100 Mujeres Campaign


Latinitas is kicking-off a campaign to rally women to help ensure the future success of young Latinas. We are starting a movement to unite 100 mujeres in the cause of empowering young Latinas. We invite women leaders to make an investment in the next generation of Latina leaders. Your monthly donation of $10 can make a significant difference in helping empower Latinitas to build confidence, discover their voice and become leaders.


$10 a month for 10 months helps cover…
-sponsorship for a week-long half day summer camp for 1 girl
-give 5 girls a field trip to a college campus
-sponsor 1 girl in our after school program for 1 full semester
-host a multimedia arts empowerment workshop for 10 girls
-help 10 girls attend one of our girl empowerment conferences
-provide media training for 1 youth editorial advisory board member for 1 semester
-contribute towards a $500 university scholarship for a college leader

Click here to make your contribution.

Summer Camp Volunteers

The Latinitas team is recruiting volunteers to serve as mentor and assist with our girl empowerment summer camps. Volunteers will guide small team activities, aid girls with self-expression projects, mentor younger girls, assist our presenters, lead icebreakers, help with set-up and break-down. Volunteers will meet dynamic women leaders, connect with other emerging youth leaders and have an impact on a younger generation.

Girls Become Media Producers at Camp

Local Girls Produce Their Own Media This Summer
Who: Girls ages 9-13 are invited to develop their media skills in this camp hosted by Latinitas and led by local media makers.
What: The Latinitas Media Divas Summer Camp is a series of week-long camps where girls learn how to create their own multimedia arts projects through  photography, writing, art, design, radio production and film-making.
Where: 7000 Edgemere, El Paso, TX
When:  July 7 –August 7, Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm
  • Fashionista Camp – July 6-10
  • Hollywood Camp – July 13-17
  • Multimedia Arts Camp – July 20-24
  • Be YOUnique Camp – July 27-31
  • Tech Chica Camp – August 3-7
Why: This summer, girls in grades 4-8th are invited to find their creative expression outlet by producing original media arts projects in the Latinitas Media Divas Summer Camp.  The camp features hands-on workshops led by local multimedia makers as well as tours of local TV and radio stations. Campers will create daily creative expression projects such as an art mural, poetry, photo essays and short films. Girls will explore careers in media, take field to media stations, connect with professional media mentors and create their own original media projects.  The camp is aimed at encouraging girls to build confidence, discover their voice and learn how the can get their voice heard and make an impact through media.

How: To register, call 915.219.8554, email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or visit www.LasLatinitas.com/ElPaso  Participants can register for the full day or half day. Military and sibling discounts are available. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Career Spotlight: Ada Alvarez Conde

Ada Alvarez Conde, Women’s Rights AdvocateAdaAlvarez
Position: Senate & Fundación Alto al Silencio
Director of the Committee for Women Issues
Hometown:  San Juan Puerto Rico
Website: www.loquenodije.com

Describe your work:
I founded a non-profit to create awareness of dating violence and to prevent domestic violence. I’ve given more than 300 conferences in schools, universities, communities, churches or wherever invited. Since I’ve been so active, I also got into policy to eradicate violence. After all my activism I got a job at the Senate because of proposals of bills I wrote to criminalize dating violence, among other policy I’ve been able to write. In the Senate, I’m the Director of the Committee for Women Issues which means any legislation related to gender and women will pass through here. I have to do everything so it goes through the democratic process for it to become law (public hearings, etc to be approved in Senate) and then House, maybe signed by the Governor and becomes a Law.

Education & Training: I have a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism with a minor in Gender Studies from the University of Puerto Rico, a Masters in Science in Mass Communication from Florida International University and I’m doing a PhD in History of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. I also have 2 post-graduate degrees/certificates -one in documentary filmmaking and other in Diplomacy and International Relations (I’m happy to study so much, a proud #latinathatreads a lot). I’ve been volunteering since I was 14. I believe a great tool to prepare for my career was to develop experience. I applied to an internship in 2006 where I worked with Nancy Pelosi, it was a joint program of The Washington Center with PR and Government. After that, I participated in an internship with HACU, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. While studying Journalism I became an active member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalist, where I have served in the Board for 4 years in different positions. I believe the best thing about college were extra curricular activities, applying to internships and saving money to travel. I have traveled with my school in several occasions and I believe it was the best thing I invested in. A lot of people are afraid to be alone because they think they can’t handle situations. It is when you are alone and abroad that you confront yourself and everything you are. When you succeed in doing something, you gain self love and freedom. Being independent and seeing what you are worth is the best thing about the college experience.

