5 Signs of a Toxic Boyfriend

Boyfriend - Latinitas

Dating can be fun, exciting, and it’s usually a great experience, but sometimes it can be quite the opposite.You may say to yourself, “Oh he just loves me” if your boyfriend becomes possessive or jealous. Maybe he pushes you one day and says “It was just an accident, it will never happen again.” Sometimes he can be very controlling as he tells you what to wear or where to go, but other days he is really sweet. It can be really confusing as you wonder if the way he is acting is just a “one time thing” or maybe it will only get worse. So how do you know when its time to get out of the relationship or even better, how can you spot the violence before you even begin to date?

1. He Has A Bad Temper
If you start to notice that your boyfriend gets mad at everything and loses his temper quickly don’t just ignore it. Yes, we all have times when we can become upset, but if your boyfriend is getting mad for everything you do and hurts you or threatens to hurt you it’s time to get help! Don’t let his bad temper scare you from reaching out to others. Talk to an older sibling, a close and trustworthy friend, or an adult. The sooner you talk about the problem with someone else the more likely you will be able to get out of the relationship safely.

2. He Is Extremely Jealous
A guy who is a friend says “hi” to you in the hall. To you its a simple “hello”, but your boyfriend thinks it’s much more. He becomes extremely jealous as he starts checking your phone, Facebook, and Twitter daily. He forbids you from talking to other guys and even becomes jealous if you’re hanging out with your friends on the weekend. According to The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence many girls think their boyfriends jealousy and possessiveness is “romantic,” but this is NOT “romantic” in anyway. If you can, confront him about this, but if you don’t feel safe doing so, tell someone. Get out of the way of his jealous rage before you get hurt.

3. He Puts You Down
You notice that your boyfriend is starting to put you down as he starts to call you names, tells you your not pretty, or even insults your friends and family. You start to think that maybe he is right, maybe your not beautiful, smart, funny, and unique. STOP! Don’t ever let a boy treat you this way. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, you are unique. Don’t ever let a boy put you down and influence how you view yourself. If he does, break-up with him, there is no point in staying with someone who puts you down and doesn’t like/love you for who you are!

4. He Is Controlling
One day you decide to go to the movies with your friends, but your boyfriend doesn’t like that. He says you can’t go and you should stop hanging out with your friends. Along with deciding who you hang out with, he starts insisting that you change the way you act and the way you dress. He starts to control your life as you lose touch with your closest friends and maybe even some of your family.  According to loveisrepsect.org, “1 in 4 teens who have been in a serious relationship say that their partner has tried to prevent them from spending time with friends or family.” The moment he starts to control you is the moment you should end the relationship.

5. He Pressures You
If you notice that your boyfriend starts pressuring you to do things, something is wrong. Whether he starts pressuring you to skip school or  pressures you to do do drugs or drink alcohol, it’s time to get help. As stated by loveisrespect.org “nearly 1 in 4 girls who have been in a relationship, reported going further sexually than they wanted to as a result of pressure.” Never let a boy pressure you into doing something that you DON’T want to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Let your mom, a friend, or someone you are close to know what is going on so they can help you out of the situation you’re in.


If you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced dating violence visit http://www.loveisrespect.org/ for more information.

Inside Beautiful Darkness

Mean Girls - LatinitasAuthor Kami Garcia was raised outside of Washington D.C, but always held a connection to the South. At the age of thirteen, Garcia and her family moved in with her grandmother and great-grandmother, both who grew up in small towns of North Carolina. Garcia grew up living the southern way, but couldn’t be more different than her grandmother and great-grandmother. “I wasn’t exactly like either of them. I wore tons of black, a lot of rings, and spent hours writing in my journals. By the time I graduated high school, I had probably filled a hundred of them,” said Garcia. Garcia earned a Masters degree in Education and taught in Washington D.C. until she moved to Los Angeles, where she taught for twelve years and worked as a Reading Specialist. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and dog Spike.

Margaret Stohl was born in Pasadena, California where writing was her way of life. Stohl has written everything from video game manuals to action screenplays to poetry. Stohl studied American Literature at Amherst and Yale, earned her Master’s degree in English from Stanford University and studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Stohl also taught as a teacher’s assistant at Yale and Stanford. “I spent more years in school than a person ever should, because let’s face it, reading books is so much better than having a job,” said Stohl. She now lives in Los Angeles, California with her family. She admits that almost every member of her family has been involved in the process of writing The Beautiful Creatures Series as she has them edit her drafts on a daily bases.

