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WHAT:  College Chica is a full-day conference centered around college attainment. The event will feature college prep workshops, a college student panel and keynote speakers presenting on the value of academic pursuit.

WHO: Girls ages 10-18 are invited to attend Latinitas’ College Chica conference. The event is co-hosed by Latinitas, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young Latinas, and the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement.

WHEN: February 13 from 10am-2pm

WHERE: UTEP Miner Village

WHY: Young Latinas are suffering the highest rates of school drop out of all their female peers and College Chica is a direct effort to curb those statistics by demystifying the college experience. Girls are invited to discover the importance of college and get an insider’s view of college life. Girls will have an opportunity to tour the UTEP campus, meet college student mentors, attend workshops on the importance of education and participate in activities to start preparing for college. Sessions on video production, photography and blogging will feature investigative activities on why college is important, what it is like and how to afford it.

CONTACT: For more information, contact Latinitas 915.219.8554, or

Spring Girl Empowerment Events


WHEN: February 13 from 10am-2pm
WHERE: UTEP Miner Village – 2401 North Oregon
College Chica is a conference centered around college attainment. The event will feature college prep workshops, a college student panel and keynote speakers presenting on the value of academic pursuit.Girls ages 10-18 are invited to attend Latinitas’ College Chica conference. The event is co-hosed by Latinitas and the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement. Girls are invited to discover the importance of college and get an insider’s view of college life. Girls will have an opportunity to tour the UTEP campus, meet college student mentors, attend workshops on the importance of education and participate in activities to start preparing for college. Sessions on video production, photography and blogging will feature investigative activities on why college is important, what it is like and how to afford it. REGISTER: Pre-registration is encouraged. For more information, call 219.8554, email or visit

WHEN: April 16 from 9am-4pm
WHERE: Austin Community College – Eastview Campus
3401 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78702
Using artistic talent, graphic design skills and some coding – girls will design their own app and will put together a business and marketing plan including its own TV and radio commercial. The day also includes lunchtime career presenters from art, branding, marketing, design, app development and entrepreneurial jobs and a keynote address. Register online:


Intern Spotlight: Claudia Reyes

Role: Editorial Intern
College: Williams College, Sophomore
Why did you join Latinitas? I used to participate with Latinitas when I was younger. As a first generation Latina myself, I have found my experience as a Latina youth to be vastly different than others. I hope that through my internship with Latinitas I can better understand not only how other Latina youth identities are formed but also my own. I would like to spend my Winter Study interning with Latinitas because I believe it is an opportunity for active intellectual exploration on Latina/o identities and community. I also have a growing interest in working with youth and remember how much I valued having an older Latina to look up to when I was younger.

Board Spotlight: Liza Rodriguez

Liza Rodriguez
The Latinitas team would like to thank Liza Rodriguez for her dedication as a member of our board of directors. She serves as the Video Coordinator at UTEP and has over 15 years of experience working in film, television and commercials. Liza served as a guest speaker for our teen leaders by sharing her experience in the film and television industry. She is currently the committee co-chair for our Healthy Chica Conference and is excited to encourage girls to grow health, confident and strong. Liza has a passion for helping girls boost their self-esteem and self worth.
She advises girls to:“accept who you are and use that for your advantage. That will lead to attaining a higher education and going after more opportunities.” She was motivated to become a part of Latinitas because of her desire to be a role model and share her experience with younger girls. “I want to be a role model to young women and let them know anything is possible, no matter what zip code you come from or the color of your skin. Latinitas is a great avenue to help in the initiatives you already have and bring some new ideas to the table.”  

EP Program Bulletin January 2016

Healthy Chica Conference
January 30 from 10am-3pm 
El Paso First Health Plans – 1145 Westmoreland
Healthy Chica is a workshop centered around health and wellness featuring fitness activities, yoga, dance demonstrations, wellness workshops and a health professional panel. The event is co-hosted by Latinitas and the El Paso First Health Plans. Girls ages 9-18 are invited to join us for a day of girl power featuring inspirational guest speakers and hands-on workshops promoting health, wellness and confidence. Girls will have an opportunity to participate in a yoga workshop, a session on healthy eating and a dance lesson. Join us for creative expression activities that will help girls de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. To register, contact us at 915.219.8554, email or visit

FREE COLLEGE PREP PROGRAM FOR TEENS  Latinas in Progress Orientation
January 23 from 10am-2pm 
Main Public Library (501 N.Oregon) Maud Sullivan Room
Local teens are invited to get ready for college with a FREE college prep program. The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas and Latinitas are teaming up to offer the Latinas in Progress college readiness program for high school girls. Teens are invited to get tips on improving their college applications and will get one-on-one assistance with reviewing and editing their essays and applications. The program includes five sessions on college preparation, writing, financial aid, career exploration, leadership and campus tours from January 23-May 2016. Girls who complete the program are eligible to apply for the HWNT college scholarship. For more information, email or visit

