Blogger Sara Inés Calderón

Latina Bloguera What was the origin of Why did you start it? grew out of a frustration with not being able to either see ourselves or our communities reflected in the news, but also wanting to get a little bit more out of the news, namely a clue as to what was happening with Latinos across the country.

I and the other co-founders wanted to provide a platform for Latinos across the country to be informed, to meet each other, inform each other and share their unique perspectives.

What do you reference from middle and high school when generating and seeking content for News Taco?

Definitely one of the big drivers for me personally with regard to News Taco is the feeling I had when I was in eighth grade that I didn’t have anyone who was “like me” to look up to. Even in high school, when I was searching for Latino rock bands (this is before there was iTunes and Facebook, mind you) I felt like I wanted to be able to imagine myself in bigger and better spaces by seeing a role model who I could relate to. So there’s definitely that.

As far as high school, I had a great English teacher — Mr. Sullivan — who really taught me about the idea of writing as a science. The idea that the words could be constructed and manipulated, that writing didn’t just happen, really transformed my life at that point.  Of course, I didn’t truly grasp how much his class changed my life until much later, when I was a professional journalist, but these experiences when you are young do count for so much.

What is your overall mission with the site/blog?’

We brand ourselves as “The Latino Daily” because we want to be the go to place for news and information from a Latino perspective. The name News Taco has offended some people, but what we explain on our site ( is that we chose the name because we wanted the website to be a taco for your mind, for your heart, in the sense that the tacos you eat for food nourish you in just the right way. For example, nothing makes me feel quite as at home and comforted and as happy as a taquito de frijole; we wanted to capture that magic with News Taco.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating your own media?

What’s truly surprised me with regard to News Taco is that my favorite part of the entire enterprise has been to promote other Latino writers and artists across the country. I thought I would enjoy writing and generating my own content, but what I’ve truly appreciated was being able to meet and work with Latina and Latino writers from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas and everywhere in between.

There’s so much talent out there, and as I’ve begun working with all of these talented Latinos, I’ve realized that this is truly one of News Taco’s core values: to be a platform to promote Latinos across the country. Thus, the most rewarding part of generating my own media has been giving a voice to other Latinos who needed a platform and watching them grow as writers and in popularity.

What’s on the horizon for news taco? Audio? more video?

We’re definitely hoping to do more. More video would be great, more news, more writers, more perspective, more offerings. We’re hoping to be able to offer more networking opportunities for the News Taco community and then going into 2012 we’re planning on extensive coverage pertaining to Latino voters.

Where are you from? Name a few personal interests you have.
My family is from Eagle Pass, Texas, but I grew up mostly in LA. I then graduated high school in San Antonio, spent time professionally in Brownsville, Austin and again San Antonio, and am now back in LA.

I love lots of things, but work too much these days to pursue any of them, ha ha!  I like martial arts, reading novels, dangly earrings (I have an extensive collection), museums, action movies, good conversation and spending time with my loved ones. I come from a long line of homebodies. :0

5 Ways to Deal with Stress

Latinitas readers share their tips to destress.

Tip 1: Listen to Music

“Music is love. Every song has a meaning that you can relate to at any time or how you feel. Music is a big part of my releasing stress.”-Daisy Fuentes.

“I usually listen to music to calm me down.  I like music because I think it just relaxes me.” – Dalena Lopez

“I usually do on my roof and listen to music the air always calms me down and the beat to the music helps my feelings calm.” -Aliris Lopez

Tip 2: Hangout with friends

“I love going to my best friend/sister named: Daisy. I love to hangout with my family.” – Jessie Baron

Tip 3. Talk to your Parents

“When I’m stressed, what calms me down is to always be around my mom. She helps me calm down.”

“When I deal with stress, I usually go to talk to my mom because she always knows all the right things to say to me.”-Dominic Hernandez

“When I talk to my mom, it gets a big weight off my shoulders and helps me know I’m not alone in my problems.” -Brianna Holcomb

Tip 4. Exercise

“Dancing, is like if your soul is letting out your true colors. The way you feel comes out on the way you move, attitude, silliness and heart. Running for me is a time to cry, think and let it out. It’s an alone time to just think about what has happen.”- Daisy Fuentes.