In this exclusive Las Comadres Author Teleconference, co-authors of “Beautiful Darkness,” Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl answer a few questions as they discuss their highly successful novels, what its like to be considered the next “Twilight,” and share some advice for aspiring writers?


1. What was your inspiration for “Beautiful Darkness” and “The Beautiful Creatures series?”

Kami Garcia: We got the idea to write “Beautiful Creatures” from Margaret’s teen daughters and my teen students and we were talking about the kind of books that we like to read and the kind of books we wished were out there. We came up with this idea that we thought was clever. We went home and we told Margaret’s daughters about it and they said, “Well you guys will never write a book, your not gonna write a story, your gonna start and you won’t finish.” So basically they dared us and we wrote “Beautiful Creatures” in twelve weeks. Almost like a serialized fiction. We gave her daughter’s and my students pages every day or two, they were texting us all the time, and the story which later became a book, kinda virally moved through several high schools. And that’s how it was born.

2. In the novels what is the importance of giving the female protagonist, Lena Duchannes, the power and strength, as opposed to giving it to the lead male character, Ethan Wate?

Margaret Stohl: I have three daughters and I aspire to be as strong as they are. And I think as a mother of teenagers we were all reading the same fantasy books and my girls became disillusioned with some of the books they were reading, because they felt like some of the girls had incredibly low self-esteem and had nothing they could do but follow a boy around and they said, “Why does the girl never get to be powerful? Why is the girl never the magical one? Why does she just follow around the boy and be in love? I can rescue myself.” So because we were writing this book for them we had a set agenda that they gave us and the challenge was no vampires, we are tired of vampires, we’re tired of whiny girl narrators, we’re tired of the girls never having powers, and we’re tired of books that feel generic. We want a really specific sense of place. That is really the way we wrote this book to meet those four demands and so that kinda framed the way we worked on it. For a very specific readership of seven teenagers. We only know strong women.

Kami Garcia: I don’t know if we could write a weak girl, unless it was a moment of weakness. We don’t know any teenage girls that aren’t strong. We really don’t. And I think even teenage girls that aren’t armed, that seem quiet and maybe they aren’t physically strong, a lot of them still  are really strong inside.

3. How does it feel to have “The Beautiful Creatures” series considered as the next “Twilight?”

Margaret Stohl: That sounds great…if it were true it would feel even better. We never wanted the book to be anything, but what it is. We just wrote the quirky little book that it is and we’re just happy that people have been able to connect with it the way they have. And that is really all we wanted to tell one specific story, a story that belongs in a really strange little town in the middle of the south with these strange powerful families and that’s it, thats what we set out to do.

Kami Garcia: If we have a tenth of the number of people that enjoy the Twilight Saga than we are lucky. We are just happy to have readers all over the world that enjoy the books. I didn’t think they would be reading the book in all these different countries that we get emails from. I think that’s really special.

4. What advice would you give young girls who are aspiring authors?

Kami Garcia: Read as much as you can. Read good books, read in your genre, read out of your genre. I think if you wanna be a writer you have to write. A lot of even adult aspiring writers are like, “my draft isn’t like your book.” I feel like saying, “if you could have even seen what the draft of our book was like. Your looking at a book in a store that is published, that an editor, copy editor, and authors have gone over hundreds of times.” Don’t compare your draft to something published. Write the best draft you can and finish it and then go back and fix it. But don’t look at a book in a book store and think, “oh my writing isn’t as good as that.” That is an impossible standard to meet, especially when your young.

Margaret Stohl: I encourage teenagers to work on having a perspective, even before they can write it. When you read a book, read it critically and think, “Did i like that, yes or no? Why didn’t I like that?” What were the components that made it interesting to you, because then you start to develop a perspective and I think that’s kinda the first thing to developing a voice which is more than anything something an author needs to have.