YOUTH EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD – APPLY NOW is recruiting teen writers ages 14-18 who would like to write articles for our magazine. As a member, you can develop your writing skills, write about topics YOU are passionate about and get published! To join, email or fill out our online application at:

Teen girls are invited to discover their leadership talents and make a difference in volunteering as peer mentors. Join our team focused on leadership, community service and sisterhood. Attend our training to become prepared as a peer leader. Teen Leaders will serve as a youth advisory board, help with recruitment and promotion, aid with workshop planning, assist our workshop presenters, serve as mentors for girls, guide small team activities and lead icebreakers and teambuilders.  To sign up to volunteer, complete our online application at:

Partner Spotlight: My Muse Dolls

Special thanks to Jullin Egbuji for being a Business Chica guest speaker and sharing her inspirational story of starting a new doll line. My Muse Dolls helped sponsor our Business Venture Challenge at the Business Chica Conference. My Muse is a socially-minded children’s company that designs, manufactures, and distributes customizable 18-inch multicultural dolls. Their co-founder Jullin Egbuji was able to attend the conference to inspire our participants with her story of seeing a need in the marketplace for a line of diverse dolls that more girls could relate to. She got together with a group of female business leaders to fill this need with a new line of inspiring custom-made dolls. Thanks to sponsors like My Muse Dolls, our first place team was able to win tablets and we had numerous door prizes for our creative business chicas!

Healthy Chica

Latinitas Uses Media & Tech to Debunk Confusing Health Messages 

El Paso, TX- Media has such power and influence, directing mixed messages at teen girls about diet, esteem, body image, happiness, achievement and much more.  Latinitas’ Healthy Chica Conference, January 30 from 10am-3pm at El Paso First, 1145 Westmoreland for any girl ages 9-18 puts the message-making in girls’ hands and is an opportunity to re-script confusing perspectives about what is and isn’t healthy.  Conference attendees will use video, photography, blogging and other digital media methods to explore nutrition, exercise and mental wellness.

Latinitas is partnering with the El Paso First Health Plans to host a full day of health & wellness. Girls will learn about health, wellness, self-esteem, nutrition, fitness and making healthy choices. Girls will also complete an exercise circuit sampling zumba, dance, and yoga. Attendees will be given the opportunity to create original content to implement a health public awareness campaign.   Girls and teens at Latinitas’ Healthy Chica Conference will also be visited by nutritionists, doctors,  health experts and social workers who will share their career experiences during lunch.  Join us for a full day of creating media and empowering the Latina youth.

The Latinitas mission is to empower young Latinas through media and technology. Latinitas was founded as a non-profit in 2002. Latinitas host media enrichment programs to help girls learn how to build confidence and discover their voice. It also publishes the first and only magazine made for and by young Latinas. (

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics report 73 percent of Mexican American women are overweight or obese, ten percent more than the general population. More than half of Mexican American women do not report any leisure exercise and are consequently at greater risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.  As the U.S.’s largest Latina population, statistics paint a dire picture about the fate of Latina female health, overall.   And, these numbers are only addressing physical health. One out of 7 young Latinas attempt suicide, a majority afraid to get help due to dated and cultural stigmas about depression. In many ways, Latina girls’ and teens’ health and wellness is in crisis.

“Girls face unhealthy and contradictory media messages about unhealthy body image ideas as well as advertising for unhealthy food and lifestyles,” said Alicia Rascon, Latinitas founder and CEO. “We want to encourage girls to make healthy choices by learning about what good nutrition is, how to have a positive body image, ways to stay active and to avoid unhealthy substances.”

Girls and teens can register at, email or by calling 915.219.8554.

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Volunteer Bulletin EP January 2016


Saturday, January 30
El Paso First – 1145 Westmoreland
The Latinitas team is gearing up for our Healthy Chica Conference this Saturday, January 30. This event will help encourage girls to make healthy choices with sessions on staying active, having a positive body image, eating healthy and avoiding negative peer pressure. We are still recruiting a few more volunteers to help throughout the day with set-up, registration, ushering girls, serving lunch, aiding girls with their business plan team project, assisting our guest speakers, mentoring participants and helping with break-down. There are opportunities to volunteer from 9am-1pm and 1-4:00pm. For more information, please email or call 915.219.8554.

Volunteer Opportunities Available from January- May
Training – January 23 from 10am-2pm 
Main Public Library (501 N. Oregon)
The Latinitas team is recruiting high schoolers to serve as mentors for middle schoolers and assist with our chica power academy. Volunteers will guide small team activities, aid girls with self-expression projects, mentor younger girls, assist our presenters, lead icebreakers, help with set-up and break-down. Volunteers are asked to commit to volunteering one Saturday a month. Volunteers will meet dynamic women leaders, connect with other emerging youth leaders and have an impact on a younger generation.
To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.