Tip 5. Do What You Love

“I pray and just think on it.”- Brianna Holcomb

“Singing helps me let out my feelings.”-Daisy Fuentes.

“I go to do puzzles.”-Monica Vargas

“I sing, dance, write or just chill with my friends.” -Jessie Baron

Angel Looking Over You


Bang! In a moment, you can loose a very important person who has been in your life since you were born. Cynthia, age 18,

experienced this firsthand when her father committed suicide. Losing her dad impacted her life, and it is an experience she would never wish to anyone. It feels like the darkness overshadows your life, or you think you are being punished for something you did wrong.

You feel pain, anger, guilt and of course a deep sadness. You feel in shock and denial. It is a mix of feelings crashing into one another. You keep asking your self WHY? This is the hardest question to answer when some one dies, but the proper person to answer it is the person who died.

For a year and half, Cynthia has faced one of the hardest moments of her life. An ordinary but cold evening while she was in her room, the sound of her brother shouting and crying his soul out scared her like never before. With no clue of what had happened, she was scared. The police, and the ambulance showed up and then that was when she found out that sadly her father committed suicide.

“I felt confused, I couldn’t believe it was true. It was shocking, I didn’t know what to do.” Cynthia said.

A loss this big is very painful, sad and unforgettable because never in million years can you picture yourself in this position.

“Its very hard to imagine something like this can happen to you, until it happens. You feel a big shock, you feel like throwing up, like at any moment you will wake up and cry all at the same time.” she said. Can you imagine going through those kind of events? It  can be very hard for some people to deal with this kind of pain. It is not easy to forget someone so special for you.

“I prayed for my dad, and for strength. This is not something that you get used to, but you just have to learn how to live with it.” she revealed. She told me how hard was at first for her and her family. The first month was the hardest, and saddest for her. The fact that your need to get use to the fact that you will never see that person makes things harder for you. It’s normal that things like this will not go away so fast, it takes a long time, and is never easy going through a healing moment.

Help from the people around you can make things a little less harder, because they will be with you every step of the way. An event like this can not be dealt with by yourself, it is hard. It is very heavy for you to hold on your shoulder.

“What helped me the most was the support from my family, friends, and my own strength. I didn’t want to see my mom down so I had to be positive for her and for my big brother.” Cynthia said. Although this experience didn’t affect her school work or her relationships, there’s still that sad feeling. She commented that it still hurts, mainly when she remembers him or sees other parents that remember her how he used to be it makes her almost cry. Who wouldn’t? It is your father, the guy who gave you life. “There’s not a day where I don’t think of him, I miss him but I have been able to keep on going with my life. I would say that the most important comes from you and how you can handle things.”

She knows this is not an easy event for any girl to deal with. Her experience can be reflected in other girls that have been through this. She knows she is not alone and neither are you. “Don’t let yourself fall, be strong for those who love you, and for that person that is gone. He/she wouldn’t like to see you down.” She gave us (who?) her own advice that she took so that the pain would be easier to deal with. She lost her father, her friend, her protector, her hero. She lost the person that was made to take care of her and her siblings. Yet even though that person is not with them physically she and her siblings know that he is he will always protect them and look after their well being. Although they had hoped that he would be alive to see them achieve their dreams and goals like graduating from high school and say “here dad, this diploma is for you; So that you can feel more proud of me!”and also seeing them get married and meeting his grand children, they know some how he is here.

Going through this experience has taught her so much about life, family, and herself. “This make me reflect that you never know when it’s going to be the last time you will see someone and from then I don’t like to be mad at no one.” Although it never mattered to her what he did, she will never be mad at him for that. He will always be the good father and always was been. All that is left are the good memories she shared with her father.

“I love you and please forgive me for those times when I yell at you and even offended you. Day by day I try to be the best daughter for my mom like you always wanted me to be. I LOVE YOU!”


Mi Barrio: Phoenix, AZ

I spent the early part of my childhood in Phoenix, AZ until my family moved to California, where I was actually born. It was a memorable time.

I remember our house. A small white house with green window flaps. There was a big front yard with two wire fences. The backyard was enormous but as I grew older, it got smaller. There was a garage in the backyard with a big tree. My dad built my brother and I a tree house. He also fixed up an old swing set he had found and it became my number one source of entertainment. I could swing all day. I would invite my neighbors and we would spend all day in the backyard.