Take a Stand Against Mean Girls

One day at school you find out that a mean and ugly rumor is being spread around about you. You know it’s not true, but no one believes you.You don’t know how to deal with it and you feel that everyone has turned on you even your closest friends. Unfortunately, for many girls this is a reality. Life as a teenager is hard enough, but being bullied is unacceptable and hurts both physically and mentally. If your being bullied, how do you deal?

Bullying, especially with teenagers, has been around forever, but in the past few years it has become a very serious and scary issue. Did you know that bullying is no longer just being pushed around in the playground, but being verbally attacked whether through gossip, rumors, or on the internet? It’s not just physically draining, but it hurts mentally too.

Particularly with tween and teenage girls, bullying has grown to be a more verbal and mental thing rather than physical, but why is that? Vanessa Rodriguez, age 17, says, “I think girls feel that if they can turn everyone else against their “victim” then it’ll hurt more than an actual physical confrontation. Most bullies are jealous of the other girls’ popularity and happiness so they try to get to the people around her to mess up her life.”

Not only has bullying gone beyond rumors being spread in person, but now the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used to bully others. This type of bullying is know as “cyberbullying.” So what exactly cyberbullying? Dalena Lopez, age 13 says, “Cyberbullying is when somebody is harassed or bullied either on the computer through the internet or through text.” But why take it to the internet?

Ytzel McDaniel, age 18, says, “I think we girls in general are too smart for our own good. I just don’t think it is our nature to fight, but we do like to plot. Talking bad about each other has always been happening, social networks just make it easier and worse.” It is much easier to bully someone over the internet than it is in person, because it can happen at any time and is available for many people to see.

So if your being bullied how do you deal?

Vanessa says, “It’s hard, but ignore it. Those girls are acting they way they are, because they’re trying to be someone that they’re not. They think being mean will impress others when in reality, everyone has the same opinion of them- annoyed. Stay close to your friends they’ll help you get through the bullying and you guys will be able to laugh at it later on. If things get out of hand, TELL someone older. Don’t let those girls run your life.” While ignoring it sometimes works, the bullying can often be too much to handle. Don’t be afraid to tell a counselor, teacher, parent, or an older sibling. They WILL help you and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

“Don’t let it bother you. Just because someone says something about you doesn’t mean its true. I would talk to someone about it who I can trust, like my mom,” says Dalena. Talking to someone who you trust will help you deal with being bullied.

“Don’t let them see it getting to you,” says Ytzel. “All a bully wants is to see you break so even though it is scary stand up to them. You don’t have to be mean, just show them that they can’t control you. The thing I have learned is there is always going to be  those girls who want to be the ‘biggest and baddest’, but once you say something they normally back down.” As hard as it may be standing up to the bully is the best thing to do. You should never be mean, but show them that they can’t control you with their hurtful words. Surround yourself with positive people, who love you for who you are. Never change yourself, as those who love you for who you are are your true friends.

One day you go to school and you find everyone being really nice to you. Everyone is getting along and no one seems to be picking on others. No mean rumors are being spread and no one is alone or sad. There are no cliques and everyone is seen as equals. This doesn’t have to be a dream, this can be a reality.

What Teen Moms Want You to Know

It seems like teen pregnancy has become “popular” in the last couple of years with shows about teen pregnancy taking over our televisions, but as a teen what should you really know about teen pregnancy? As a teenage girl you probably have been taught that getting pregnant can lead to many struggles, whether it be struggles with your relationships, managing school, finding and keeping a job, or just trying to live life as a teen mom, but there is so much more to teen pregnancy that is often overlooked. In shows like “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom,”  different girls of all different backgrounds face the troubles of being a teen and pregnant or being a teen mom. Because it is a reality show and is only an hour long episode, it often avoids touching on some of the most important issues of teen pregnancy. What should you really know about teen pregnancy?

1. Plans For The Future?

Have big plans for the future? Plan on going to college to reach your dream career? Think again. Having a baby changes everything including your future plans. Becoming pregnant as a teen not only affects you for the 9 months you are pregnant, but for the rest of your life. Your plans for the future can be put on hold as you take on the tasks of having and raising a baby. Not only are you dreams for the future pushed aside, but you have to consider the cost of raising a baby. According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy in 2008 it cost Texas taxpayers $1.2 billion for unplanned pregnancies and teen childbearing. While you personally won’t be paying $1.2 billion, it still costs a lot of money to raise a baby. Susie, now 22, became pregnant at the age of 17. When asked what challenges she faced she says, “Financial issues- I realized having a child is expensive. As a young single parent, it’s hard to have money most of the time.” Your dreams for the future may have to wait as you find time to get a job, hopefully finish high school, and pay the bills all while raising a baby. While many teen moms continue pursuing their educational and career goals, balancing that with raising a child is definitely made more challenging.

