Mujeres We Like

Latinitas talk about who they see as their role models.

Beth is my teenage aunt. That means she was only five when I was born!!! Ever since then, my aunt has been my role model. She teaches me not to like guys until I’m older. She also teaches me does and don’ts. I love her so much. We always go crazy when we see each other. -Jasmin

Taylor is awesome young, lovely, one of the best emotional singers and has really good lyrics. I like Taylor Swift because I love how she sings and she is very emotional with her life. I love her songs because of what they say. Thanks Taylor for being my role model. Thanks for writing such good songs and being really realistic and emotional. -Jennifer

My grandma is my role model because she managed to take care of four sons and twelve grandchildren. She cooks and cleans after us. She takes care of us an d she was able to survive my grandpas death. She prays every day and she gives each and everyone of us love and care.  -Danielle

My role model is my mom, Maura. I look up to her so much and I think that she’s perfect because sometimes she thinks weird. I cheer her up and when I’m sad she helps me a lot too. She cooks well, she spoils me sometimes and she always wants to help people. She inspires me to be a good person and to pray. I love her so much. -Victoria

My mom is my role model because she cooks delicious food. I want to cook just like her. She makes really good pancakes. I also like Victoria Justice because she signs really well and I like her songs. Katy Perry is also my role model because I like two of her songs and they are my favorite. -Darlene


Strawberry Cupcakes
Your pinkalicious color is
beautiful, sweet and so munchy.
Please don’t be crunchy!
Don’t taste like a pickle…
but for my tongue it tickles.

The Doughnut Man
Do you know the Doughnut man who lives at Krispy Kreme?
Do you know the Doughnut man who eats doughnuts?
Do you know the Doughnut man he weighs so much because of doughnuts?
Do you know the Doughnut man?

Beautiful bows on all our pretty hair.
Polka dotted, striped, plain
and many more ways.
Oh I want them
all colors every shape.

Do you know the cupcake man?
Do you know the cupcake man lives at DC cupcakes?
Do you know
the cupcake man eats 24 cupcakes a day?
Do you know the cupcake man, he’s the best.

those candy apples
as sweet as they can b
as they touch my tongue
reaching out to me!
Their tasteful caramel
melts in my mouth
away I go into the Heavens
among  the Earth,
I see the clouds,
still in my mouth
the candy apple sweet.

Oh dough your so yummy when your in my tummy.
Your tiny chocolate chips make my mouth drip.
Oh how I love my cookies
I want more cookies!

Do you know the cheesecake man?
Do you know the cheesecake man, the one that lives in the cheesecake factory?
Do you know the cheesecake man, who glistens in the sun?
Do you know the cheesecake man who smells so cheesy?

What Makes A Good Friend?

Latinitas share their thoughts about what makes a good friend.

My best friend is a good friend because she listens, and is nice. It is important to have a good friendship, so you can have someone to talk to. I’m a good friend because I’m positive, nice, trustworthy, expressive, a good listener, smart, and more of an outdoor person type. -Victoria

My best friend is a good friend because she helps me with everything no matter what. She cares about my feelings. It is important to have a good friendship because if you don’t you are going to have friends that don’t care about you and talk bad about you behind your back. I’m a good friend because I care for my friends no matter what including homework and relationships. -Jennifer

Kayla and Anahi are my best friends because they respect me and love me for who I am. They understand me and they are not afraid to be themselves around me and they always put a smile on my face. You need a good friendship because if you are dramatic and mad all the time you can grow up and stay that way and be like that all the time. You realize you are just lonely and really can’t have fun. I think I respect my friends and make them laugh. I do treat them how I want to be treated but if you are mean to me I will stand up for myself. I won’t let you control me and now I know NOT to get sucked into DRAMA. -Danielle


My Goals

These chicas are dreaming big. Girls describe their personal, career and community goals.

My career and education goal is to go to college at UT Austin and get A’s in all my classes. My community goal is to go green. My goal for my family is to grow bigger. My friends goal is to finish school and get a job. –Jennifer

For my personal goal, I want to make better choices. My education and career goal is to get straight A’s and I want to be in the CSI. For my community, I want to use less water, pick up trash and recycle. I want to not argue as much and just stay happy for my family goal. A goal for my friend is hopefully bond with her dad and be closer. -Danielle

For my personal goal, I want to be the best teacher when I grow up. My educational and career goal is I want to continue school so when I grow up I’ll be a teacher. I want to help the planet with recycling in the neighborhood for my community goal. When I grow up and have my child and my husband I want to move to New Mexico. A goal for my friend is to help him move and help him put his stuff in his desk. -Darlene

A personal goal for me to become a mom. My career goal is to become a fashion designer. I want to clean up the streets for a better community. I want to encourage everyone to dance and be happy. A goal for my friend is to help her meet Taylor Swift!! :) -Anaiz

I want to be a singer. One of my career goals is to go to school to be a teacher. To make this a better planet I will go downtown and recycle. I want to encourage my family to follow their dreams. I want to help my friends achieve their goals. -Mia

My goal is to be successful. I would like to go to college to be a doctor. I would like to help the earth by cleaning around the neighborhood. I would like for my family to be happy and successful. A goal for my friends is to be very nice and always follow their dreams. -Selena

My personal goal is to be a singer. I want to school and succeed as my career goal. I would like for everybody to clean the community. I would like for my family to all to go to school. I would like for my friends to succeed with what they want to do. -Jenny

I always wanna make sure that im on my best behavior. My goal is to get better grades. My goal for the community is to stop polluting. A goal for my family is to save more money and be successful. A goal for my friend is stay together and never give up on her dreams. -Victoria


Honoring Our Loved Ones

Our Latinitas share their memories about loved ones who have passed away.

My Tio Obie passed away a few months ago due to an illness. He was always in a party mood. They always had coca cola at parties because it was his favorite drink. Once when we were playing rock band, he started to pretend to play the guitar. -Mia

I remember that my grandpa used to tell me to dance with him, and he used to take me to a park named Julio Park before he passed away. I miss him because he was my papa. -Selena

I remember that my grandpa was always at our home on Saturdays. He would always come over and just stay. He would tell me to be good and listen to my parents. I remember he would always wear a blue cap and would drink and smoke. He died because he was drunk, but I know that he is with Jesus and the angels. I think now he protects me and my family. I still miss him, but I know he’s in a better place now. -Jenny

I remember when my grandmother passed away. She was 87 years old. I remember we gave her a lot of presents for her birthday. She was very happy. I love my grandmother. -Jennifer

My grandpa is one of my biggest role models. He took care of my four uncles and grandma by working day and night at the post office. My grandpa was in the Navy. He helped transport the soldiers to go fight. My grandpa was AMAZING at playing his guitar. I really loved him. He was so nice, and he disciplined me very well. He died when I was six-years-old. He will always be in my memories forever. -Danielle

My great grandpa Frank Serria was in World War 2. He got shot quite a lot of times, but still survived. Five years later, he passed away from a heart attack. My grandma was only fifteen when that happened. My great grandma had to raise eleven kids on her own. -Jasmin