I lived in a very peaceful neighborhood, on Turney Avenue. My mom and I would walk our dog every afternoon. The streets were always quiet, and the only noise I remember was the trees blowing in the wind. It’s difficult to describe in words how much fun I had with the kids in the neighborhood. Most entertainment was built on imagination. Boredom was not an option, or may have fueled the creative games we played. Just crawling under the bushes in the alleys could transport us into a new world. Having so many friends there was my favorite part about the city.

Every weekend my family and I would visit the shopping malls in Scottsdale. The car ride was my favorite part. The huge homes, or more like estates, in the mountains looked like princess castles or places like Chandler Mall had water fountain shows every Sunday night. Those malls sparked my love of shopping at a very young age.

Life in Phoenix was very pleasant. It was filled with friends, family and good memories. We tried to do everything that there was to do in Arizona: camping trips, going to the Grand Canyon, skiing in cities like Flagstaff. We traveled to Sedona, where the famous Red Rocks, a city known for its mystical nature.  We mini-golfed, swam, played tennis, hiked, and went to the river.

I am nostalgic thinking about Phoenix because I left so many good memories behind. It was my first home, and it was a time when life was perfect.

Books: Amigas Fifteen Candles

A hip, coming of age book, Amigas: Fifteen Candles by Veronica Chambers, tells the tale of four friends who spend the summer sharing quite a few interesting adventures, struggles, as well as finding success in their party planning business. This is a lively book, culturally influenced with Latin roots. It is a fun read that connects to most young teens today.

The story takes place in South Beach Miami, Florida. The main character is 15-year-old Alicia, who is popular in school as well as her three best friends. Her posse includes: Carmen, Jaime and Gaz. Carmen is a unique designer. Jamie is known as the “James Bond of fashion” because this New Yorker has a style worth mentioning. She is always hip when it comes to hair, make-up and clothes. Gaz is the only male in the group. He is in a band and is the questionable love interest of  Alicia. The characters are all different and highlighted for their own talents which I feel is an element that helps hook the reader into the characters and story.

Throughout the story, action flows smoothly and not too lengthy which is a plus for me. A great thing about the book is that it encourages girls to reach their goals, lend out a hand and be open-minded.

I believe young girls can relate to the characters, like Alicia. As you get to know more about her, you find out she is not “perfect” as she can seem. In the story, you find out she did not have a Quinceañera and despite it she did not let that stop her from lending out a hand.  Thanks to her and her friend’s help, they were able help plan  Sarita’s Quinceañera, as one to remember.

The book highlights lows and highs, lessons learned, overcoming struggle, maintaining one’s ego, building teamwork and strengthening friendship. I recommend this book to those who are looking for a fruitful read, especially for one of those relaxing days.

Poem: Clock

Clock please stop your hands
please stop your hours
that I’m getting old
please clock, stop the day
that now my love is here
don’t go any more days
my love is here now
my happiness is on this day
Don’t go any more – This is the

Poema: la lealtad de una promesa

Read this poem in English here

Escrito por Rosalba Perez
Traducido por Melissa Rodriguez

Empaca sus maletas
Listo para defender lo que ama
Dejando atrás a sus queridos
Les dice adiós a su familia y amigos
Dentro de todas aquellas personas de quien se despide
Había alguien especial
Alguien que lo representara
Una vez que se haya ido
Nadie sabía que ese día vendría
Pronto… llega la carta
Esa carta que ha roto tantos corazones
Pero que construye una promesa
La promesa de un jóven
Que ama defender a su país y a los que ama…
Que no está todo listo para irse
Que necesita prepararse para la guerra…  VA A MEDIO CAMINO
Es leal
Es fuerte
Día a día va construyendo la mejor persona que puede ser… él cae, pero se levanta
Él defiende su promesa… sus sueños, su PAIS