2. Bye Bye Social Life

Getting pregnant not only changes your plans for the future, but sadly takes away your social life. No more Friday night parties or movies and shopping with your friends, you’ll be stuck at home taking care of your baby. Reality starlets Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout, both from MTV’s “Teen Mom,” lost their social life almost as quickly as they got pregnant. Farrah had to quit the cheerleading team and put aside her modeling career and Maci missed out on prom and graduating with all of her friends. Susie says, “Being a parent is not easy. Your whole life changes- school, money, stress, love relationships, living arrangements, health, and many other things.” Having a baby is a lot of responsibility. You can no longer be a care-free teenager. You have to grow up fast.

3. Hello? Is anyone out there?

While pregnant teens may feel completely alone there is actually a lot of help out there. Different support groups through different churches, hospitals, community groups and schools are always available and are willing to help. Planned Parenthood is also a great website to visit as they are there to inform you on ALL the risks of getting pregnant, what to do if you are pregnant, and how to avoid pregnancy in the future.

4. The Heath Risks

Risks? What Risks? Getting pregnant at any age has risks for the person getting pregnant, but getting pregnant as a teenager increases those risks as well as adding new ones. Increased blood pressure, low birth weight, and having a premature birth are just a few of the risks that are possible for teenagers who are pregnant. Isabel Fernandez, age 15, says, “There are a lot more health risks when your pregnant as a teenager. You are still young and your definitely not ready to have a baby.” While these health issues are not too extreme, why risk it?

5. Prevention Is Possible

What? Teen pregnancy is preventable? Yes, teen pregnancy is a 100% preventable. Some ways to lower chances of becoming pregnant are different types of birth control and condoms. Although these are not 100% preventable methods, abstinence is. Abstinence is a sure way to prevent getting pregnant as a teen as well as avoiding all the struggles that come along with being a teen and pregnant.

When asked what advice she would give teenage girls about sex and teen pregnancy, Susie said, “Wait until you have enjoyed your life. It’s not easy to get up and raise a child.”

Above the Influence

You may have felt pressured or may feel pressured into trying drugs someday, but why? According to drugfree.org teens do drugs, “for a variety of reasons. To party and get high, in some cases, but also to “manage” or “regulate” their lives.” Drugs may seem like an “easy” escape from life, but in they are nothing but harmful to your health, relationships, and the way you live and experience life. So what are some of risks of doing drugs that you should know?

Risk 1: Relationship Problems

Doing drugs can lead to many unwanted problems, especially in your relationships. Your relationships with your friends, boyfriend, and your parents can change a lot as your attitude about drugs change. Your friends may stop hanging out with you and your boyfriend may break-up with you. Your parents will probably try to help, but you feel they are only trying to punish you. Diana Valera, age 14 says, “I think if you started doing drugs the relationship with your parents would be very stressful. They are doing the best they can to help you out and the only reason you would do drugs is if you have a low self-esteem.”

Risk 2: School Troubles

Doing drugs can also affect how you do in school. Doing drugs can lead to many school absences, getting bad grades and not paying attention in class. Drugs can also affect your plans for your future education and career.If you become lost in the world of drugs, college and your dream job will be the last thing on your mind.

Risk 3: Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd

If you start doing drugs you are probably going to start hanging out with the wrong kind of people. You may think they are you “friends.” If they are encouraging you to do drugs, they aren’t real friends. You could possibly lose touch with your closest friends as your new “friends” pressure you into doing things that aren’t good.

Risk 4: Drugs Are Addictive

Drugs can quickly change the way you think and act as they begin to control your life. According to abovetheinfluence.com drugs play a major role in affecting the way our brain works. “Just as we turn down the volume on a radio that is too loud, the brain adjusts to the overwhelming surges in dopamine by producing less dopamine or by reducing the number of receptors that can receive and transmit signals. As a result, dopamine’s impact on the reward circuit can become low. This is why the abuser feels flat, lifeless, and depressed, and is unable to enjoy things that previously brought them pleasure. Now, they need to take drugs just to bring their dopamine function back to normal.” Your body becomes addicted to the drug as you now rely on it to make you feel good.

