Make a Difference in a Girl’s Life

Latinitas partners with local schools, nonprofits, libraries and community centers to offer weekly after-school clubs. Our clubs focus on encouraging girls to build confidence through media and technology. Girls in our clubs will participate in hands-on activities such as creative writing, photography, video making, arts & crafts, skits and more. Club Leader volunteers commit 2 hours per week after school between 3:00-6:00pm for at least 3 months. Clubs are held one day a week at various sites usually (Monday-Friday between 3-6pm). To volunteer, contact us at 915.282.5639 or

Hispanic Heritage Month Video

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Latinitas show off their cultural pride, talk about their heritage and share their culture vision board describing what makes up their culture. Check out the videos created by Latinitas below. This video series is sponsored by Sprint.hhm-latinitas-videos


Fall Events

UPCOMING EVENTS: Latinas in Film (Austin, TX) & Business Chica (El Paso, TX)

AUSTIN LATINAS IN FILM austin-latinas-in-film-2016
September 15, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Google Fiber Space – 201 Colorado Street, Austin, TX 78701
Latinitas Austin & Con Mi MADRE Present:  The make-believe world of movies generally does not reflect what America looks like in real life. A study by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg school found that Hispanics made up only 4.9 percent of the film roles in the top 100 grossing films of 2013 even though they are 17 percent of the U.S. population. What can be done to defeat this lack of representation and combat stereotyping? The Austin Latinas in Film panel attempts to answer those questions, discuss the current state of Latinas in the film industry, and learn about some of the amazing projects our panelists are working on. Our moderators for the evening include: Iliana Sosa, Artist Services Manager at Austin Film Society and Emily Alpuche, 4th grade Latinitas ambassador. Meet the Panel: Elizabeth Avellan-Co-Owner/Vice President of Troublemaker Studios, Sharon Arteaga-Filmmaker and Producer for Republic Ventures Group, Chelsea Hernandez-Editor of Arts in Context (KLRU) and Director of Building The American Dream, Sandy Avila Ramirez – Latina in Entertainment. Register here.

Business ChicaSeptember 24 from 10am-4pm
Southwest University Auditorium (1414 Geronimo), El Paso TX
For Girls Ages 10-17
The Business Chica workshop is focused on encouraging local girls  to learn about careers in the business sector. Girls will connect with female business leaders as they develop business skills, receive financial literacy training and learn about entrepreneurship. Girls will be able to work in teams to develop their own entrepreneur venture ideas, create a business plan and design their own marketing campaign.  The Business Chica Conference is created especially for pre-teen and teen girls. Register here.

Volunteer Bulletin Fall 2016

September 24 from 10-4pm at Southwest University
The Business Chica workshop is focused on encouraging local girls to discover their entrepreneurial spirit, to learn about careers in the business sector and to prepare as the leaders of the 21st Century. Girls will connect with female business leaders as they develop business skills, receive financial literacy training, learn about entrepreneurship and foster work-readiness skills. Girls will be able to work in teams to develop their own entrepreneur venture ideas, create a business plan and design their own marketing campaign.

We are recruiting committee members to help us with planning this uplifting event for girls. Committee members help with promoting the event, recruiting speakers, coordinating sponsorships, getting lunch donations, collecting prizes and goody bag items and planning the event logistics.

Upcoming Committee Meetings:
August 3 at 12PM Cafe Mayapan (2000 Texas Ave)
August 10 at 6:30PM Corner Bakery (1301 Airway)
To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.


Latinitas hosts weekly after-school girl empowerment programs at community centers around town. These programs aim to help low-income girls build their confidence through creative self-expression projects. Latinitas is collecting school supply items such as pens, markers, color pencils, binders, notepads, paper, scissors, construction paper and glue sticks to benefit the girls in our program. Donations are being collected at the Latinitas headquarters at 10921 Pellicano #120. For more information, contact us at or 915.219.8554

Volunteer Bulletin El Paso Summer 2016




  • Fashionista Camp – July 11-13
  • Hollywood Camp – July 18-21
  • Multimedia Arts Camp – July 25-28

This summer, girls can find their creative expression outlet by producing original media arts projects in the Latinitas media and tech workshops. Local girls ages 9-14 are invited to discover how they can change the world through multimedia arts & technology. Girls will engage in video making, blogging, photography, web design, graphic design, pod-casting, and other activities to get their media message out to the world.

We are recruiting volunteers to mentor younger girls in our summer enrichment classes. Volunteers will aid with workshop planning, assist our workshop presenters, serve as mentors for girls, guide small team activities and lead icebreakers and teambuilders.
To volunteer, please email or call 915.219.8554.



