that I don’t like her crush?

Just keep telling her. If that does not work just say that you like another boy for show. So if you like another boy, you cant like the other guy.

 -My friend (well kinda my friend) wants to play a game that all my other friends made up. The problem is that she always cheats and fights with everyone. I don’t want to hurt her feelings when I tell her that she can’t play anymore. How can I tell her not to play without hurting her feelings?

Just tell her nicely and she will not be hurt.

-I have a friend that does not hang out with our other friend. What can I do to fix it?

Tell them to talk about it so they fix it.


Summer Camp Volunteers

The Latinitas team is recruiting volunteers to serve as mentor and assist with our girl empowerment summer camps. Volunteers will guide small team activities, aid girls with self-expression projects, mentor younger girls, assist our presenters, lead icebreakers, help with set-up and break-down. Volunteers will meet dynamic women leaders, connect with other emerging youth leaders and have an impact on a younger generation.

Girls Become Media Producers at Camp

Local Girls Produce Their Own Media This Summer
Who: Girls ages 9-13 are invited to develop their media skills in this camp hosted by Latinitas and led by local media makers.
What: The Latinitas Media Divas Summer Camp is a series of week-long camps where girls learn how to create their own multimedia arts projects through  photography, writing, art, design, radio production and film-making.
Where: 7000 Edgemere, El Paso, TX
When:  July 7 –August 7, Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm
  • Fashionista Camp – July 6-10
  • Hollywood Camp – July 13-17
  • Multimedia Arts Camp – July 20-24
  • Be YOUnique Camp – July 27-31
  • Tech Chica Camp – August 3-7
Why: This summer, girls in grades 4-8th are invited to find their creative expression outlet by producing original media arts projects in the Latinitas Media Divas Summer Camp.  The camp features hands-on workshops led by local multimedia makers as well as tours of local TV and radio stations. Campers will create daily creative expression projects such as an art mural, poetry, photo essays and short films. Girls will explore careers in media, take field to media stations, connect with professional media mentors and create their own original media projects.  The camp is aimed at encouraging girls to build confidence, discover their voice and learn how the can get their voice heard and make an impact through media.

How: To register, call 915.219.8554, email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or visit www.LasLatinitas.com/ElPaso  Participants can register for the full day or half day. Military and sibling discounts are available. A limited number of scholarships are available.

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