Risk 5: Health Issues

Drugs are extremely bad for your health as they pose a lot of risks depending on how much you take. Drugs can affect your abilities to hear, speak, walk, smell, see, taste and think normally. They can also lead to things like depression, mood swings and hallucinations. According to drugfree.org, “there are both immediate and long term risks. In the short term, overdosing can be fatal. In the longer term, drugs such as pain relievers and prescription medicine, among others, can become potentially addictive.”

Drugs lead to a lifestyle that no one should have to experience. Steer clear of drugs by saying “no” to peer pressure, getting involved in school clubs, volunteering around your community and surrounding yourself with positive people.


All Around the World

Hey Latinitas where in the world do you wanna go and how do you plan on getting there? Is your family making plans for the summer? Do you have a senior trip coming up?  Do you want to organize a road trip before college? Is there a travel-abroad or volunteer-abroad program at your campus? Traveling can be fun and exciting with so many new places to discover. You get to learn about different cultures and foods and make life long memories that you can share with all your friends! So latinitas where in the world do you wanna go?

Pick a Place

“If I could go somewhere, I would go to Albuquerque, New Mexico, because my aunt and uncle live there and I hardly get to see them.”- Jasmine Escobar, age 10

“I would go to San Antonio, Texas, because I want to see the Riverwalk. I’m actually going there this summer!”- Alexandra Gomez, age 13

“I want to go to Paris because I want to see the Eiffel Tower!”- Abby Lopez, age 12

“I would go to Italy, because I really like the way they talk. I would say China, but I have already been there.” – Danica Lopez, age 11

“I would want to go to Australia, because they talk cool. They say ‘good day mate’.” Mia James, age 11

“Rome because my mom went there and I want to see what she saw.” Alissa Saenz, age 10.

Plan Your Trip

Before you start planning your dream vacation make sure to check with your parents. It may take awhile to actually visit the place you’ve been dreaming of, but after all your planning and saving, your trip will be so much more worth it!

1.Time To Research: No matter where you are going in the world it is important to research the place you are planning to visit. If you are going to a different country, it is going to be very different than the United States. You will need to transportation (bus, train, plane, ship) and hotel accommodations. Look up different places to visit, the food, the culture, and the language they speak.

2. Save, Save, Save! With the help of you parents, set aside money for the trip. Since your parents will most likely be going with you, they will be taking care of the cost of the trip, but its always a good idea to save up some money to buy souvenirs for yourself, your family, and your friends.

3. Hmm when should we go? Most people take vacations during the summer, but as you research the place you plan to visit, you may find that the best times to visit certain places are in the fall or winter. You also have to plan a vacation when you don’t have school like Spring Break or your parents don’t have to work. Also, decide if your family is going to fly or drive to your destination.

4. Book It! If you are flying or driving, staying in a hotel or resort, you have to make a reservation. This way you will have somewhere to stay and you have a way to get there. If you want to go to special shows, concerts or performances, you will also want to get your tickets early.

5. Oh boy! Time to Pack: When you finally have your trip all planned, it is time to pack! Packing can be just as hard as actually planning your trip. With your parents help make sure to pack clothes that fit the weather. If you are going during the summer pack summer clothes, if your going in the winter pack winter clothes. Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, beauty items and any other toiletry you think you might need.

All Set! Let’s Go

Now that you have set up your trip, you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, learn a lot of new and interesting things, but most of all have fun. Your dream vacation is waiting for you!

When The School Bell Rings

What are the secrets to school success?  These Latinitas share their top tips to help you move to the top of the class.

Tip 1: Be Confident

A key to academic success is being confident. It helps you feel comfortable to work in team, to make presentations in front of the class and to approach your teacher with any questions you have. As you walk through the halls hold your head up high, smile, and don’t be afraid to talk to other students. If they see you smiling with your head held high, they will feel comforted by your friendly personality and confidence. It is much easier to make new friends when you are confident. “When I first entered middle school, I was very shy, but I learned that if I wanted to meet new people I had to be confident. I met a lot of really nice people, because I decided to introduce myself to almost every classmate I had,” said Kameryn Johnson, age 14.