We are currently recruiting fall interns in the following areas – Marketing & Public Relations, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Youth Outreach, Translation and Event Planning. Interns will make a difference in the lives of local girls while gaining valuable hands-on experience, developing their portfolio and building their resume. If you are interested, please email your resume to or call us at 915.219.8554

Program Bulletin El Paso August 2016

For Girls Ages 9-14
Monday-Friday from 9AM-12PM
August 1-5 at 801 S Florence

August 8-12 at 4625 Delta
This summer, girls can find their creative expression outlet by producing original media arts projects in the Latinitas media and tech workshops. Local girls ages 9-14 are invited to discover how they can change the world through multimedia arts & technology. Girls will engage in video making, blogging, photography, web design, graphic design, pod-casting, and other activities to get their media message out to the world. Classes are held at the Boys & Girls Club Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm and cost $25 per week.
To register, contact us at 915.282.5639, email or visit

Teen girls are invited to discover their leadership talents and make a difference in volunteering as peer camp leaders. Join our team focused on leadership, community service and sisterhood. Attend our training to become prepared as a peer leader. Summer Camp youth leaders will aid with activity planning, assist our summer camp activities, serve as mentors for girls, guide small team activities and lead icebreakers and teambuilders.  To sign up to volunteer, complete our online application at:

Our community partner the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas is currently accepting applications for high school girls interested in preparing for higher education. HWNT developed an Education and a Scholarship Program to assist Latinas in attaining a college degree. This program includes college preparation and leadership workshops as well as service and cultural opportunities. The LIP Education Series consists of five learning sessions on the college application process, college readiness, life skills, leadership, confidence, civic engagement and cultural heritage. The program is free, includes 5 workshops and provides college scholarship opportunities. Applications are due August 24. To join, email or complete the online application at:


Latinitas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowering young Latinas through media and technology. Through media enrichment programs girls build confidence through media and creative expression. Girls in our programs publish, the first digital magazine by and for Latina youth. By hosting educational media outreach workshops, internships, camps, conferences, retreats and after-school programs, we connect girls with positive mentors who encourage them to build their self-esteem, confidence, cultural pride, body image, leadership skills, academic skills, efficacy and resiliency to at-risk behavior If you are interested in contributing, contact us at 219.8554 or

100 Mujeres Campaign


Latinitas is kicking-off a campaign to rally women to help ensure the future success of young Latinas. We are starting a movement to unite 100 mujeres in the cause of empowering young Latinas. We invite women leaders to make an investment in the next generation of Latina leaders. Your monthly donation of $10 can make a significant difference in helping empower Latinitas to build confidence, discover their voice and become leaders.


$10 a month for 10 months helps cover…
-sponsorship for a week-long half day summer camp for 1 girl
-give 5 girls a field trip to a college campus
-sponsor 1 girl in our after school program for 1 full semester
-host a multimedia arts empowerment workshop for 10 girls
-help 10 girls attend one of our girl empowerment conferences
-provide media training for 1 youth editorial advisory board member for 1 semester
-contribute towards a $500 university scholarship for a college leader

Click here to make your contribution.

Spotlight: Rosa Guerrero

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.54.42 AM
Written by Renee Malooly and originally published on Borderzine 

Link to article:

Dressed in a bright orange jacket adorned with a necklace and a crucifix pendant, Rosa Guerrero flashed a warm smile, projecting the trademark youthful spirit and upbeat stamina that belied her approaching 80th birthday.

“Age is just a matter of the mind,” Guerrero said as she sipped her cranberry and orange juice drink, a mix she concocted herself. “If you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.”

Guerrero’s long resume in the professional dance world has not weighed her down. An avid dancer in all types of genres, a dance teacher of students that range in age from two-year-olds to 100-year-olds, and an ambassador for Mexican folkloric dance, her love for dance is evident in the rhythm of her hand gestures and expressive nature.

“I started dancing in my mother’s womb,” Guerrero exclaimed as she sculpted a simple dance move with her hands.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Guerrero has always been a dedicated individual who never settles for the bare minimum. Growing up without a car, Guerrero said she would walk to dance practice downtown from her central El Paso home.

“We did without a car,” Guerrero said. “It’s not a sin to be poor but it is a sin to be lazy,” she said, proud of her humble origins.

Frank Lopez, a friend of Guerrero for more than 10 years, first saw her in her dance element at a nonprofit performance. Lopez is an executive director of Ngage, a Las Cruces,New Mexico, nonprofit educational organization.