El 22 de noviembre, 2011

Llegando a América

Read this article in English here

Escrito por Sharon Murillo
Traducido por Kimberly Martinez

“Vamos a vivir en El Paso en un mes”, fueron las palabras de mi mamá una noche en mayo. Era mi último año de la preparatoria y mi mamá decidió dejar nuestra ciudad de origen, Chihuahua, México,  y  mudarse a la frontera, El Paso, Texas. Una noche en mayo mi mama fue víctima de un intento de secuestro, lo cual causó que nuestras vidas cambiaron para siempre. Era mi último año de la preparatoria, yo tenía tantos sueños, y todo simplemente se iba para abajo. Había sido nominada para ser presidenta del cuerpo estudiantil en mi escuela, y la capitana del equipo de futbol. Mis mejores amigos estaban en Chihuahua. Toda mi vida estaba ahí, y todo cambió en una sola noche. Yo no quería mudarme a los Estado Unidos. Lloraba todas las noches rogándole a mi mamá que me dejara quedarme, pero ella nunca cambió su decisión. Ahora aprecio su decisión. Cuando llegué a los Estados Unidos ninguna escuela revalidaba los créditos que había conseguido en mi preparatoria. Algunas escuelas querían atrasarme dos años; yo no quería que eso sucediera. Encontré una escuela que me aceptó, revalidó mis clases y me dejó graduarme en el año correcto. Cuando empecé a asistir a la nueva escuela en los Estado Unidos no conocía a nadie. Pasé mi cumpleaños sola porque todos mis amigos vivían en México. Más que nada mi actitud no dejaba que yo fuera feliz, estaba enojada con mi vida y la decisión de ser forzada a mudarme. Con el tiempo empecé a adaptarme. Me hice amiga de unas gemelas y ellas me presentaron a nuevos amigos. Hasta ahora, ellas siguen siendo mis mejores amigas. Dejé de visitar México, y me adapté a mi nueva vida aquí. Al principio del año 2010, tuve que decidir a qué universidad asistiría. Primero, no estaba segura si quería formar parte de UTEP. El día de mi graduación se acercaba y por fin me decidí a inscribirme en UTEP porque no había muchas opciones. Aparte, mi mamá se quedaría sola si me cambiara a una universidad lejos, y yo no quería que eso pasara. UTEP ha abierto muchas puertas para mí y forma una gran parte de mi futuro. Desde el principio de clases la escuela me causó una gran impresión. He conocido a muchos profesores que me sirven como modelos a imitar maravillosos. Ahora quiero graduarme de la universidad aquí en El Paso, y estoy agradecida por todas las oportunidades que me ha brindado. No fue fácil adaptarse a una cultura completamente diferente. No fue fácil dejar todo atrás, pero sí es fácil recordar que hay nuevas oportunidades y se tiene que vivir cada día al máximo. Es fácil recordar las experiencias vividas y las memorias de mi ciudad de origen en México. Lo mejor de todo: es increíble formar parte de esta organización y aprender de cada uno de ustedes.



December Volunteer Bulletin El Paso

volunteer bulletin header
DECEMBER 2011 Hello everyone! Please look over our Volunteer Bulletin for this upcoming  

month and let us know when and where you are available to help. Thank you

so much for your continued support! Happy Holidays.


Holiday Celebration Potluck

Friday, December 2, 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Location: Latinitas

Headquarters (1359 Lomaland).  The Latinitas team would like to invite

you to our holiday celebration.

Join us for a festive potluck to celebrate our accomplishments over the year.

Don’t forget

to bring a potluck dish/dessert! To RSVP, contact us at or call

and leave a message at 915.219.8554

It’s Your World Change It

Saturday, December 3, 9:30am – 4:30pm Location: NSMU.

Latinitas is partnering with Girl Scouts to host a workshop as the part of the

“It’s Your World Change It” event.  The workshop will show girls how they can

use their creativity to make a difference.  The girls will work in teams guided

by Latinitas in making video public service announcements to bring awareness

to causes they are passionate about.  Volunteers are needed to assist girls as team

leaders as the girls develop skits and film their service announcement.  Volunteers

will also aid Latinitas by handing out informational materials at a booth fair.  The

event will be held at NMSU and volunteers will meet at the office to carpool to the

event from 9:30am to 4:30pm. If you are interested in helping or would like more

information, please email or call and leave a message at 915.219.8554

Viva La Voz CAMP Chicas Advancing in Media Project

Saturday, December 3 11:00pm – 1:00pm Location: Latinitas Headquarters

(1359 Lomaland). Latinitas invites teen girls (ages 14-18) to participate in writing & multimedia workshops. They will be writing journalistic type stories and producing

media projects to be published in our online magazine. Volunteers are needed to help

mentor the teen participants during the scheduled workshops, help with the planning

process, and serve as guest speakers with media related experience. If you are

interested in helping or would like more information about attending the workshop,

please email or call and leave a message 915.219.8554

El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mercado

Tuesday, December 13, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Location: EPCC Administrative