Tip 2: Get Involved

Take advantage of all the great opportunities your school has to offer. Join clubs such as band, theater, yearbook, orchestra, and book and art clubs just to name a few. These are sure ways to meet new people, yet keep you busy as you learn fun new things. You can also try out for sports such as cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, softball, track, or basketball. You will stay active and healthy, but will still be having fun doing so. “I was involved in cross country, track, flags, and orchestra when I was in middle school,” said Maria Fernandez, age 17. “By becoming involved in those sports and clubs it helped me stay focused on the important things. It helped me become who I am today.” If your middle school doesn’t offer many clubs or organizations to join, talk to your teachers about forming some of you own. You can also check out clubs outside your school like Girl Scouts or help out around the community by volunteering. Places like the YMCA and Salvation Army are always looking for people to help out.

Tip 3: Do Well In Class

Don’t forget to study hard, turn in your homework on time, ask your teachers for help if you need it, and concentrate on learning something new every day. If you have any problems, look for help and get tutoring. Cynthia Amaya, age 18, shares some of her advice for doing well in the classroom. “It is important to develop good study habits in middle school. This will help you succeed later on in high school. It’s hard to care so much for school at that young age, but it’s important to start caring as early as possible,” said Amaya.

Tip Four: Have Fun & Be Yourself

Middle school can be both exciting and scary, but you should never forget to have fun and just be yourself. Brianna Holcomb, age 13, says, “Don’t fit in. STAND OUT!! Don’t let people change the way you think, change what people think about you. Don’t let anyone bring you down. You are who you are, and who you are is BEAUTIFUL!” Once you accept yourself for who you are and learn to love the unique qualities that make you you, the rest of the year will come easy. You will make great friends, learn new and exciting things, and overall have a year that you will never forget. Have some fun and enjoy as you learn!

Passport to Acapulco, Mexico


Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco serves not only as a popular tourist attraction, but as a major sea port that runs through the Panama Canal. Acapulco is known by many, but what hidden treasures it holds have yet to be discovered by tourist. In Acapulco, the history is timeless, the culture is captivating, the food is delicious, and the attractions are a sure way to experience a once in a lifetime getaway.


Acapulco was first inhibited by the Nahuas tribe almost 2,000 years ago. In 1521, under the order of Hernán Cortés, Fransico Chico arrived in the area and conquered Acapulco, naming it Santa Lucía. It quickly become an important trade center between Asia and America, creating much success for the area. However, in the 18th century, Acapulco was destroyed by an earthquake which is common in the area. After the earthquake, Acapulco was slowly recreated, but it wasn’t until the 19th Century and the Gold-Rush, that Acapulco gained back its importance. By the 1950s, Acapulco become a popular tourist attraction, as celebrities from around the world could be found spending a getaway in Acapulco.


Acapulco follows many of the traditional Mexican celebrations that make it the captivating culture it is today. Residents celebrate Day of the Dead, Dia de la Raza, the Mexican Revolution, Posadas of Christmas, Three Kings Day, and Virgin of Guadalupe Festival, to name a few. Acapulco mainly follows the Roman Catholic religion and allows for a very casual lifestyle as it is often considered the “24-Hour Paradise.” Since Acapulco’s economy was built largely as a tourist attraction, the locals are open to the idea of Acapulco being a tourist city. Locals are very friendly and are willing to speak the tourist language rather than speaking their native language which is Spanish.


Besides the beautiful beaches, the spectacular shopping, or the fun and exciting nightlife, Acapulco offers many attractions that are suitable for all ages. The CICI, which stands for “Centro Internacional de Convivencia Infantil” is a water-sports park that is great for families visiting Acapulco. Along with wave pools for everyone to swim in, the CICI offers interactive shows such as sea lion and dolphin shows. If you are searching for a more historic attraction, Fuerte de San Diego is an ideal place to visit. It was originally built in 1616, but had to be restored after the 1776 earthquake destroyed it. The fort was built to protect the Spanish and their trading route between Mexico and the Philippines. This is a great place to learn a little about Acapulco history. Laguna de Tres Palos is a great attraction for those looking for a more outdoorsy adventure. The swamp that surrounds the Laguna de Tres Palos was the location for the first Tarzan movie. Bird watching is a must as the Laguna is home to many wild species and countless other types of animals.