How did you find your current job?
I found my current job doing a media tour. I wrote 2 bills (drafts) and I gave 20 conferences in a month. I was proposing a law so that February (as US does already) is declared Dating Violence Awareness Months in Puerto Rico. I wrote a Dating Violence Law. After doing an educational campaign and sending several press releases, I got a Senator to interview me, I landed the job!

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love my job because I feel very complete. I’m having a salary for the first time to do my activism all day. The financial road has been really rocky, but I’ve been blessed that all this work has paid off and I know I have a bunch more to give!

What is the most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging part is balancing life. I think there’s a lot of pressure given to women in politics. I have heard many times that I can do this job because I don’t have kids yet. People have questioned why am I not married yet. This is clearly a gender issue, I don’t see people asking that to any guys working here. However, a lot of people see me as a motivation. Every time I feel I help save a life through education or legislation I feel blessed. I have been through two open heart surgeries and I need one more next year. To have a job like this requires a lot of sacrifices and hour;  however, we need to balance our personal life with our professional life. I don’t have kids yet, but when I do, I plan to work as hard. Kids and family to a women should be a motivation not a limitation. Is very important to have support from your family. If by any chance you don’t have family support, you are broke or you have a health or personal issue, look for strength and remember we are warriors. See yourself in the mirror and say “yo valgo mucho” (I am worth a lot). Spread the word of solidarity. The world needs more peace instead of violence and it starts with a smile.

No seas víctima del silencio
Don’t become a victim of silence
Twitter @AdaAlvarez8

Role Model by Latinitas Members

In our clubs, we talked about our role models…

My Role Model is My Mom
I admire my mom for being the best mom in the world. She has done the best job in the world. My mom takes her time to be with us all the times. I really don’t know what to do without her. I just would like to say to her that I love her with all of my heart. She is the mom that I would like to be when I grow up. Your like a big part of my heart no one will take that place. Mom I love you with all my energy that I have. I can’t describe it enough in writing, but you know that I love you. – Valerie Chavez

My Friend Jessica
I like this person because she is so good with me and kind. I would like to have a sister like her. She likes to hear the same music as I do. My favorite color is blue and hers is too.

My Mom
My role model I admire the most is my mom because I like the way she looks and her personality. She is nice to everybody and she buys us stuff when we need it. I love my mom because she always gives me dollars and she always let me go outside and I have to sleep early and woke up early to go to school and eat early in class and work fast and listen to my teacher.

My Teacher
My role model is my teacher because she is so awesome and she teaches me so much. That’s why I admire her because she is so confident. She knows what she is doing so she inspired me to be a great teacher like her. – Nayeli

My Grandma
My grandma is very important to me because she was able to keep up with eight children and two of her children died. She is a very strong woman to me. She means a lot to me. She gives her attention to everyone.


Poem: El Sol

El Sol by Celeste Ledesma

The garbage man,
Our country once called
Him a no one, a ghost
Of nothing that slipped
In through the night of our
Nation and wouldn’t dare
Leave the shadows.

Our country then called
Him a someone, finally,
A someone who didn’t belong
In civilian clothing,
And so he was shuffled
Into the light of the Vietnam War.

He reflects to anyone who will listen:
I fought for my America, not the one
That looks into the waters of the Rio
And sees the blue eyes of Jesus Christ
But doesn’t see the brown of the muddy tears
He cries…Sabes que , that’s not mud, it’s my sister
And her children crossing the battlefield
Of a different kind of war.