Lopez said Guerrero’s kind nature makes her unique. “She’s very down to earth,” Lopez said. “She gives as much of herself to her community.”

A Roman Catholic, Guerrero said her strong sense of faith has guided her. She describes herself as ecumenical — someone who has a love and respect for other religions, beliefs, and faiths.

“To me there is only one God and he is our father and our maker,” Guerrero said. “I believe that all religions are based on that creator.”

Lopez said that Guerrero takes deep subjects of culture and race that are usually difficult for others to be open about, and makes them poignant subjects.

“She’s very spiritual in a beautiful way.”

Guerrero became immersed in other religions and cultures through dance. She is responsible for spreading Folklorico dance style throughout the United States after becoming the founder and artistic director of the Rosa Guerrero International Folklorico Dance Group. Guerrero said all individuals are unique and together make one giant tapestry, the title of a documentary she made that stresses this concept.

Guerrero’s nonprofit was the first Mexican folkloric dance group in the nation to dance at the Kennedy Center in 1991. They were also the first to dance for the CIA in 1992. Former secretary of defense, Robert Gates, was the CIA director at the time.

“He gave us a tour and he was very friendly to me,” Guerrero said.

Describing the performance for the CIA, Guerrero said the environment was very professional. Never letting go of her cheerful personality, Guerrero presented a gift consisting of El Paso Saddleblanket and Chile Company souvenirs to Gates on stage in front of the large conservative crowd. Guerrero said she jokingly told Gates that she is president of the CIA in El Paso, which filled the auditorium with laughter.

“All I did was break the barrier,” Guerrero said.

Dennis Bixler-Márquez, director of the Chicano Studies Program at UT El Paso, has known Guerrero since 1971 when he was a member of Teacher Corps. He said that Guerrero captures and represents what El Paso is about in an artistic sense through music and dance.

“What makes her inspirational is that she is a cultural ambassador for the city on both sides of the border,” Bixler-Márquez said. ​

Exposure of culture is important to Guerrero. Receiving bachelor’s degree from Texas Western College, now the University of Texas at El Paso, in elementary and high school education in 1957, Guerrero has worked at numerous public schools throughout El Paso to spread that idea. She hopes to spend the rest of her life writing.

“One written word is worth one thousand spoken ones,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero’s husband of 60 years, Sergio, three children and five grandchildren are strong figures in her life. She said everything she has wanted is to make her family proud. She is grateful for her parents and said she is thankful for anyone who has been a part of her life.

“God put you here and your parents give you your life,” Guerrero said. “The rest is up to you.”

Multimedia Arts Camps

This Summer, girls in Austin & El Paso, TX have an opportunity to get a taste of what their life could be like as a movie star, a news anchor, a photographer, a fashion reporter, a radio DJ, a magazine writer, a poet, a graphic designer and more in Latinitas multimedia art camps. Through intense week-long day camp program, girls can find their creative expression outlet by producing original media arts projects.The Latinitas camp is led by a team of women educators, role models and mentors experienced in guiding girls in hands-on lessons, interactive presentations, team challenges, and fun games that address girl issues and encourage self-esteem, expression, confidence and empowerment. Girls will produce original multimedia arts projects and master techniques in photography, writing, design, radio production and filmmaking. Click here to learn more.

Fotos de Mi Alma – May 12

Fotos de Mi Alma is Latinitas’ primary annual fundraising event.   Celebrating it’s 9th year, the photography auction will feature pieces representative of the documentary work of Austin-based photographer Joel Salcido.  Salcido’s images comes from the agave fields of tequila manufacturing all the way to the bullfighting rings of Spain.


Photographs are a glimpse of what may lie deep in the soul of a landscape, a seemingly everyday situation or a person. Good ones grab us by the imagination, they make us question, dream, think. The featured works showcase, in literal and abstract fashion, facets of Latino culture ranging from religion, to architecture, to family life.

The evening will include music from Austin Music Award’s Best Female vocalist for two year’s in a row Patricia Vonne and a variety of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.   Try El Mayor’s rarest and most exclusive tequilas* and meet our special guest tequila senior ambassador,  Jorge Raptis. Become well versed in the art of tequila by learning from a true tequila connoisseur.

This year’s events features raffle packages divided by city region – and include dinner gift certificates, spa treatments and even a trapeze experience for winners!

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Latinitas’ outreach programs. Latinitas is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young Latina girls through media and technology education. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!