Acapulco offers a variety of food choices sure to fit anyone’s appetite. Acapulco is known for its “mariscos” or seafood, with your choice of spicy or sweet sauces. The simplest seafood dishes such as “mojo de ajo,” or garlic and olive oil sauce on fish, and “pescado a la talla,” meaning the fish is tossed in a chili and mayonnaise sauce, are some of the best in town. The chiles and sauces that accompany the seafood are so hot that they are sure to get your taste buds tingling. On Thursdays you can find the locals of Acapulco cooking a Mexican favorite, pozole. They stick to the traditional pozole ingredients including white hominy, pork, radishes, raw onions, lettuce, and lime. Acapulco is definitely the place to be if you want to try some unforgettable and mouthwatering food.

The history, culture, food, and attractions make Acapulco the place it is today. With so much to offer, Acapulco has certainly created a name for itself. Built on the idea of a tourist attract, Acapulco is now the most visited place in Latin American. It is a promising get-away for great times and everlasting memories for the whole familia.

Discover Your Latina Style

Latina Fashion Style - LatinitasAre you looking for fashion inspiration? Look no further, connecting to your Latina roots can be a great source of inspiration for your style. The media is constantly influencing how girls dress, encouraging crazy, extreme, and sometimes even unthinkable fashion choices, like Lady Gaga and her popular “meat” attire or Katy Perry with her fun and spunky clothes and hair. Not only do we feel the pressure to look and dress like celebrities, but sometimes many of our friends influence the way we dress too. But what else could influence the way we dress? Could it be our boyfriend’s, what mood we’re in, a special occasion, where we live, or possibly even our culture?

In the Hispanic community, culture largely influences how we dress and express our style. While the media still influences how almost all of us dress, we as Latinas experience the beauty of hispanic flare and fashion as it represents hispanic culture. According to the Label Networks’ Hispanic Youth Culture Study 07’, “The brand name is not as influential in terms of buying a specific brand among Hispanic youth culture such as style, comfort, and fit.” Hispanic cultures focus on what is real, beautiful, comfortable, and fun which encourages us to dress in real and beautiful ways.

Victoria Lopez, age 16, is one of many young Latina girls whose style is influenced by her culture. She describes her look as “urban comfort” saying,“it’s cute, affordable, and I can last all day in it. It has a lot of colors, for a stand out look which is greatly influenced by my hispanic culture. My culture also gives me an opportunity to see what not to wear, and what colors don’t complement each other.”

When asked if brand is important to creating personal style, Victoria said, “My clothing doesn’t have a big label. It’s not like ‘Gucci’ or ‘Fendi.’ I usually shop at Forever 21 and it all depends on what I like and it varies from time to time. I love to buy clothes that are reusable in new and different ways.” Girls don’t have to be wearing the most expensive clothes to feel and look beautiful. Often times, the used clothing offers girls the opportunity to create apparel that truly represents themselves.

Gabriela Sepulveda, age 17, also believes that her hispanic culture influences her look, but in a slightly different way. “I must admit that my hispanic culture does affect the way I dress. Particularly in the length of my shorts, skirts, and dresses. I can’t bring myself to use anything too short or revealing, because of the way I was raised,” said Sepulveda. Culture influences more than just the style and look of clothing, but encourages girls to respect themselves by wearing appropriate clothing that is not degrading.

Like Victoria, Gabriela does not rely on brand to create her look. “My style depends on what I like. If I like it and it’s comfortable then I will most likely buy it. I don’t own anything that has a brand name cause then I would be like everyone else,” said Gabriela.

Hispanic culture not only influences Latina style and fashion, but allows us to really express how we feel without feeling pressured to dress certain ways. And while sometimes it may be fun to dress like celebrities, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy clothes that we absolutely love. It is easy to buy affordable clothes that can both show our personal likes as well as show off a side of your hispanic culture. Leave the expensive meat to Lady Gaga.

The way we dress shows the world a part of who we are. By representing our hispanic culture, the world sees beautiful and real girls who are great role models for any young girl who is looking for someone to look up to.