The garbage man,
Our neighbors eventually called
Him Antonio because when
The war was won, or lost,
Or who remembers… they were allowed
To know he was real in the small space
Between night and day.

The garbage man,
Our family called him el sol
Because we saw him through our windows every morning–
Smile shining so bright that you wouldn’t think
He lived in the night, but you would know by the way
He talked about the moon: She was the light he followed
Through his first American night,
And I wonder if anyone cares (I mean wonders)
If when he says moon he means wife.

The garbage man,
I call him grandpa
And he reflects to us: Niños,
Even though I did not know
That you would be mine, you
Were the stars I reached for
When I lived in the night.

Latinas Celebrate Asian Heritage

For these Latinas, being multicultural allows them to draw inspiration upon two cultures and celebrate different traditions. Abigail Abad and Alyssa Downey are both Latina college students with a Filipino background. Both of them have a mother with Mexican-American heritage and a father of Filipino heritage. During Asian-American heritage month, they share how their Asian roots have inspired them.

Abigail Abad10676187_10206006482710030_5199045678945335576_n

What similarities do you see between Asian and Latino culture?

The similarities between Asian and Latino culture are how close families are. When there is a problem, both cultures are always quick to help each other out in any situation. Both cultures have taught me that regardless of what is going on, family always comes first and you have to stand up for your loved ones.

What are some differences?

The most distinct difference between both cultures is definitely how the Asian culture is more reserved. I have noticed that my dad is a lot more private when it comes to his feelings. My mom, on the other hand, is a lot more open and expressive. This has been one of the greatest struggles for me because my dad does not always express his emotions, so it has been a challenge for me to understand him. I’ve had to learn how to find a balance between both of my parents and understand how to listen and communicate with them.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite Asian traditions?

My favorite Filipino tradition is that of opening the east window of the home during the morning hours. This is a common practice because you allow the grace of God to enter the home through the rising morning sun. I find this tradition to be my favorite because it incorporates my faith I have grown up with.

Have you ever been to the Philippines?

I have never been to the Philippines, but it is one of my goals to visit. My father has shown me many pictures of it, and it looks absolutely beautiful. I would love to visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River and the Banaeu Rice Terraces. I am greatly intrigued with the Banaeu Rice Terraces because they are terraces that were carved into mountains by indigenous people. This is beautiful to me because visiting such a place would allow me to experience Filipino culture and history.

Have you met a lot of your extended family members from your dad’s side?

I have not had the privilege to meet a lot of my father’s extended family members. However, I have been able to learn about extended family member’s through my aunts and uncles. I am Filipino and Arabic through my father, so a lot of my extended family is spread out across Asia.

What do you like most about being multicultural?

I absolutely love being able to learn so much about both sides of my family. I have fallen in love with both cultures as I’ve grown older. I grew up closer to my mom’s side of the family, so the Latino culture has always been more prominent in my life. Now that I am older, I have spent a lot more time learning about the traditions of my Filipino and Arabic culture. It has been a beautiful learning experience for me because I have been able to learn about different foods, customs, and languages because of my multicultural background. I also have learned to embrace how I look. I remember growing up and always being asked, “What are you?” and my response would always be “I’m different. I’m mixed.” I’ve embraced the fact that I am different, and it’s a beautiful thing.


Alyssa Downey DaughterDad

What similarities do you see between Asian and Latino culture? What are some differences?

There are honestly more similarities than differences between the two cultures. My Filipino family is so much like my Mexican family. They cook amazing food that’s horrible for your health about 90% of the time. They tend to use their outside voices more than their inside voices. Family gatherings are huge, and you can meet a new family member you didn’t even know you had at nearly every gathering. The average height between women is around 5’0, most Filipinos are Catholic, or have a very firm stance in their faith. Tagalog (the language spoken between Filipinos) has some similar words that can sound like Spanish. Family ties are also very strong, just like they are with my Mexican family. The only differences that I can think of are the obsession with gambling that the majority of my Filipino family has, and that they usually eat white rice with everything, including breakfast.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite Asian traditions?