Meeting Wednesday, February 10
at 6:00pm
Corner Bakery (1144 N. Yarbrough)
We are recruiting volunteers to serve on Alliance for Latinitas community advisory board. This groups helps support Latinitas’ mission of empowering young Latinas through marketing, event planning, logistics and fundraising. Join us to learn how you can take on a leadership role and help empower local girls. To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.

Help inspire the next generation of Latina leaders. We are recruiting volunteers to serve on our conference planning team. Our planning team volunteers assist with helping organize our College Chica UTEP Field Trip on February 13 and our Chica Power Fest in April. Committee members help with the following:
-helping coordinate the schedule & agenda
-recruiting college & career panelists
-recruiting professionals/organizations to host information booths
-recruiting volunteers to present :30minute hands-on workshops
-obtaining snack and food donations
-gathering donations of door prizes & goody bag items
-helping gather sponsorships to help sponsor a girl
-helping with recruitment and promotion
-coordinating event logistics.
To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.

Cassie Intern


We are currently recruiting interns in the following areas – Marketing & Public Relations, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Editorial, Youth Outreach, Translation and Event Planning. Interns will make a difference in the lives of local girls while gaining valuable hands-on experience, developing their portfolio and building their resume. If you are interested, please email your resume to or call us at 915.219.8554

Meeting Wednesday, January 27 & February 17
at 5:30pm
10921 Pellicano #120
Would you like to learn more about how you can get involved with Latinitas and our latest volunteer projects? Do you know someone you would like to refer as a volunteer? Join us at our upcoming volunteer orientation and information sessions. To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.


Presenters Wanted
We are partnering with area youth groups, women’s shelters and nonprofits to a series of girl empowerment workshops to encourage girls to build confidence, foster a positive body image, learn about media literacy, discover ways to express themselves and embrace their inner and outer beauty. The workshop features hands-on workshops on self-esteem, confidence, media literacy, body image, wellness, fashion and beauty. To combat photoshopping trends in teen magazines and to promote a healthy body image among local girls, Latinitas will lead self-expression activities on self-esteem. Girls will learn the tricks of the media trade to view media messages critically. We are recruiting volunteers who are willing to go through a training and lead a workshop. We provide a training kit and activity outline and help arrange presentation locations and dates. To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.

Encouraging Girls in Computing

Daniela Miranda
Young Women in Computing Program Coordinator
Employer: New Mexico State University

Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico

What are some of your job responsibilities?
I’m focused on outreach to increase the number of students in computer science. Help them find I run after-school programs and summer camps where girls learn about Snap, lego robotics, app inventor for middle school and introduction to Linux, Java Script and HTML. We attend conferences where such as the Grace Hopper conference where college students get good internships. I recruit and find opportunities. We are there for any girls who need us to present to help introduce girls we like to spread the word about computer science.

What is your educational background?
I have an accounting degree from Mexico. When I came from Mexico, I got a business degree. My family was here in Texas, so I came too. There are better opportunities here. My degree gave me all the tools to be able to succeed. I always had a part-time job so that helped me get a job.

What did you do to prepare for this career?
Never give up.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I like getting to know new people and meet young women and connect them with the opportunities that our program offers. We want to recruit more Hispanic young women, but most of the time the Hispanic population doesn’t know about opportunities in computer science. Because there are a lot of job openings. By 2020 there will be a lot of opportunities in computer science.

Tips to a Festive Holiday

Make this holiday season a blast and create memories that will last with these helpful tips from Latinitas for a festive holiday.

Do Holiday Activities Together
“To have fun this holiday, do holiday activities that involve your whole family. For example, one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake. It has turned into a tradition. Every year we pick one thing to bake together as a family. Like cookies, brownies, of course adding holiday decorations to go along with the festive days. It is fun to do something different together plus the house gets all warm and smells delicious! Then we share what we did with a cup of hot chocolate,” adds Itzel Barraza.

Play Fun Games Together
“If you’re gonna spend it with your family, play fun games with them! I go to visit my grandparents every year, and after every dinner every day we spend it playing Loteria until 1 am,” shares Fandi Zapien.

Have a Good Attitude
“Start the holiday season with the right foot. Forgive all the things that made you sad or angry. If a person close to you, did something that you didn’t like…forgive them. Why would you focus on things that already passed instead of happiness?” adds Ariadne Venegas.

“Try to smile. I know that is hard to be happy all day, but at least on these special days. Start by sharing your smile on this holiday,” shares Ariadne Venegas.

Unplug & Focus on Loved Ones
“Try putting your phone down or turning off your computer at least for a little while and spend time together. We spend so much time on computers, cell phones and working. Instead of technology, you can spend time together playing board games, going ice skating, or baking, and talking to each other and spending time together,” says Itzel Barraza.

Plan a Family Outing
“Another good thing to do is plan a family day, go to the mall, downtown, to visit other relatives, but do it together,” shares Fandi Zapien.

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