Building A (9050 Viscount Blvd). The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

will be hosting a General Membership Mercado. Latinitas will have an information

booth at the upcoming event where we need volunteers to represent Latinitas and

give out information about our organization and promote the Latinitas’ mission. If

you are interested in helping or would like more information, please email or call and leave a message at 915.219.8554

Latinitas Volunteer Orientation

Tuesday, December 6, 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Latinitas Headquarters

(1359 Lomaland Suite 502). Latinitas will be providing a volunteer orientation to

any potential volunteers. The orientation will provide information about Latinitas

and how to become involved in helping Latinitas with the various projects including

girl empowerment programs, Alliance for Latinitas and the editorial and multimedia

team. Come join us and bring all your friends over to become part of Latinitas. To apply

to volunteer fill out a volunteer application. If you are interesting in helping or

attending, please email or call and leave a message

at 915.219.8554


Teen Leadership Institute Planning Committee

Latinitas is looking volunteers interested in helping us plan for our next Teen

Leadership Institute where local teen girls interested in learning more about

leadership and volunteerism are encouraged to apply. Volunteers are needed

to help with planning the leadership workshops, promoting this opportunity

among teen girls, arranging guest speakers to speak at the kick off conference

and acquiring donations such money, door prizes, supplies or food. We are also

seeking Latina leaders to serve as guest speakers for our upcoming biweekly

workshops.If you are interested in helping or would like more information,

please email or call and leave a message at


Editorial Team seeks Writers

Latinitas wants you to become part of our editorial team. We are looking

for writers, editors, photographers and multimedia journalists that would

like to add content to our girl empowering magazine. We have weekly

editorial meetings on Thursdays from 4:30pm – 6:30pm. At the meetings,

volunteers will be able to pitch story ideas, work on their articles, and help

copy edit content before publication. If you are interested in helping or would

like more information, please email or call and

leave a message at 915.219.8554.

Become a Latinitas Intern!

Latinitas is now looking for high school and college students who are interested

in becoming a part of our Spring Intern team! Latinitas offers exciting editorial,

marketing & public relations, fundraising, graphic design, event planning and

multimedia internships. We also offer Educational Outreach and Club Leader

Internships where interns lead girls and teens through creative multimedia

expression activities during our after-school programs, workshops and camps.

To apply for an internship, with Latinitas submit your resume to and fill out our internship application here.

Club Leaders Wanted

Make a difference in a girl’s life as a club leader. Latinitas hosts media enrichment

clubs where girls can build confidence through creative expression. Latinitas

partners with local schools, nonprofits, libraries and community centers to offer

weekly after-school Latinitas clubs or monthly Saturday workshops. Our clubs

focus on encouraging girls to build confidence through creative multimedia

expression. Girls in our clubs will participate in hands-on activities such as

creative writing, photography, arts & crafts, skits and more. Our clubs connect

girls with positive role models and encourage girls to express themselves in a

safe and supportive environment.  As a club leader, you would guide small team

activities and motivate girls to foster a positive self-esteem. Club leader

internships are  available. Interns commit to 10 hours per week which

includes 2 clubs (4 hours) per week after school between 3:00-6:00pm.

Club Leader volunteers commit 2 hours per week after school between

3:00-6:00pm for at least 6 weeks, 4 months or 2 hours per month on Saturdays.

If you are interested, contact us at 219.8554 or

Recruitment Street Team

The Spring semester of Club Latinitas will be approaching next year. We are

seeking volunteers for our Recruitment Street Team to distribute informational

posters and recruit girls for our after school programs. If you can commit 2

hours to help us post fliers at community centers, contact us at 219.8554 or

Art Supply Drive

Latinitas is organizing a school supply drive to benefit deserving girls enrolled

in our after-school programs. Donations of binders, notebooks, paper, scissors,

paper, markers, pens, gluesticks, color pencils and other basic art supplies are

being collected at the Latinitas headquarters – 1359 Lomaland # 502. If you

are interested, contact us at 219.8554 or

Career Spotlight: News Reporter

Kandolite Flores is a broadcast journalist in El Paso Texas.  She gets information and stories from the community and delivers them in the news hour. She also reports on the traffic every morning to make sure people get to work and school on time. She is a positive role model in the community and loves working with people. She is very energetic and is always full of smiles. She is also a person that has worked very hard to be where she is today and will always be loved by the community.