I love a lot of the food. I like to eat:

  • Pansit, or noodles that have an extreme amount of grease, but they’re amazing.
  • Lumpia, or egg rolls usually filled with chicken/pork/beef, and vegetables.
  • Puto bread (yes, this is REAL, and I know this is a bad word in Spanish, but it is not in Tagalog) white bread that has the consistency of a cupcake and tastes like coconut but isn’t too sweet or too bland.
  • My favorite is a large dumpling of a really nice white bread, filled with beef, chicken, or pork that’s seasoned really nicely.

Have you ever been to the Philippines? Have you met a lot of your extended family members?

No, but my dad has. He has a light complexion and doesn’t look Filipino, so when he went when he was about 14, his family had to hide him between them as they rode around in the streets in a small cart in fear that someone could have taken him. But I have met a lot of my extended family members, as the majority of them live in Las Vegas, El Paso, or up near Virginia and Maryland.

What do you like most about being multicultural?

The fact that I have been exposed to so much in each culture has made me realize that Mexicans really aren’t the only race in the world, since El Paso can make it feel that way sometimes. I am also part Russian, Chinese, and Irish. It’s really great to have family members who live, breathe, and eat, Nascar and Country music, but others who do the same with white rice and gambling, and beans and tortillas and quinceañera. I think it’s been really great to see how each culture is different, but the same in so many ways. It makes one realize that people really aren’t that different after all.

Latinitas May News


May 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 11670 Chito Samaniego

Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect Mother’s Day Celebration will be held on May 9.  We are thrilled to have Felipa Solis as our keynote speaker. Live entertainment will feature guitarist Jazmin Vasquez, poet Viva Flores, and singer Stephanie Frias as well as ballet folkloric dancers. The event features lunch, spa day booths, live music,  dance performances, a fashion show, inspirational guest speakers, shopping, tea party games for girls and a silent auction. Moms will feel pampered when they get makeovers with Avon and Mary Kay consultants as well as getting their nails done with Jamberry consultants. The funds generated from the event support our scholarship campaign. Sponsorship and booth opportunities are available. We gladly accept donations of silent auction items and door prizes. With every gift, we ensure more girls in El Paso are connected with valuable programs and mentors that motivate, educate and inspire them. For more information, call 219.8554 or latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com.

May 2 from 12-1:30pm
Ysleta Public Library
(9321 Alameda Ave.)

Would you like to become a model? Find out how you can be a fashion show model. LatinitasMagazine.com is hosting a casting call on May 2 from 12-1:30pm at the Ysleta Public Library (9321). We are seeking female models ages 9 to 22 to be featured in a charity fashion show. Join us to get runway and modeling tips and meet professional models. Models must be available for fitting, rehearsal and fashion show on May 9 from 10-2pm. For more information, contact us at 219.8554 or latinitasep@gmail.com

The Latinitas team is partnering with the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas to offer a college scholarship essay contest for local female high school students. Latinitas is dedicated to encouraging young Latinas to achieve in academic realms and we are thrilled to collaborate with HWNT to offer scholarship opportunities. To apply, visit
Latinitas are also invited to apply for the Wise Latina International scholarship. Applications are open to Latina high school graduating high school seniors.  Wise Latina International’s mission is to educate and empower Latinas and women of all walks of
life to overcome barriers, to be self reliant, to become leaders and to act as agents of change in our communities through arts and entertainment. Applications are available at: http://wiselatinainternational.org/wise-latina-international-scholarship

July 6- August 7 from 9am-5pm
7000 Edgemere
This Summer, local girls have an opportunity to get a taste of what their life could be like as a movie star, a news anchor, a photographer, a radio dj, a magazine writer, a fashion designer, a model, a poet, a graphic designer and more in Latinitas multimedia art camps. Latinitas is hosting multimedia arts summer camps throughout the month of July. Our camps are focused on encouraging girls to build confidence and express themselves creatively through photography, filmmaking, dance, fashion, acting, creative writing and visual arts. Girls will have a chance to create their own photo essays, clay ceramics, paintings, drawings, fashion designs and jewelry. The program will include sessions on creating original media projects like newscasts, video documentaries, blogs, audio podcasts, and photography documentaries. This camp is open to girls ages 9 to 14. To reserve a spot, contact us at 915.219.8554, latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or visit: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/latinitas-multimedia-arts-summer-camp-tickets-15896719516

June 12 from 11am-4pm
El Paso Main Public Library
Wise Latina International and Latinitas are teaming up to host a Youth Track for middle and high school girls as part of the upcoming Wise Latina Summit. To inspire the next generation of Wise Latina leaders, girls will hear inspirational presentations from women leaders, view informative documentaries on issues facing youth, participate in service projects, get helpful advice for their future success and engage in hands-on workshops focused on self-expression through photography, film, creative writing and art. For more information, call 915.219.8554 or email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com.


We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Women in Business Association. This group of young female business professionals helped co-host the Chica Power Fest on April 18 at UTEP. WBA members led college prep and leadership workshops. They are hosted a professional clothing fashion show, organized interactive activities for girls and shared their personal success stories. Thank you to this team of excellent leaders for sharing their time and talents to motivate and uplift our team. Here are a few comments our members shared about what they learned from all the motivational speakers:
  • I learned to love myself the way I am and to be more confident. I learned that I am beautiful and that having confidence is an amazing feeling.
  • Although there are challenges, you need to push forward and keep trying.
  • That you must never quit.
  • I learned that there are many career options for young women.
  • College gives you opportunities.
  • I learned that confidence and respect is important.
  • Although college is hard, it is definitely worth it.
  • I learned that I am thoughtful, courageous, and that I am a good leader.
  • I learned about how to make wise money choices.
  • I learned that we can all be leaders!

Thank you to all the BOWIE alumni who came to host a career day presentation for our Latinitas at Guillen Middle School! Proud Bowie Bears Angie de la Riva, Bonnie Patsy Lopez-Hernandez, Rebecca Duran and Nora Carrillo serve as inspiring role models for our girls. All our young Latinas need positive role models to look up to. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful support from community members who step up to inspire our girls!
“There’s never a doubt in my mind that when I ask Bowie Exes to join me in my efforts to “pay it forward” – they will!  Chicas, I am touched by your actions, excitement, eagerness and willingness to inspire and motivate the girls by sharing your own life stories and advice. Thank you Latinitas El Paso for welcoming us Bowie Alumni! It was a WONDERFUL & unforgettable afternoon…We had fun & appreciated the invite & opportunity to reach out to the girls.”~ Angie de la Riva

The Latinitas team would like to express our sincere appreciation to Helen of Troy for selecting Latinitas as the recipient of their Charity Sunday benefit day on April 19th. Thanks to all our supporters who showed up to shop for great products and deals to help support Latinitas. Helen of Troy generously donated 10% of all sales made during the event to support Latinitas girl empowerment programs.

Special thanks to our talented Marketing & PR Interns: 
Eunice Miyuki Sanchez
UTEP, Marketing Degree
“I decided to join Latinitas because I would like to help to motivate girls to study. I like that Latinitas helps girls to become successful, healthy and powerful. I hope to learn more about how to help these young girls and make a difference in their lives.”
Nicole Varela
UTEP, Communications Degree
“I felt like this was something I could do for my community.  Empowering young Latinitas is so important having been a young native Latina from El Paso. I like that this organization helps promote education to better improve the lives of young girls. This organization is crucial so young girls can relate to others in the community and know that there are others who know what they are going through or can help them achieve and create goals for their future.”