Name: Kandolite Flores
Age: 24
Position & Title: Reporter KFOX
Major: Communications Studies
Minor: Women’s studies

Why would you recommend your career?
If you like meeting people and are passionate about people and you like telling stories, then this is the job for you

What are some of your job responsibilities?
I do the traffic [report] in the mornings every ten minutes. From 5 till 8am, I make sure roadways are safe and people are on time. Afterwards, I’m a reporter on the field. I have to find a story or it finds me. Then it goes on the 6 and 9pm [news]. I’m constantly researching.

How did you find your current job?
I had thought about being a reporter with an emphasis in marketing. After I graduated [college], I landed an internship in KFOX. I built a passion for it. After being so vigilant and dedicated, I jumped on a part time position in traffic. My advice is to not take any organization for granted because you never know when you can help them or they can help you in the future. I did Podcasts on UTEP athletics in college. John Teicher; The Voice of the Miners really helped me a lot. While interning, I made sure to shadow everyone, and I stayed fresh in their mind when the position opened up. They said, “let’s give her a chance for 6 months.” After that, they gave me a contract. I love what I do every day and you really have to do it for the passion not the money.

What did you do to prepare for this career?
Internships and networking. I took advantage of professors and they became mentors to me. Also, doing the Podcasts gave me the training on camera. I spoke very fast on camera, but I’ve learned to slow down. I am fortunate to work with a lot of talented people behind the scenes, colleagues on air and our photographers but my everyday mentor is Brad Montgomery. He’s a weather forecaster and has been in the business for a while. He’s very humble, confident and passionate about weather. We are a team and he has really been like my teammate, pumping me with confidence. He gives me constructive criticism, which is not easy to do. For the most part we all work as a team but it’s a very competitive business and at the end of the day you have to worry about yourself.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Sharing inspiring stories. Like a recent story about 3 women who were in an accident on the freeway. A passerby stopped and put his life at risk and saved one of the three girls. It was a miracle and a selfless act brought to me through Facebook. I can only do hard stories not stories like on events or easy things. Sometimes news will find you, but it is your job to be investigative and to bring stories and justice to the community. When things aren’t going right, we have that power to bring justice. Knock on doors and make sure those questions are answered.

What do you think is your proudest accomplishment?
I didn’t cover the story but I brought it into the newsroom and I’m glad I did because it went national. An American flag fell in the rain in front of a local business and a homeless man folded the flag in the rain. A close friend who works there saw it on the security cameras later and told me about it. I thought it would be a good story and so I told our assignments desk about it. Daniel Novick was the reporter who covered the story and found the homeless man, his name was Gustus Bozarth.The story went national and people donated money and even made a Facebook for him- Gustus Bozarth for President. It was great to see the patriotic spirit it raised and how it changed his life.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t working?
One of my hobbies is running. I also watch other news. I call it my “Morning Glory” disease.

Tell me something about journalism that people would be surprised to find out?
Journalists aren’t as serious as they appear to be. In the newscast, we each have personalities and we’re human. People think we don’t have feelings, but we do cry and have emotions on some of the stories we cover. I’ve cried in our live van a million times. It’s not easy, we are compassionate about what we do and the people that we interview. Journalism is intriguing and fun but it can also hurt- it’s an emotional job. Even though we have to keep composure we do have compassion and of course a sense of humor.

What advice do you have for girls?
Be you, be fierce, be compassionate and be optimistic. Don’t take no for an answer or be afraid of conflict. Don’t try to blend in, be you, be unique. Always make sure to stick to your morals and be relentlessly optimistic.

What are your future goals?
I’m interested in writing a book about my first year in the field- “the rookie in the newsroom.” As for the news biz I want to go as far as I can. Who know’s maybe one day I can say “good morning america”