May 2015 El Paso Volunteer Bulletin

May 9 from 9am-3:30pm
Region 19 Headstart – 11670 Chito Samaniego
Come celebrate Mother’s Day at The Butterfly Effect Benefit where you can enjoy brunch, spa day booths, live entertainment performances, a fashion show, inspirational guest speakers and a silent auction. Guests will feel pampered with spa day booths featuring manicures, facials, mini-makeovers, make-up consultations and swag bags on a first-come, first-serve basis. The funds generated from the event will support our scholarship campaign. For more information, contact us at latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or 219.8554.
Help us host a successful event by promoting the event and selling tickets. We are also currently in the process of collecting donations of silent auction items, door prizes, goody bag items (100 quantities) and lunch sandwich trays and pastries. We also have vendor booth opportunities and selling tickets. If you would like to assist with getting a donation or promotion, please contact Alicia at latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com.
We are making some of the decorations for the event. We will be gathering this Thursday, April 30 from 11-3 at Cafe Mayapan (2000 Texas Ave.,), next Tuesday, May 5 from 3-6pm at the Jose Cisneros Library (1300 Hawkins), and next Thursday, May 7 from 11-3 at Cafe Mayapan. Please join us to assist with making decorations.
We will be setting up on Friday, May 8 from 1-4pm at the Region 19 Headstart building. Contact us if you’d like to help.
Volunteers are also needed to assist the day of the special event with set-up, registration or breakdown. We need lots of help on May 9 from 9am to 3:30pm.
Reserve your tickets online at:
To volunteer, please email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or call 915.219.8554.


Latinitas is hosting art and self-expression activities at upcoming community events. Volunteers are need to assist girls with art projects:
  • Stay Teen Day  – May 2 from 12pm-3:30pm at Bowie High School Cafeteria (801 S San Marcial)

To volunteer, please email latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or call 915.219.8554.


Fashion Show Models Needed
May 2 from 12-1:30pm at Ysleta Public Library
Latinitas is seeking models to be in our Butterfly Effect fashion show. Would you like to become a model? Our casting call and model practice will take place at the Ysleta Public Library (9321 Alameda) on May 2 from 12-1:30pm. Models must be available for fitting, rehearsal and fashion show on May 9. For more information, contact us at latinitasep@gmail.com or 219.8554.

We are recruiting volunteers to mentor younger girls in our summer camps. Volunteers will serve as aid with workshop planning, assist our workshop presenters, serve as mentors for girls, guide small team activities and lead icebreakers and teambuilders. To join, complete our online application: http://laslatinitas.com/volunteer/volunteerapplication


We are currently recruiting summer interns in the following areas – Marketing & Public Relations, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Youth Outreach, Translation and Event Planning. Interns will make a difference in the lives of local girls while gaining valuable hands-on experience, developing their portfolio and building their resume. If you are interested, please email your resume to latinitaselpaso@yahoo.com or call us at 915.219.8554

Chica Power Fest Testimonials


What did the girls learn at the Chica Power Fest?

  • I learned to love myself the way I am and to be more confident.
  • I learned that I am beautiful and that having confidence is an amazing feeling.
  • Although there are challenges, you need to push forward and keep trying.
  • That you must never quit.
  • I learned that there are many career options for young women.
  • I learned that confidence and respect is important.
  • Although college is hard, it will be hard it is definitely worth it.
  • College gives you opportunities.
  • I learned that I am thoughtful, courageous, and that I am a good leader.
  • I learned about how to make wise money choices.
  • When you are a leader you can bring people information as to what needs changing.
  • I learned about many different careers.
  • I learned that being a leader is about responsibility and charisma.
  • I learned that we can all be leaders.
  • I learned that it is important to have confidence to succeed which then gives you self-esteem.
  • All you need is yourself to have self-esteem.
  • I want to go to college because I want a better future.
  • After these talks I really want to go to college.
  • I wish to graduate with a Master’s degree so that I can be more successful.
  • I appreciate the talk I received and I feel more prepared for college based on their stories.
  • I learned that it is important to go to college and pick a career that is best for you.
  • That you can try whatever you like, and see if you love it.
  • I learned that there are many types of leaderships.
  • I learned that it is important to be a leader because a leader has many qualities.
  • I learned that we need leadership, and there are different kinds of leaderships.
  • I learned that a good leader builds people up and will be a follower to help others be leaders.
  • I learned that a leader is a role model to others, and there are different kinds of leaders.
  • I learned that we need to love our body and we should be proud of it.
  • I learned a lot more things about early college.
  • I learned there are so many great things college has to offer.

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